poets are weird people
we like to use metaphors and similies
to make love sound depressing
and make depression sound beautiful
we are paradoxies of illogical rhymes
with rhythm and meter sprinkled in
the ink flows out of our veins from the day we were born
like it was meant to be there
A minotaur?

Party is made up of a minotaur monk, angel necromancer, nucklavee paladin, and a shardmine blacksmith (Yeah oh the paradoxi) wonder into a labyrinth and get to the boss with the party being affected by an illusion set on the place the following happens.
Me: Okay so you see the shadowy mass is very weak waht do you do.
Monk: I go for a martial arts combo of 2 kicks and 3slams aganist the ground.
Rolls all 19’s and 20’s
Me: so as you three watch as with his massive size the MM executes a perfect attack and final kills the giant shadow. Now as the illusion that was cast on all of you as you entered the maze wears off you see in place of the shadow a dead minotaur.
Monk: Wait what.
Paladin (ooc):Please tell me that one is related to the monk.
Monk (ooc):Please tell me it is not.
Angel:I would like to raise the dead minotaur to talk to it.
Me:Roll please.
*Rolls an 18*
Me:Okay so the angel begins to raise the minotaur.
DeadM:Oh my son you have come to see me but why are you aghast?.
Me and the rest of the party go on to fall off our chairs in laughter on the situation.
By the end the party had 5 risen minotaurs that are family members of the monk that they killed under illusions.


He was trouble that boy but you still found yourself somehow looking across the room when he laughed a little bit too loud, all arrogant smiles and winks at girls and boys who too found them self wanting to know about the creature of mysteries. He left you with a hunger for more, frustrated that this asshole would consume your life. A paradoxy of a being. Snarky remarks and whispered compliments, the smell of niccotine and mint on his breathe sending shivers down the spine. Sirius Black was enigmatic, a fiery force that burned too bright, a force that wasn’t to be reckoned with. - S.K

The Crucifixion

My only hope is that God is in hell.
If God is not in hell, suicide is justified.
If God is not in hell, I should have done it when I had the chance.

Because when I fell from heaven
And wandered deepest Nothing,
I found that desert oasis
A sad excuse for home indeed
But slightly better than Nothing.
The resident voices drew me in
And informed me of many things
Of the world and of my self
They spoke mostly truth
Told harmless lies to fill the silence.
The only lie that I believed
Was my only source of comfort:
God did not enter that place.

Finally the world made sense.
O, The bounty of solace in Reason!
In this world I am alone in a crowd
In this world I am an orphan in a family of four
I am a hermitess with a husband and child on the way.
But there.. O, There, sisters and brothers!
You feel alone because you are alone!
You feel unloved because God has forgotten you!

So they convinced me, and so I believed.
But though my soul took refuge in Hell,
My limbs carried me to Church,
Into the very House of Truth
And it was there I saw the icon.
And it was that Image
Which tore the shroud before my face…

I wept.

And I saw.

And I beg you, my dear ones,
If the voices make sense,
Run from that place.
Please run.

Major-General's Song
Ross Scott
Major-General's Song

Modern-Major General’s Song - Gordon Freeman

I am the very model of a modern Major-General
I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral
I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical
From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical

I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical
I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical
About binomial theorem I’m teeming with a lot o’ news
With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse

I’m very good at integral and differential calculus
I know the scientific names of beings animalculous
In short, in matters vegetable, animal and mineral
I am the very model of a modern Major-General

I know our mythic history, King Arthur’s and Sir Caradoc’s
I answer hard acrostics, I’ve a pretty taste for paradox
I quote in elegiacs all the crimes of Heliogabalus
In conics I can floor peculiarities parabolous

I can fire at a target and hit it at least half the time

Or graph out an electron path while using only numbers prime
I calculate the fall rate of a bullet shot a thousand yards
I perforate the thick heads of a hundred military guards

I can make a simulation of an atom bomb and build one too
Or flank a dozen men and ambush ten of them right out of the blue
From SMGs to RPGs, I carry quite an arsenal
And skip around a war zone like a sub-atomic particle

Every soldier out here wants to kill me for my curiosity
I wage war on the whole damn world because of my tenacity
In matters combat tactical and physics theoretical
I am the very model of a modern Major-General

Can I just tell you something

I started by wanting to do a little Tarsus IV research in TOS, which is essentialy 1x13 The Conscience of the King, where Kirk is being an ultimate asshole to Spock the whole episode while he openly flirts with the lady on the bridge and elsewhere, which is one of the things leaving Spock strangely uncomfortable (to say at least.) But then I went a bit deeper.

