paraguayan princess


So here are a whole bunch of pictures that never saw the light of day. There was a period of time where I decided I wanted to try and be a model. Aside from the fact I am not nearly tall and thin enough to actually pursue that goal, I really wanted to try it because media affected us so much as a culture. And yes, we are making huge strides toward making POC more visible in the media, but sadly, there are still so few people on TV and magazines that, well, look like me. They wouldn’t even necessarily have to be Paraguayan, they could be Native American or really any sort of Aboriginal people.

It sounds weird to say it like that, but as a tiny child, I felt alien. I was angry and upset just because I wasn’t light skinned or blue eyed and that is absolutely the wrong way to look at it. It’s just really hard sometimes when I feel that no one is representing me. But in the end, I feel that I am beautiful, and all the tiny children who look like me should feel the same way. Although it won’t be my modeling that will make them see that, I’m sure I’ll think of other ideas so I can help the tiny children of the world. :)