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“You know that’s not how this works – I don’t intervene with your job, and you don’t question mine.“

Like A Boss: Writing A Resume

Resumes are possibly the hardest things you’ll ever write. Who knew one little page could be so problematic? Here are some of my tips on writing an effective resume: 

  1. The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview NOT a job!
  2. Formatting is HUGE! 
    1. You will want to use 1-inch margins all around (if you have a lot to fit use 0.5 margins all around).
    2. Do NOT use Microsoft word templates. Recruiters can spot these a mile away and most of them don’t scan well.
    3. Use bullet points instead of long block paragraphs.
    4. 12 pt Times New Roman is always a safe bet.
    5. Centered at the top should be your name in all caps with your city, state, zipcode | phone number | email underneath (this is for U.S.). 
    6. All your dates should be aligned to the right side of the document.
    7. Your sections should be in bold and should be: education, related academic experience (if applicable), work experience, volunteer experience, acknowledgements, skills. You can rearrange these sections depending on which you think are stronger. 
  3. Content is IMPORTANT 
    1. Use parallelism in your bullets. For example they should all begin with action verbs (think: managed, conducted, analyzed, derived, and so on). 
    2. Use similar wording to what they used in the job description. If in the job description they mention analytical skills 3 times your resume better say “developed analytical skills by…” somewhere.
    3. A good way to structure your bullet points is to start with what you did, followed by how you did it and ending with why you did it.
    4. If you don’t have much work experience you can totally use projects you have done in courses that directly relate to the job or internship you are applying to.
  4. Printed Resumes
    1. Use nicer quality paper (think slightly heavier paper or paper with a higher cotton percentage). 
    2. Make sure the paper is not wrinkled or has any kind of damage to it. 
    1. Recruiters receive many more resumes than they care to look at. Do NOT get tossed in the trash pile because of a simple typo. Read and reread your resume to make sure it is error free! 

If you want someone to give a quick once over to your resume feel free to send it my way! 

star crossed rivals

this post is not only about princess allura and prince lotor being foils, but also keith and acxa being set up as rivals season 3

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the classic “double check with the wife that this is okay” before doing The Thing

How To Help a Friend (Star’s way)

In the SVTFOE S03E07, star knew Tom was in trouble.

I mean look at him! He was in immense pain, definitely confused, and probably felt alone cause everyone ran away from him. You could feel that from hearing him breath. It was so intense (for me anyway).

Sometimes, the people we love and care about are gonna feel this way. They are gonna have some problems that they are going to have to deal with and we are going to want to help them, just like how Star wanted to help Tom.

So what does she do?


Except, that backfires.

There are gonna be times where we can’t help that person solve their problem, whether it be financial, health or something complicated.

In this crucial moment, Star realized that magic can’t solve everything, just like how we can’t solve everything.

So she does the only thing she can do to help Tom.

Which is empathy.

As humans, we may not have a bunch of money to pass out or all the cures for diseases or things like that, but we can be there for that person.

That’s what Star did. She went over to him, gave him a hug, and comforted him. She reminded him that he isn’t alone and that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Sometimes, when we can’t offer anything else, we should offer our friendship, our love, our empathy to them because maybe it’ll help lessen the pain even if it’s just for a moment.

So thanks Star. Thank you writers for this lovely representation of what to do when a friend needs help. Thank you all for reading.

Goodbye! (Lol I’m shedding tears. I think I’m just really tired.)