Starting with how Bakugou has loved his quirk from the moment he got it cause it made him feel powerful and better, comparing it to how Kirishima started hating his own for a while cause the first thing he did with it was hurt himself. Going on with how Bakugou grew up being a bully and Kirishima fighting them - and how Bakugou was strong and feared while Kirishima was ignored and taken lightly because he was considered weak. How Bakugou’s whole understanding of the world/life was based on how he saw his place as above everyone else, how Kirishima always thought himself as lame and under all his peers. How Bakugou’s always had no problems yelling at the world his goal to become a hero and how he’s always had everyone’s support on it, how Kirishima’s always hidden it and how no one ever truly believed he could do it anyway

And more still, how Kirishima’s whole moral is based on Do Good and Be Fair while Bakugou’s just learning that caring is maybe something he should do now and again, how Kirishima wants to be a hero to save people and how Bakugou wants to be a hero to fight people, how Bakugou’s rarely seen without a scowl and how Kirishima’s default expression is a smile, how Kirishima’s an act-before-thinking person while Bakugou overthinks everything, Kirishima’s simple-minded and Bakugou’s only slightly short of a genius, how Kirishima’s friends with everyone and how Bakugou managing to get himself five friends is considerable a miracle

How Bakugou’s quirk is the perfect attack and Kirishima’s the perfect defense, and how Bakugou’s got the flashiest quirk in the class and Kirishima the least flashy one. How Bakugou’s pivotal moment in his growth right before entering UA was about getting attacked and being unable to save himself/being forced to accept help he didn’t want while Kirishima’s was seeing someone getting attacked and being unable to help them - and how those themes keep on repeating themselves for both of them through their whole personal arcs

The more I think about it the more these two are each other’s perfect opposite. They’re complementary. And they’re best friends.

Boy I love it

Classic Reylo and P&P parallels:

Darcy is a dick to Lizzie:

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Kylo is a dick to Rey:

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Darcy and Lizzy’s Dance:

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Kylo and Rey’s lightsaber dance:

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Fast forward to the conflict and misunderstandings:

Darcy being a royal prick. Even though he knows she is the only one for him. But acting like an ass to Lizzy and basically expecting her to be grateful for his attention.

In Kylo’s case, patricide and Rey calling him out on his shit (You are monster.) Claiming his lightsaber as her own and making him realize damn she is the one he’d been looking for.

Darcy’s less than perfect proposal:

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Kylo’s less than perfect proposal:

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Lizzy’s refusal:

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Rey’s refusal: (basically just as vicious)

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Fast forward… their journey together/apart and her realization that he wasn’t that bad:


“Mr Darcy? I could more easily forgive his vanity had he not wounded mine.” - Lizzy realizing they are similar, and she is just as stubborn.

“Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony.” - Lizzy realizing not just anyone would do.

“I have been so blind.” - Lizzy, realizing there was more to him than what meets the eyes.


“I’ve seen this raw strength only once before..” Luke telling her how similar they both are.

“I need someone to show me, my place in all this” Rey.

Darcy’s second proposal:

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Kylo’s second proposal:

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I had to make a parallel post. How their first proposal to their ladies went so horrible wrong and how they try it again… And get it right the second time. 😁😍😘