The Parafina project started out my tumblr and pinterest pages. Ideas began to flow, inspired on the pictures I enjoyed the most. I wanted to share a beautiful and fun story related to the big outdoors. It was a moment in my life were I was looking to do something myself and to pursuit something I always wanted to do. It would be RAD to get a Facebook “share” hit . It would really help us spread the word to help promote our little DIY adventure. GRACIAS!

About this Tee-shirt:

“This one is for the true locals, those who were there before anyone else… The California animals. Inspired from it ́s flag comes this American bear with an eyepatch staring at the waves in front of his cave… we couldn ́t think in any bear cooler than this one.”

MADE IN USA (screenprinted by hand)

We have re-stocked all our models as they where almost sold out. If you were missing your size you can now get it at:
In this picture from Sebastian Madlener you can see Longboard Girls Crew rider, Valeria Kechichian fully comitted to dance with style. This model is loved by both boys and girls and we have it now also in XL for those who like it oversize. Stay Rad!

Ya están disponibles de nuevo todos nuestros modelos de camisetas!!!
En esta foto de Sebastian Madlener podemos ver a la rider del equipo Longboard Girls Crew, Valeria Kechichian, con nuestro popular “Soul Captain”, que le encanta a chicos y chicas por igual.