paragraph of doom

Shouma: Look at the penguin!

Kanba: Screw the penguin, look at dem hot blogs up there!

Shouma and Himari: WOAHHHHH.


Thank you all for making my first year (yes. first.) here on Tumblr amazing! Ha, I still remember when I was ‘cielo-27.’ c: I haven’t talked to all of you, and some of you I just followed a few hours ago. But none of that matters, because you guys are all still amazing! ♥ So thank you for glorifying my dashboard with pretty edits, and some of you make my inbox very happy as well, hurrhurr. o u o;

And to all my followers, I love each and every one of you, and I’m thankful for having all of you as part of my Tumblr harem-I mean, Tumblr fangirl/boy team.

…waitwhat. 8|

Jaykay. But if you’re not on here, remember that I still love you! So let’s hug. big hug. BIGGG hug.

/end with BIGGG hug