A date || Jasper and Natalie.

Natalie frowned as she looked in the bathroom, adding the finally touches to her make-up. Why had she agreed to this? A date with Jasper Morgan. Was she crazy? Yes, or course she was to agree to this! She hadn’t really had a choice, she’d been told she was going on a date with him whether she liked it or not. She quickly finished up, curling her long black hair and putting some hairspray it in so it would stay in the style she wanted. She added a simple bracelet and her earrings before walking back through to the bedroom, to get dressed. She’d chosen a simple short white flow dress since Jasper had told her his plans and she wanted to be comfortable. The dress sat nicely in the middle of her thighs, between her hips and her knees; and long sleeves. She smoothed the material down before grabbing her heels, which she didn’t put on yet but held them in her hand before walking out of the bedroom to go find Jasper outside on the beach.

Boyband!Au - Jasper & Alecto

It’s positive that she was lost. Alecto was here with two of her girlfriends, but alas, she lost them the moment they entered this store. That afternoon should be one of their shopping spree for their upcoming prom, not spending hours looking for them. She gave up her chance and decide to wait outside. She was about to reach for her phone when someone push her to another direction. It caught her off guard as she bumped into someone and end up sitting on the concrete ground. “God!” She groaned, feeling the urge to scold anyone that bumped into her. But, she stops herself as that person’s face comes to her view. Her eyes widened. She couldn’t help but wonder if that is who she thought would be.


A drink || Jasper & Natalie.

“R.I.P to the girl you used to see, her days are over, baby she’s over, I decided to give you all of me, baby come closer, baby come closer.” Natalie sang along to the music playing on her iPhone as she got ready to go out with Jasper. She danced across the room already in her dark blue laced underwear, finally reached the dress that hung over the chair. She unzipped it before stepping inside and zipping it back up, the material felt smooth against her skin and she could feel the cool breeze against her back since the dress was backless. This meant she couldn’t wear a bra but there was one built into the dress for support, she danced across the room again so she could turn the music off and slip her phone into her clutch purse. Double checking her hair and make-up to okay, she finally put on her heels and headed downstairs to meet Jasper. The dress itself was a dark blue colour, sitting in the middle of her thighs and completely backless which meant that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and one had to be built in. “Hey handsome.” She smiled softly as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

Natsper || A cabin in the woods.

Natalie smiled as she left Jake setting up the things in his room, he seemed quiet happy to be unpacking his toys and trying to find the games for the Xbox which was hooked up to the big television in the living room. She was partly glad to be back, only because she got to see everyone again. But still being in this house felt weird and it would take more then a few days here before she truly wanted to be here again. She’d gotten so use to being back in England, with Jaykob and both Jasper and her working together. She felt that when they were at home, their real home then they were truly like a family. But here, it just didn’t feel real. But tonight, she was looking forward to tonight because it would just be her and Jasper. She’d unpacked her things but she'd received a text from her husband which told her to pack an overnight bag because they were going somewhere. Oh course she did as she was told, which she was going to do now.

After an half an hour or so she was finally ready, pulling her body warmer over her hoodie jacket and heading to Jaykob’s room. She explained to him what was happening and surprisingly he took it better then she had hoped for. Natalie gave him one last hug, kissing the top of his head before she picked up her bag and headed downstairs to meet her husband. The past few days had been hard without him, they hadn’t been this far apart for a while and it felt so strange. She smiled as she got halfway down the stairs and saw him standing there, waiting for her. She walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him into a passionate kiss. “Ready to go?”

I'd rather stay in bed || Natsper.

Natalie felt his arm loosen around her as she woke up slightly, she turned over and curled into his pillow. She smiled softly and inhaled, smelling him on the pillow which only made her smile more. She’d slept through a whole night without waking up or having any nightmares, for the first time in a while she felt completely safe. She could hear him walking around the room, the water running from the sink and the drawers opening as he found clothes. She kept her eyes closed as she let herself be pulled back into a light sleep, still fairly tired. She felt his lips against her cheek and whispered to him. “I love you..” She slowly started to fall back asleep.

Come back to bed, please? - Natalie<3

She sent him a text as she grabbed her phone of the bedside table, after typing it out and putting it back on the table beside her. She stretched out, glad for the free space right now. She brought his pillow back so she she could rest her head on it, still being able to smell his scent. She was falling for him, and hard. No matter how many times she told herself to run away and not look back, she couldn’t. The thought of loosing him was worst then watching her nightmares.

A different type of wake-up call || Jasper & Natalie.

Natalie pushed the thoughts of even opening her eyes and getting ready for the day out of her mind, right now she was quite happy laying here. She let herself slip back into a light sleep as she rolled over and curled up against the source of heat that was beside her body, letting her head rest on top of their chest and her arm lay across their stomach. Wait! Chest?! Stomach?! She opened her eyes unwillingly and looked up, growling under her breath when she saw it was Jasper. She pulled the duvet back and started to climb out of bed.

She’d come in late last night, she’d gone for a run since it was a lot cooler at night and she could be left alone with her thoughts. She taken a shower once getting in at about 11pm, putting on a tank top and pyjama shorts before getting into bed. She’d completely forgotten that Jasper was asleep in that bed and she would be sleeping on the couch. She was exhausted and had fallen asleep as soon as her head had hit the pillow.

The challenge || Jasper & Natalie.

Natalie didn’t want to do this, she didn’t want to even hear his name but after yet anything note from the crew she knew that this date had to happen. Her fingers smoothed down the flow material, standing in front of the full length mirror. Tonight she wasn’t giving him the joy of seeing her in something he could easily take off later, the long yellow floor length dress hung loosely and comfortably around her body. Her fingers ran through her raven black curled hair as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, lucky she’d been able to wash away any trace of her events today. She bent down, slipping the heels onto her feet before fixing the bracelets [not including the one Jasper had given her] onto her wrists to complete the look, she turned herself away from the mirror and walked to the bedroom door. After taking a few deep breaths, she stepped out and made her way down the staircase towards the front door where a car was picking the pair up for their dinner date.

The morning after that eventful night with Jasper Morgan.

The windows opened let the soft breeze trailed through the room, the morning air caressing her cheeks and soft closed eyelids as she lay in the large, soft bed relishing in the last few moments of peace before Natalie let a soft sigh whisper across those soft full lips and become lost in the quite room, slowly she opened her almond-shaped dark brown eyes. She would let her eyes rest on the pale ceiling as she let herself slowly wake up for a few moments before she gently exhaled and slid out of the bed, the soft sheets running across her skin as she picked up a blanket and wrapped it around her naked small frame. As she let her bare feet gently touch down on the cool floor, she would reach up and casually run a hand through her brown almost black curly hair, which hung in loose curls at the moment, cascading down her back as she returned her head to her side and focused upon the large window. She would trail over to the window and lean against the cool wall as she cast her eyes down towards the beach and thought about how much things have changed over only a few days.

She watched the waves a few moments longer before pushing herself away from the wall and letting her head turn as she looked towards Jasper who was still asleep. She’d done it, the one thing she promised herself she would never do. But she didn’t regret it, as much as she should. She’d wanted him, she’d begged for him and hell she’d even screamed his name. The one thing he wanted most from her and she’d give him that pleasure. She walked into the bathroom and let the blanket that had been hiding her body fall to the floor, turning on the shower and walking to the mirror. She watched her reflection, her fingers moving to brush the hair away from her neck as she inspected the mark he’d left on her; she was his and only his, that’s what it represented.

She turned away from her image before walking over to the shower, checking the temperature of the water before stepping under it and closing the door behind her. She closed her eyes as she let the water run over her body, washing away the evidence of last night events. She reached over and grabbed the shampoo, washing her hair before leaning back against the wall and letting the water fall on her. Her single thought she’d ever had about Jasper was racing through her mind at this moment, every conversation they’d had and every touch they’d shared. Her fingers brushed over her neck as she felt his mark again; she was both proud and disgusted by this. Proud because she was his, something now she was wanting to be and disgusted because she shouldn’t want this, she was only his toy and that was something she’d never wanted to be.

Shutting off the water and grabbing a towel, she wrapped it across her frame and quickly grabbed another towel in order to towel-dry her hair. After doing this she picked up the blanket she’d discarded early and drop it in the hamper as well as picking up their clothes, expect for one item, from last night to place them in as well. She walked over to the dresser and grabbed her bra and panties before putting them on and then picking up his shirt that he’d taken off. She shrugged it on, leaving it unbuttoned as she walked to her suitcase and picked up a book; The Odyssey. She settled herself on the couch beside the window, and opened her book to the last page she’d been on. She brought her legs up and rested her book against them as she read, quickly getting lost in the book she’d read probably a million times.

Slowly starting to remember | Natsper.

Natalie pulled the bedsheets off her and looked around the room, pushing herself up to be seated on her elbows. Her gazed moved across to Jasper who was still asleep on the couch and slightly drooling. She felt bad that he was sleeping on the couch but he had told her that it would be okay, yet she still felt bad. Her fingers ran through her hair before finally climbing out of it and heading into the shower to get washed.

Ducking her head under the water and closing her eyes, she rubbed the shampoo in and let herself relax for a few moments.

“Don’t worry I won’t try anything." 

"One it’s rude to stare and two you try that again and it will be so much worst." 

The sound of her own voice and his ran through her mind, quickly opening her eyes and leaning back against the shower wall. She quickly finished what she had to do before climbing out and getting dressed in the bathroom. Her fingers picked up his shirt, pulling it on and buttoning it up before walking around the rest of the room to pull on some shorts.

Natsper || England.

The weather wasn't exactly welcoming when they had arrived back in London, it was pouring with rain and extremely cold. Natalie pulled herself closer to Jasper as they walked off the plane, her arm wrapped around his back and turned into him slight. She’d slept for most of the plan ride, falling asleep curled next to him with a blanket over her. She wasn’t feeling too bad but the headache still wasn’t shifting which only dampened the mood more. The airport itself was a downer, people moaning about the weather and the fact their flight had been delayed due to a storm. A few moments later they were at the desk, pulling both their passports out and then moving out to collect their bags. Natalie waited until Jasper grabbed both of theirs, taking hers from him and pulling it behind her whilst her hand linked with his.

As they walked, she pulled herself closer and rested her head on his shoulder with a light sigh. It was good to be back, she didn’t want to leave this time. They had built a life for themselves here and they were happy, no longer worrying about anything but what was happening around them. She gave a brief look up to him, a weak smile passing her lips and squeezing his hand slightly before she move her gaze back to in front of them as they walked out the terminal. The next thing she saw made her hand fall from Jasper’s, leaving her bag and suitcase and ran forward. Jaykob was stood there was someone she had no idea who, bending down and wrapping her arms around the small boy. She felt tears fill her eyes as he hugged her back, picking him up from the floor and holding him close. “God, I’ve missed you.” She whispered into his ear.

Really? You! || Jasper & Natalie.

Natalie rolled over and pretty much fell off the couch she’d been sleeping on. She groaned as she hit the floor and started to get to her feet, after laying there on the floor for a few seconds. It was probably about mid-afternoon by the time she’d woken up. She let her gaze move around the room, someone else’s bags where here. Jasper’s, none the less. She pulled her hair back into a messy bun as she rubbed her eyes and looked over to the bed, to find him still asleep.Jerk!She mentally yelled at him as she made her way to the bathroom. There was no way in hell that she was going to share a bed with him, the couch would do her just fine. She turned the shower on before stripping off her pjs and climbing under the hot water, after about 5 minutes she got out and walked back into the bedroom after getting her underwear and bra on so she could to find something to wear.

The Morgans | Hospital visits, yet again.

Natalie didn’t know what to do after getting that phone call? She just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. But no, she had to pull it together and go see her husband. She rushed around the room they shared, pulling on her boots and grabbing everything she needed off the side table beside the door. She couldn’t only slightly remember her own stay in the same hospital, the day she’d woken up and had been surround by loved one she didn’t even know. But those memories were coming back to her slowly. But right now, her memories and everything else that was about her was pushed aside.

Emily had offered to drive her… In Marcus’ car… That didn’t turn out well, she was glad she’d put on boots as she broke into a run shortly after leaving the FATE house. Her feet pounded against the tarmac of the pavements, she headed down side streets which was a shorter way to the hospital. Her heartbeat was pounding in her ears as she made it to the doors, trying to calm her breathing as she entered the white-washed building. She found herself in front of the main desk, asking about her husband within a few seconds. “Morgan, Jasper Morgan.” She told the oldish woman. “His wife, I need to see him. Which room?” She rushed the woman as she asked stupid questions. When she finally got the information she needed, her feet were already running down the hallway and up a flight of stairs.

As she approached room 209, her heart seemed to stop and everything went silent. Her husband laid in the bed, battered and bruised. She quickly pushed the door open and took a step inside, walking over to his sleeping form and running her hand so carefully down the side of his face. “What happened to you, baby?” She muttered to herself almost, tears slowly rolling down her cheek as her hand soon found his. She traced her fingers lightly over the cuts on his knuckles and let her gaze focus on his face. She wasn’t leaving him side, not for anything.