parallel shaft


Inside an Axial engine

An axial engine has multiple cylinders arranged around and parallel to a central shaft, like the chambers in the cylinder of a revolver. The piston thrust is usually converted to rotary motion by a swashplate or Z-crank mechanism.

the Advantage of the axial engine is that the cylinders are arranged in parallel around the crank shaft rather than at an angle from the crankshaft  like other internal combustion engines. As a result it is compact, cylindrical, and allows variation in compression ratio of the engine while running.

Aaron Baddeley focuses on grabbing a win at the Barclays

By Charles Lightfoot

Aaron Baddeley is known more for control in his short game and putting than for his ball striking. On Tuesday, I got a chance to meet with him where he was working on the part of his game that is lacking necessary accuracy. From my professional observation, it appears he has changed his swing dramatically since his Stack and Tilt days.

(Photo: Lily asked Aaron Baddeley a few questions about his practice drill and the importance of a good grip as fellow BJAGA student, Josh (in a blue striped shirt) looked on.)

In this short interview, with a wide smile long enough to answer her questions, Aaron Baddeley talked about how his drill was very effective “from keeping him from getting the club too far out front on the down swing”.

He also stated, “[that he applies his] left hand with the pressure of second and third fingers and a moderate strong right hand”.

Aaron was performing a pre-set swing drill routine, setting the driver at nine o’clock with the shaft parallel to the ground and the club face pointing vertically slightly outside his hands. After completing a well-timed shoulder turn in his backswing, he returned the club to same position with the club head exaggerated well behind his hands. This drill was intended to correct the part of his game that has shown flaws, and at times, has been the reason for him missing the cut in his last four times out. 

According to top golf swing analyzer “his tempo is one of the most aesthetically pleasing on Tour, but as seen in better players, past and present, the athletic use of compressing the ground was not apparent.  He continues, Aaron prefers to stay at the height he starts with during the swing by holding his right leg almost stationary during the backswing; his arms and hands approach from a considerably higher position than he starts. 

The drill was notably positioned with a pronated right wrist hinge action delivered to impact. 

As he reaches the moment of truth, impact, this drill is intended to un-complicate the wrist release, making it easier to square the face consistently. 

As good as the rest of his game is, Baddeley could easily overcome his last four missed cuts. 

Baddeley’s year to date driving accuracy is averaging 280.6 off the tee at 52.25% with a FedEx cup ranking him at 102 this week.  

Aaron Baddeley was pleased with his practice preparation looking forward to putting the turmoil of missed cuts behind him.

And as for Lily, her future looks great; being her first interview, hopefully she will continue and inspire other junior female golf writers.