Stefan >> Elena ll Beside You

                After his conversation with Caroline, Stefan has realized how a terrible boyfriend he has been for not sticking beside Elena, even if it hurts him seeing her in such situation. He abandoned her completely and that adds to the list of guilt he confines. She was the best thing that happened to him, like an awaited gift for his patience and determination to become an innocuous monster yet he blows every chance he gets. She chose him yet he didn’t want to see her since that night , giving himself tons of plausible excuses but that won’t redeem the hurt he must have caused to her. He should have known how does it feel to be left in transition alone as he faced that himself, yet he didn’t learn from his past. These thoughts and incessant blame kept roaming in Stefan’s mind while he was taking a walk. However, he paralyzed at one point when he found himself standing in front of her house. His legs drove him here and that was no coincidence , maybe all these thoughts were the force of his locomotion.

                He mesmerized for couple of minutes, deciding whether to turn around or to step forward and maybe take her in his arms as he wished. To tell her that everything is going to be okay and that he’ll always be by her side no matter how hard it gets, but would she accept such late apology after she became what she feared to be ? He ambushed all his thoughts and hoped that she’d understand so he took few steps toward the door, knocked it and waited her bright innocent face with profound eyes to open… 

Wandering | Elena & Kate

Kate had been back in Mystic Falls for nearly a week already, and she found herself progressively acclimating to the place more and more. Having found a place of her own was the first big step she had to make - signing the papers made it all feel very permanent, and Kate wasn’t quiet sure if she was ready for such a stable life. However, she was sure that Mystic Falls would offer enough ruckus to keep her on her toes. 

The Mystic Grill had been dubbed to be the place to be for young adolescents like herself. Though she’d managed to avoid it so far, boredom had taken a strong hold of her. Also, quite frankly, Kate had also become more curious to what the whole fuss was about. 

Entering the Grill her gaze panned the room, a few teenagers playing pool out in the back, a few older males sitting at the bar and a couple having lunch at one of the tables. Far from a full house - figures, most of the patrons were all still in high school, and judging by the time, probably still in class.

Kate pulled up a bar stool and ordered a rum coke, not wanting to be too enthusiastic seeing as it was still the afternoon. “Come on, Mystic Grill - surprise me.” She muttered below her breath, smiling as the bartender handed over her ordered beverage.