Yo, shout out to BTBAM for making the most mindblowing record in metal history. Mad props. Also, thumbs up for that killer xylophone solo in the middle of Extremophile Elite.

I listen to this full album daily. Always blows my mind.

It was like the first time listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Never gets old.

  • Bloom
  • Between the Buried and Me
  • The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Get down here and sing the songs we sing
In bloom we come
tentacles swing with the waters breeze
In bloom we…

Crowd around
Drift down slowly
Get rid of your undesirable oxygen
Just drift on down with us
In bloom we grow
Together as one
This underwater village
Bebop skippity tippity tap those toes

Queen sea will take you in
This is your new home now
Ignore the laughter
We will not hurt you
Your last wishes
Queen Sea will take you in

In bloom we know what life is all about
With not a worry in the world
Let the water move you
Move to the sweet sway of nutrition
Move to the sweet sway of melody

Queen Sea will give back life
We used you
Your purpose is clear
We never knew

Floating back to the surface


The process. The preparation. 
A small glimpse into the beginnings of a BTBAM show.
Let’s switch off together.


Top 10 Albums of 2014

  1. Language by The Contortionist
  2. Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium by Between The Buried And Me
  3. Sun Eater by Job For A Cowboy
  4. The Flesh Prevails by Fallujah
  5. How We Both Wondrously Perish by Being As An Ocean
  6. Muse by Polyphia
  7. Phenomena by Within The Ruins
  8. The Joy of Motion by Animals As Leaders
  9. The Satanist by Behemoth
  10. The Night God Slept by Silent Planet
Every time I closed my eyes, I saw my astral body in space.
For nights on end I watched myself.
I knew our pain was the same;
Self doubt…
Neither constructed or taken away.
We have always known our options.
It was the relativity of time and space in our shared conscious, which brought us together.
Now we are one.
Two forces entwined to make a decision.
—  Parallax by Between the Buried and Me