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kiss me


          Norman and Jack had decided today was a day to just lay in bed and relax together. Norman lay close to the other, his arms under the others, hands curled around the others cold bare shoulders. It was interesting how close the two had gotten. Though the two where covered in blankets, the fact the two hadn’t kept in there shirts, Norman was rather cold as though Jack were a personal freezer.

           But Norman didn’t mind all that much, he liked the cold and could deal with it for a long while.

                  “Hey Jack…
                                   This is nice.”

            He said softly, pulling away from the other so he could shift and lay on his back. Once Jack lay back down and got comfortable Norman laid back down, setting his head gently on the others chest, playing with the tuft of fur which sat in the center of his chest, it was cute. With a small sigh Norman shifted a bit, placing a small warm kiss on the others cold stomach, holding it for a minute before breaking it to lay back down, pulling the blanket with him.

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"What if someone catches us?” ( High School!AU )

Norman swallowed a bit thinking about the odds of someone finding them, and the amount of trouble the two would get into. He fiddled with the bottom of his shirt as he looked back up at the older teen, his ice-blue eyes reflecting the lights in the small room.

“W-We’ll have to be quick I guess..?” Norman said, giving a small smirk as he boosted himself up on the tips of his toes kissing the other, setting a hand lightly on Jacks cheek,