Day 3- Least Favorite Character – and what you like the most about them.

The prize for least favourite goes to everyone’s hated zombie-fish-spear-revolutionary thing, Parakewl. Even the wiki doesn’t like him: “Parakewl (파라큘) is a rather unintelligent and useless Regular.” (it then goes on to describe all the ways in which he is unlikable).
The thing I like the most about this piece of trash is that, in the end, he is still our piece of trash <3.


What do you do when you draw your least favorite better than your favorites?? Beyond crying, i mean…

Tower of God 7 Day Challenge
Day Three: Least Favorite Character – and what you like the most about them: Parakewl and his trash!

For once, I'm actually glad Parakewl made an appearance.

I guess I can understand why SIU would let the latest chapter turn out the way it did, even if it’s stereotypical-shounen-like for Anak to get up after that blow dealt to her. If Ran were to lose, Koon would lose all the money he got from betting and will be horribly disadvantaged in the next round, if not disqualified, which is something fans of said characters would probably not want. Same thing goes for fans of Anak, Leesoo and/or his team members. And imagine the rage if SIU just kills off Anak right then and there.

A double KO was needed imo. Both of them lose because of Parakewl, so Koon and Leesoo are both safe, I guess. A double KO was not really mentioned in the rules, so I’m thinking that they’ll all be excused to the next round anyway. Hopefully.