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11.19 spoilers...

jesse and cesar were amazing characters who worked to influence overarching themes and others’ character development AND they are a canon queer couple who DID NOT DIE and thats AMAZING.

i found myself a lil bit disappointed (at first) about their physicality, or rather the lack thereof. they never rly SHOWED any indication of their relationship that was undeniably romantic other than words, and i was worried that the writers were doing that thing where theyre like ‘ok this bro is gay but we dont want him to LOOK gay or BE gay with ANOTHER gay well just SAY he is and be on our way and not have to put any thought into this representation or risk making homophobes uncomfortable.’

thats what i thought AT FIRST.

then I looked at what kind of physicality they DID show:

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shoulder touches. brief, comforting, lil squeeze for love. look familiar?

well if jesse and cesar are an example of how they characterize romantic male/male relationships then sign me the fuck up

I know the prop design and little allusions to the books are amazing in the show, but look at this. We see Beatrice’s letter to Lemony in TMM pt2:

it reads as follows:

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Okay, this has been on my mind for awhile but I’ve never known how to properly articulate it. But I’m going to try since I’m on my S3 re-watch and I have a lot of feelings. Mostly about Seth and his dynamic with both Richard and Kate.

It’s pretty interesting to me that if you look back on S2 in relation to S3, they practically run parallel to each other—in a way—when it comes to Seth’s personal arc. The beginning of S2 shows him cut-off from Richard. And, for all intents and purposes, considering his brother to be dead. The beginning of S3 shows him trying to move on from Kate’s murder, even though he’s still actively grieving.

And the thing is… Seth’s semi-functional. He learns to live with the absence. He gets by. Losing Richard, he’s taken his propensity to self-medicate to an entirely new level—he’s not just popping pills anymore or depending on alcohol, he’s addicted to heroin. But he’s still pulling jobs. He’s still managing to protect and support Kate as best he can. Losing Kate, he nearly goes catatonic when he hears the news of her death—he considers himself responsible. But he pulls himself together. He avenges her. He mends fences with Richard and goes to work with him. (My believing that he relapsed multiple times between S2 and S3—“Go back to your needles, Mr. Gecko.”—is a topic for an entirely different post.)

Take both Richard and Kate away, though, and Seth’s like a computer whose motherboard just short-circuited. It’s suddenly—CTRL; ALT; DELETE. It’s him dropping his gun and waiting for Amaru to murder him because the only two people he loves, who he’s made it his life’s mission to protect and care for, are dead. Because Seth doesn’t have that high an opinion of himself. He’s got self-hatred down to a fine science. He doesn’t place any worth on his own life. (This is part his mental illness at work, part abuse victim psychology.) His reason for getting up in the morning is, “He’s fine. He’s going to be fine. Just get him to Mexico.” It’s, “Kate. I saw Kate out there.”

It still floors me that it’s canon fact that Seth can’t survive if he loses the both of them. His brother and his girl are his sole reasons for existing, and the show has gone out of its way to make that clear.


Shondaland Parallels ft.:
Cooper x Charlotte (Private Practice) || Callie x Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

sisterofiris replied to your quote “The whole Pythagoric school produced appropriate songs, which they…”

This sounds a bit like the Buddhist and Sikh traditions of singing mantras. I wonder if there’s a connection, I read somewhere that Pythagoras’ school of thought was influenced by Asian thought a lot but I’m not too sure about it given the time period.

Some believed he did make it all the way down to China/India during his travels so it’s really believable, to me, he would have drawn inspiration from those places as he roamed. There’s actually quite a lot of parallels between Pythagorean cult practices and various Buddhist/Jain/other Indian and Asian practices but not enough for me to be comfortable really asserting he was influenced by the other cultures enough to base his cult off of their practices, you know? Especially since so little is known about Pythagoras himself.

But to be contrary to my own point–the Greeks had a strong oral tradition so he could have drawn it from that, as well. It just seems since it has been mentioned as an unusual thing his cults did I’m assuming it was not like how the other cults did their chants/sings.

It is something I’d need to research a lot more, honestly. But his cult shows the strongest proof, for me, as an example of some kind of outside influence since the Pythagorean cult was considered something of an odd duck compared to the other famous cults of his time.


What we do today is not out of fear or hatred. It is done because there is no other way.
And it is done in the name of the many lives we are failing to save.

“Don’t compare animal abuse or factory farming to ANY form of human oppression! It’s belittling and racist!“

Yeah sorry, but as a black woman who is directly descended from slaves/ the slave trade and has to deal with the ripple effect, modern day institutionalized racism, sexism that’s always racist and racism that’s always sexist, every single day, I have every fucking right to make whatever parallels to those practices I see fit. It only bothers you because you refuse to see animals as valuable and worthy, and refuse to take their exploitation and abuse seriously, so of course someone suggesting that animal exploitation is just as bad as human oppression isn’t going to sit well with you. You can’t continue to use/ abuse them once they’re on that level, so it’s necessary to make sure their pain is ALWAYS beneath that of humans; always something to be written off; always simply less important.

And Fuck your bullshit definition of what racism is. So because I’m equally as opposed to treating humans like products as I am treating animals like products that means I’m devaluing humans & a racist? Wrong. I’m putting animals on the level of people where they rightfully belong. Where not a single one of you can even explain why it’s supposedly wrong to elevate them our level. Instead, you guys literally do nothing but emotionally respond with “OH NOOOO those crazy animal rights people value all life equally! what evil monsters! how could you!!?!”

I don’t need any of you telling me what or how to think, nor do I accept your flimsy and baseless accusations of racism, sexism, classcism, ableism or whatever else you want to throw out to absolve yourself of ever having to treat animals with respect.

FUCK YOU and your selfish, heartless, “humans are the center of the world” thought policing & keep that shit away from me. Get the fuck over yourselves and your idea that your views of value are the end all be all no one must ever question.