I briefly considered Kirk’s motive about this particular woman, we know better than thinking he’s just a ‘womanizer’. I might assume it was about the combination of a) as said ‘using her as a tool’ to get to this Kodos directly in order to convict him, which is what the plot suggests, and b) he sees comfort in her presence and it keeps his mind off the painfully personal case at the same time, and c) simply his romantic, charming nature and personal attraction, which as we can see is usually only a tiny bit of his whole “”promiscuous”” behaviour.

Spock might be hurt seeing it, confused, but also concerned, because he notices something strange in Kirk’s behavior. He is slowly finding out about Kirk hiding(?) and trying to act brave about being a witness on Tarsus IV but it does not escape Spock. It might be the worry about his captain with a subtle undertones of jealousy that makes him seek relief and comfort in McCoy. So we get like first(?) scene with McCoy consulting personal matter  with Spock while offering him a drink, while Spock is nervously walking circles in the sickbay, anticipating some kind of reassurement from someone who knows Kirk well in slightly different way. 

Later Kirk’s own life is in danger as he is the target of the murderer onboard and Spock is admitting his concerns and trying to help in a very formal manner and Kirk does not accept it, as it makes him look vulnerable, perhaps, and importantly because of dealing with his own feelings about past which he can’t share, he keeps distancing from him while McCoy defends Spock on that, in the harsh and strict tone being the only thing making Kirk actually listen. 

The fact that it is the first season is important because it says a lot about the dynamic of the relationship between them three. Spock genuiely cares about Kirk and McCoy cares that he cares, in his way. 

Anyway, this episode was one huge angst to me, for both; Kirk’s case with Kodos and Tarsus finally resolving and pardon my little spirk-driven heart, but the amount of neglect and underappreciation of Spock on Kirk’s part. But that were primarily my first thoughts. Also,

On the other hand, it is nothing new to see Kirk express his affection and gratefullness, and in general many of his feelings, in a different, sometimes (at least to me) unsatisfying way. People called him inhuman in this episode. There are so many, easily made misconceptions about him, and about Spock as well! Comparing to Kirk, he actually feels and expresses his emotions very colourfully. 

Spock would go, swallow his pride willingly, and say Jim is his friend, his soul-mate, he clearly would die for him. While Kirk does the same in such an invisible way, pushing Spock away from the room when there was the over-charging phaser, he might not even realize just how very much he treasures Spock until later, maybe? I’m not saying he did not, but he might not have known. I feel like paradoxially he went longer way admitting it to himself.

And this is why I rewatch the show over and over. I always notice something new and every rewatched episode becomes my new favourite.

my first label masterlist got such a good reception and i honestly can’t thank the people that appreciated it enough !! this is the follow up and, as requested, i’ll try to explain them in a more comprehensible way so that you can enjoy and hopefully use them in the future !! please like or reblog if you’re using, and enjoy. 

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anonymous asked:

You said male privilege is denied to anyone not viewed as "male enough." That would include the vast majority of men, and serves as essentially a blanket accountability dodge for any man. It's a very flawed view of privilege and power. ALL men have male privilege. Viewing oneself as not getting the "full package" of male privilege is literally a defining characteristic of the male experience under patriarchy. Trans men can have male privilege and still face cissexism and misdirected misogyny.

I think you’re confusing ‘not man enough’ and ‘not masculine enough’. 

The patriarchy pushes all men to conform to an ideal of perfect masculinity, and creates a constant anxiety for the 99.9% of men who do not conform to that ideal. That sucks but it does not effect their essential male privilege. So that’s ‘not masculine enough’. 

‘Not man enough’ is a category when the patriarchy doesn’t perceive an individual as having even the most basic requirements to be considered male at all. Paradoxially (because the patriarchy loves to bite it’s own tail*) this often includes anyone who doesn’t own a penis AND anyone who categorically does not identify as male. As much as the cissexist patriarchy claims that trans women are ‘actually male’, they treat trans women as their most hated category of women, a clear sign that they have withdrawn all male privilege. Trans women have zero male privilege from the first moment they are perceived by society as transgender. 

