After a week of talking primarily to a baby👶 and cleaning 48 dirty diapers💩, it felt great to get on the mats today👍 w/ @joechavez111st @vic_canicas @paragonacademy. Thanks to the best wife & momma @anikokim for the hall pass😘. #paragonbjj (at Paragon Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing)

Wish I would have listened to this guy 5 years ago when he told me to get in to @paragonacademy and start training #BJJ. Better late than never (except I’m old now and have early onset arthritis gimpy fingers. Can’t even do a proper shaka😑). Good finally getting a #NoGi roll in with the dude Brent 👊👊 #jiujitsu #paragonbjj (at Paragon Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing)


Bill the GRILL Cooper Inverted Triangulation! #wizardsh%t #slickJJ #showtheart #alltechnique #bjj #jiujitsu #paragonbjj

After 3 months of training #BJJ I did my first tournament today. Didn’t do so well and I know I could’ve done better, which is frustrating…nerves got the best of me. But I am still taking home the best prize suckas 🏆👸👶 #paragonbjj (at Ventura Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)


Pretty excited to announce Tyrone “human highlight reel” Glover will be guest teaching 430 pm nogi BJJ tonight at @victorymmasd don’t miss a chance to learn for the first ever #paragonbjj blackbelt and #pridefc trials winner tonight ! #jiujitsu #victorymma #adconnect (at VICTORY MMA | BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU | MUAY THAI)