Or the FAL PARA. Whichever you prefer. The FN FAL is one of the most famous weapons of all time. The “Right Arm of the Free World”, it was the Western counterpart to the Soviet AK-47 during the Cold War. The FAL was the benchmark NATO battle rifle. Using the same 7.62x51mm round as the M14, it was a very hard hitter.

The FAL OSW, or SA58, or FAL PARA or ParaFAL, was a shorter variant of the rifle with a folding stock and shorter barrel designed to be lighter and more portable than the original full-length FAL. It still used the 7.62x51mm NATO standard round, and kicked like a mule.

Nexon released the ParaFAL during the Black Friday 2011 event, and it has been very rare in game. Not very many players use the ParaFAL. When I first picked it off a dead body, I noted its relatively low recoil, which was not true to its real-life counterpart. Also not true to the real FAL was that it only had moderate damage. The weapon handled like many other assault rifles, but had less spread and was pretty accurate in full-automatic firing. I would recommend this weapon to those who are proficient in aiming. Close-quarters gunfights, in which everyone is at each others’ throats, are where the ParaFAL really shines.


Since my previous post was on newer music (and it is a very boring rainy monday) here some top notch ‘old’ postpunk, synth, goth artists you might like. It is a true shame how most of these never crossed the border back then.  Personal favorites in bold.

Marielle from Arte no Escuro

Arte no Escuro (Brazil, 1988)
Euroshima (Argentina, 1986)
Paraf (Yugoslavia, 1984)
Weimar Gesang (Italia, 1984)
Variete (Poland, 1993)
Twice a Man (Sweden, 1984)
Bonanza Banzai (Hungary, 1989) 
Guardian Bird (France, 1989) 
Ekaterina Velika (Yugoslavia, 1987)

so, twelfth grade (or whatever) is coming to an end soon, which is very sad, but there’s GOOD NEWS folks because there are plenty of other webseries out there for you to watch and write meta and fanfiction etc. about, mainly:

@theadventuresofjamiewatson aka tajwash which you’ll DEFINITELY be interested in because eliot aka sebastian stars in the second season as stanley hopkins and everybody loves him. also, there is lots of gay (jamie watson is bi and sherlock holmes is aroace) and sherlock quotes twelfth night several times, you’ll love it. first season is vlog-style, second season is partially tv-style (second season is better), lots of material to watch and relies less on an overarching plot so you can skip around a bit and find your fave sherlock holmes story if you want.

@thegreytarmacroad which completes the TRILOGY of @parafable and is an adaptation of the wizard of oz with lots of gr8 characters and ALSO lots of gay and it takes place in ENGLAND which is funny to me because it’s an american book, meanwhile the rest of us are adapting british books in america ANYWAY give it a go. it maybe technically exists in the same universe as tajwash (and a few other webseries) because two characters have asked each other q&a questions. it’s still airing now (and will be for a while) so you can catch up and then experience some of that anticipation.

@bgpwebseries aka The Blair Goddess Project, which is based off greek myth but not any specific myth because it’s about a new goddess exiled to earth who must learn the true meaning of friendship and if you watch tajwash (see above) you’ll recognize like every other actor in it because they were filmed at the same school and one of the main characters is a genderfluid god who is changes appearances so is played by like ten different wonderful actors and there are fun effects because Blair the goddess does magic. it’s partially vlog-style and takes a bit to really get into the plot but the episodes are quick and easy to watch.