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there were so many Cas related moments in regards to Jack in 13.01 but there’s one I haven’t seen mentioned.

Jack walking naked in the woods.  This powerful being who is currently kind of clueless about who or what he is.  Right away I thought of when Cas came back after dying in s7.  We didn’t see it (😢) but Cas walked out of the water naked and Daphne found him strolling nude through the woods without a clue where he came from or who he was, but she took him in and watched out for him even though he was probably acting super bizarre.  Similarly we see sheriff Barker taking Jack in (though her doing so makes a lot more sense–Daphne should have called the cops too) and simply being kind to him and trying to help him.  

Both Cas and Jack hang out with their respective care-takers until angels/demons who want to use them for their power show up.  

Each of them also gets their own Winchester taking a personal interest in their well being and cluing them into what’s going on. 

AU where the demigods powers actually do affect them and their body, but they can't feel the effect taking place.

Leo using his fire powers, but instead of them having no affect on him whatsoever, they leave second and third degree burns up and down his skin, but he can’t feel any of the pain left behind by the flames.

Percy who breathes underwater, but cannot feel the burn of the salt water in his lungs. Who cannot feel himself slowly drowning with each second he stays beneath the surface. Percy suffering from decompression sickness and never even being aware of it.

Hazel who uses the mist freely and cannot feel her own reality distorting. Hazel who cannot feel herself slowly turning insane. But, Hazel who has this constant feeling of worry that she’ll somehow turn into her mother.

Jason experiencing severe altitude sickness without ever really being aware of the symptoms. Jason being unable to feel the breathlessness, or fatigue. Jason dismissing the loss of appetite and clumsiness when Piper first points them out. Jason with double vision and increased heart rate, and not noticing, or accepting, that anything is wrong at all.

Piper being unaware that her real voice is slowly starting to disappear. People being unable to trust her, and never knowing whether she’s using her real voice or her persuasive one. Because they slowly become the same thing, because she can hardly tell the difference between the two. And so she uses them interchangeably without knowing.


Phineas and Ferb - Summer Belongs To You! (2010)

Phineas: “It sounds like you’re flooding it.”

Ferb: “I’m not flooding it!

Milo Murphy’s Law - Missing Milo (2017)

Dakota: “You’re flooding it”

Cavendish: “I’m not flooding it!”


4x08 // 5x22
i personally didn’t like the “teachers” episode that much because the writers made it seem like nick wasn’t in love with jess but i do miss this nick miller. the vulnerable and insecure side of him. update: thanks to this awesome fandom, i now understand this episode much better. i still really really miss this side of nick, though.


i’ll be there for you ‘cause you’re there for me, too.

A Kaneki/Touka parallel to Guts/Casca’s descent into Hell from Berserk?

Okay so, I actually got a few questions on the subject and I didn’t see anyone making a post about it (please tell me if someone actually did), so I might as well write one quickly. Apologies in advance for those I might slightly spoil about Berserk.

Death flag. I think that’s one of the words I saw the most everywhere that I looked today and frankly, even though I’m generally not bothering so much with death flags, I kind of have to admit that I got worried after reading this chapter because, well, it’s TG. And Ishida-sensei. So we’re used to crazy and violent things happening, especially right after something sweet occured.

But what’s the link with Berserk? 

Well, first of all, Sensei made several references to Berserk before, mainly through Amon’s character (please see the following posts: [x] [x]), that were explicit enough to think that he might be a fan of the series. 

Second thing, for those who are not familiar with it, Berserk is the story of Guts, a mercenary, who was once sacrificed by his close “friend” so that the latter could be reborn as a very powerful demon entity. Obviously that kind of broke their friendship, especially since the other dude didn’t just try to sacrifice Guts, but also cursed and heavily abused Casca, Guts’ lover, leaving her with a big trauma towards men as well as a regression into insanity.

