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“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone believes in the goodness in people.”

Roy T. Bennett

11.19 spoilers...

jesse and cesar were amazing characters who worked to influence overarching themes and others’ character development AND they are a canon queer couple who DID NOT DIE and thats AMAZING.

i found myself a lil bit disappointed (at first) about their physicality, or rather the lack thereof. they never rly SHOWED any indication of their relationship that was undeniably romantic other than words, and i was worried that the writers were doing that thing where theyre like ‘ok this bro is gay but we dont want him to LOOK gay or BE gay with ANOTHER gay well just SAY he is and be on our way and not have to put any thought into this representation or risk making homophobes uncomfortable.’

thats what i thought AT FIRST.

then I looked at what kind of physicality they DID show:

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shoulder touches. brief, comforting, lil squeeze for love. look familiar?

well if jesse and cesar are an example of how they characterize romantic male/male relationships then sign me the fuck up

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►►  Amelia Shepherd -

Private Practice - “The Breaking Point”-  5x09 

Grey’s Anatomy - “ Ain’t That a Kick in the Head “ - 14x04


Lost tools of Wicca: The Scourge

The scourge is no longer used by most Wiccan practitioners because social views have overshadowed the symbolism of this tool.

Traditionally, a scourge has eight cords with five knots tied in each equalling the sacred number of forty. The scourge is used in many ceremonies including initiation, energy building, and invocation of the Goddess. 

The scourge is viewed by many as perverse because of parallels to sexual practices. However, there is nothing perverse at all about this ritual tool. Firstly, the scourge is not used to cause pain. It is stated in multiple texts that, after forty lashings, the skin should merely tingle. The scourge does not cause pain, it just represents pain. Specifically, the acceptance that pain is necessary and unavoidable in the pursuit of higher knowledge. It stands as a parallel to the Five Fold Kiss, which is the ritual acceptance of abundance divinity of self.

I believe there's a certain parallelism between the figures of Mor and Asterin.

I mean, they share some patrons about their traumatic experiences and the roles that each one has in their respective stories, the duty to teach something important to Feyre/Manon based on that experience.

Mor taught Feyre that she always had to choose to be free, even if it scared her. That wounds healed but, even if it hurt, she had to choose to be herself and no one else.

Asterin taught Manon that monsters were made, not born. That witches could feel, could love.

Things that they’ve learned from their pain. I love both of them, how strong they are, but at the same time how shiny they are too. They are survivors, they are warriors, and I just love how they are and the message they share, not only to Manon and Feyre, but to us, the readers.


Shondaland Parallels ft.:
Cooper x Charlotte (Private Practice) || Callie x Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

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Can you do a story where Jamie is a really horrible driver (apparently, Sam's not that great at it) and Claire has to ride in the passenger's seat holding on for dear life?

It was an unavoidable fact that Jamie needed to learn how to drive if he was going to get a job. It just wasn’t financially feasible for him to take taxis every time the destination was too far to walk. When he had stressed it was essential he provide for his family she knew it was another noteworthy task he needed to take on.

Thankfully for Claire’s older car, one of the trucks at the farm had been offered up as a practice vehicle. She had seen him conquer so many modern machines in the last few weeks she was guardedly optimistic. Of course the kitchen appliances weren’t hurtling down a public road at forty miles an hour while he used them.

“Thank you for this, Claire.” he said sheepishly. “I ken it’s no’ easy for either of us. I detest asking ye for aide even when it’s needed.”

“You need to learn to drive this contraption,” she affirmed. “And that is what you shall do!”

The afternoon was spent driving country roads, up hills, stopping,and practicing parallel parking. It was also spent getting out of a ditch, Claire learning more Scots expletives and Jamie apologizing to his wife. In summation - a total disaster. Both the Frasers looked the worse for wear as did the poor truck, down one passenger side handle.

That night as they lay in bed, Jamie broke the silence.

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a patient wife but I plan on being thankful the rest of our days.” he whispered.

Claire brought their clasped hands up to kiss his knuckles. “If you could find me and Bree on this massive planet then I believe you can do anything you set your mind to.” she affirmed.