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Fitz complimenting Jemma - a progression

From #youtried to #nailedit


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 


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Delena + their baby pictures


+ I need u , prologue and VCR’s 

Omg you guys?!  suddenly the whole concept with these mv’s hit me! 
You know how the butterfly is very prominent in both mv’s and prologue? everyone has been assuming that its because of the song butterfly. 

I’ve been thinking that the I need you and prologue might bee going on a parallel lines concept. The both of the videos contain a possible outcome of a situation.  Like in I need u and the prologue you can see them being happy and everything is fine , but then in other clips they are very sad. these are parallel lines. In the one situation no one killed themselves , resulting in no one being sad. In the other parallel line they commit suicide , and jin is the only one remaining,  and somehow he can se that parallel line via the video camera. 

this is also taken up again in the Vcr shown at the concert , where they are taking pictures together but in the end it only shows jin. so in the one parallel story they are together but in the other jin is alone. get it ? 

how does the run mv fit into this? it’s quite confusing , the video isn’t it ? well Just now it hit me… and it hit me hard.. the whole reason why the butterfly is prominent in all videos.  

The butterfly effect! 
The theory that a single occurrence , no matter how small it might be , can change the course of  the universe.  Or simpler put , that a small change can have a major impact somewhere else. 

Everything makes sense now , in the run mv’ it shows the butterfly effect of what happened in the parallel world when they didn’t commit suicide it created a large butterfly effect that results in them breaking apart. 

instead of dying j-hope gets rescued and gets hospitalized , you can see him in a wheel chair and even in a hospital / mental ward room with an iv. 

Jung kook doesn’t get hit by the car as he did in the mv , but he an suga has a fight. which leaves him alone , all the others gone. 
Tae jumps but he survives it , but in the end he and namjoon gets arrested.  

This is also why the cards fall down and the mirror gets smashed , its because the butterfly effect creates a rift and everything comes crashing down. 

so in the end every member survives in this parallel world but the butterfly effect then ends in them all being broken apart , left alone. 

I’m not certain of this but I think Jin is the one that might have started the butterfly effect too , because ha can see how the effect is happening , he can see the disastrous effect his actions to save them all from dying is having. 

(**update** - guys the lyrics of butterfly even mentions the butterfly effect, coincidence ? ) 


↳ looking out for one another.
    ( 2.19 // 1.18 )


A few symbolism notes: 

  • In the first two gifs, the Firelord is the larger figure, appearing large, and in the foreground of the shot. This symbolizes their importance, dominance, and power. 
  • Interestingly, with each succeeding shot (from Sozin, to Ozai, to Zuko) the camera gets further and further away from the Firelord (or rather, the background becomes more prominent than the foreground).
    • However, Sozin and and Ozai’s shot parallel each other more compared to the one of Zuko.
    • I also find it interesting that for Sozin, the camera is level with him, but for Ozai it’s tilted upward.
  • For Zuko’s shot in the finale, we get a bunch of symbolism that denotes him as a bringer of peace, and as someone who views all the nations as equal (Zuko isn’t the prominent figure the shot). In fact, it looks like everyone is given about equal space. 
    • Plus, we have Aang thrown in there, which gives us some more of that symbolism. Two bringers of peace standing side-by-side on equal ground.