So anyway (please read Berserk), when it comes to the link between that and :Re ch125, it turns out that a little before Guts and Casca went through absolute hell, they had the opportunity to share a very sweet and intimate moment, exactly like it happened between Touka and Kaneki for this week’s chapter…

…A moment that resulted of Guts and Casca honestly talking for the first time in a while and finally admitting to their feelings for each other, so again, a little like it happened between Kaneki and Touka ever since ch122. 
EDIT: @lilylunac also saw the similarities between the two scenes! :)

Now obviously TG =/= Berserk, Kaneki =/= Guts, Ishida =/= Miura, but the two sensei still have this shared enjoyment that is to constantly inflict pain to their main character as they make them go through many hardships and, as I was saying above, the fact that so many TG readers are now bracing themselves for something terrible to happen, because ch125 was really sweet and positive in comparison to a lot of shit that Kaneki (and Touka) went through, makes me think that we learnt our lesson long ago.

So yes, as it happens, daily happiness never really lasts for long in TG, especially not when Kaneki still has a lot of personal issues to sort out and a lot of self-reflection to do (and especially not when the current main villain is aiming to fly the TG plane into an ocean of blood), but guess what, it’s exactly the same for Berserk, happiness never lasts long for Guts either. 

So, it is very probable that shit will go down soon in TG, if just because we could have an arc paralleling the Anteiku raid arc next, as many fans already explained and as Juuzou also implied…

…which would make the new relationship between Kaneki & Touka (and the sweet chapter of this weekend) the last positive moment to behold (both for us fans and for Kaneki) before Kaneki, Touka and the rest of Kaneki’s side might be separated and hurt/injured by Furuta’s side. 

To be honest, I have no idea where TG will start again next week, but here’s what I understand from the recent developments:

  • Furuta has Kanou and Kanou’s future dead army
  • Furuta has the Oggai
  • Furuta has V on his side (as far as we know)
  • Furuta has a good part of the CCG still ready to obey his command
  • Furuta is loved by most of the public opinion in TG (those fanclubs :/)
  • The Clowns might fight for Furuta’s side again (unsure)
  • A parallel to the Anteiku raid arc would mean a lot of blood and possible deaths
  • Furuta wants to watch the world burn and for Kaneki to die

Meanwhile Kaneki…

  • has issues to solve and for now doesn’t make for a good leading figure as the OEK
  • has less manpower than Furuta and way less deadly weapons (as far as we know)
  • is supposedly dead for a good part of the world, which means he can’t really gain new allies amongst ghouls
  • might be joined by the Clowns at some point (unsure)
  • might have CCG deserters (Juuzou, Urie and co) joining him (unsure again)
  • also Mutsuki is a bit insane and has a real grudge against Touka, which means they’ll face off again, definitely

TL;DR Kaneki doesn’t have the odds in his favor, for now at least, especially since he doesn’t really appear to have a good plan, which is why an arc similar to the Anteiku raid one definitely sounds like bad news and a lot of pain. 

To be honest, I don’t know if Sensei really decided to include explicit lovemaking between Kaneki and Touka before shit might really go down as a parallel to Berserk and Guts/Casca, or if he found that the idea of a young love being tried by all sorts of madness was simply interesting, but… there is one more possible parallel that made me think of Gutsca, as I read the new :Re chapter. 

See, it’s a spoiler (sorry :/) but Guts and Casca actually conceived a child during that one moment of bliss that they shared, a child that unfortunately got cursed to have a really sad fate, and it just so happens that the cover of :Re ch122…

… triggered many theories about Touka possibly becoming pregnant, with the pregnancy unfortunately not going and ending very well (please read these posts [x] [x]).

Personally, I don’t really have much of an opinion about a possible pregnancy, if just because I don’t know if Kaneki can even reproduce in the first place (that is a very debated question within the fandom), but I have to admit that the pregnancy idea crossed my mind during ch125 more than it did with ch122 because…

So in conclusion, I can’t be certain that Sensei was influenced by Berserk when he decided to write ch125, but I suppose that it could be a possibility considering that he added references to Berserk before. I guess it might depend on what happened next in :Re and on if Touka actually becomes pregnant or not. Also please note that this is a possible parallel of situation, not a parallel of dynamics or of characters. 

I hope this post was informative for the few people who were interested by the subject. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear!