Sudden adult deaths due to acute myocarditis- The culprit- ? parainfluenza type 2 virus / post streptococcal infection. Parainfluenza virus is usually associated with mild illnesses, like croup or laryngeotracheobronchitis. This patient also had streptococcal skin infection. Malnutrition and overcrowding is a fertile breeding ground for any type of infection.

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Possible role of pestiviruses in MICROCEPHALY
Potts BJ, Sever JL, Tzan NR, Huddleston D, Elder GA.

Viral contamination of fetal bovine serum used for tissue culture: risks and concerns.


Four viral contaminants have been routinely detected in unprocessed and commercial lots of fetal bovine serum: bacteriophage, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, parainfluenza-3 and bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV). Of those, BVDV is consistently present in a majority of commercial lots of fetal bovine serum. Methods for BVDV detection and removal are reviewed. ***The tentative role of an unclassified pestivirus in ***MICROCEPHALY of infants has been reported. Its significance remains uncertain.***

“Pestiviruses are ubiquitous pathogens of cattle and frequent adventitious viruses in biologicals. Furthermore, it has been suggested that these agents might be related to infantile gastroenteritis and ***MICROCEPHALY***. Since the virus is highly prevalent in fetal bovine serum, the risk of contamination is high in most laboratories. Thus, the implementation of detection methods in all laboratories is of worth. Despite continuous surveillance, these agents have been detected in cell lines, fetal bovine serum, live and inactivated animal and human vaccines and interferon for human use.”….

Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 1998;78:F230-F231 doi:10.1136/fn.78.3.F230

Is some white matter damage in preterm neonates induced by a human pestivirus?

White matter involvement is common in viral infections of the central nervous system. White matter damage, disturbances of myelination, and subsequent microcephaly follow herpes simplex encephalitis,11 exposure to rubella virus in utero,12 13 14 and canine distemper virus infection.15 MICROCEPHALY dysmyelination, glial proliferation,16 ventricular enlargement, and extensive necroses in the white matter10 are associated with pestivirus infection. Because these types of damage so closely resemble those of WMD in preterm neonates, we suggest that human pestivirus is a likely mediator of virus induced WMD