Now, trans men. Suppose a theoretical person, let’s call that person Taylor, sits in their room one night, looks in the mirror and says “I finally know who I am, I am a transman”. Now in that moment, he does not *magically* gain male privilege. If he walked out into the world without a different body and without a sign that said ‘man’, he would be treated exactly the same as the day before. Sure, any misogyny he encountered would be ‘misdirected’, sure, but it would be real misogyny none the less. When you experience misogyny (misdirected or not) 100% of the time, then you have social male privilege 0% of the time. 

Note the word ‘social’. The very first moment they start identifying as male, transmen do get to benefit from all the positive connotations that our society attaches to manhood. They can define their gender identity by their ‘strength’ and their ‘assertiveness’ as if these qualities had anything to do with masculinity. That is a mental comfort trans women don’t have. And most transmen, while adopting a masculine way of talking, walking, interacting, adopt a LOT of the toxic stuff that is engrained in male behaviour. Transmen ‘mansplain’, transmen demand the centre of attention and speak over women, transmen crack rape jokes. And many do this excessively, as if being an ultra-misogynist were some sick right of passage into manhood. But socially, trans men gain nothing until they are recognized by others as men. 

As Taylor would declare their identity, start using different pronouns, take hormones, etc, more and more people would start recognizing him as male. Some would be decent human beings who recognize that identifying as a man makes Taylor a man, others would be transphobes who do not know Taylor and judge him by his appearance only. Taylor would get more and more male privilege, for longer uninterrupted periods. But it would be a precarious privilege. At any point, a transphobe could take a look at their ID, decide that the little ‘F’ on that plastic card means this is not a ‘real man’ and started treating Taylor the same way they treat women. (or much worse, because transphobia) Misdirected misogyny? sure. But very very real. 

Trans men have social male privilege only when they are recognized by society as men, and how precarious that privilege is depends on their situation. Male privilege isn’t a simple matter of black and white. It isn’t something you either never or always have. That said, most transmen are somewhere on the pretty-damn-privileged side most of their post-transition lives and need to acknowledge that.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m bothering to stress this distinction and the fact that ‘misdirected’ misogyny is real misogyny? Well, it’s because a fly trap that catches a mosquito still kills the mosquito. And trans men are dying from all the misdirected misogyny. 

Transmen are more likely to experience rape and sexual violence than cisgender women. Twice as likely according to some statistics, up to four times as likely according to others. So when a cisgender women tells a transman that he can’t be part of a conversation about rape culture because of his male privilege - as is quite common - she is very fucking wrong. It’s a life-or-death matter that trans men’s voices be heard in conversations about misogyny.

(Not surprisingly, transwomen are the absolute worst off when it comes to their chances of becoming a victim of sexual violence. One thing is absolutely clear about the patriarchy: it has a very special hatred reserved for transwomen.)

Now, there are a LOT of issues where transmen just need to shut up, sit back and listen. If it’s about slut-shaming, women’s representation in the media, the trivialization of feminity, transmen are often just adding noise when they say things like ‘But what about the transmen?’ and they definitely need to keep an eye on their privilege. And most of all transmen need to stop speaking for transwomen, stop pretending that a place is trans friendly when transwomen feel unsafe and stop pretending that violence targeted specifically against transwomen is ‘violence against trans* people’. 

And when trans men get told to check their privilege, 99% of the time, they really should check their privilege. 

But trans men do, in some situations, face real sexism and ‘but it’s misdirected’ should not be used to shut them up when they name their experiences. 

So, yeah, shit’s complicated.

*It’s a common mistake to assume that the patriarchies ideas of men and women are logical and consistent. They’re not. The patriarchy is a system intent on keeping cis men in power in every aspect of life and if it perceives your existence as something that threatens male dominance, it will pull any trick, no matter how illogical, to make sure your voice isn’t heard. 

anonymous asked:

Anti-ornithomorphism blog this is BIRDSCIENTIST and your know of humans leaves me a-flutter. Today question!: Humans LOVE cat-animals, keep dangerous predator cat as pet (not for guard, I read, just for pet!), watch cat-animal images on big light boxes in nest-wall homes, seem content. As birdscientist I try to know: why humans indicate happy (flesh mouth corners turn up!) when panda and also put cat in house to share food, but angry (many noise, stomp) when trash panda raccoon shares their (1)

(2) food next to their nest, not even in house? why do human do the thing?

Ah, you have accurately observed the apparently-paradoxial familial-esque relationship between humans and feline co-residents. Humans are very picky about which animals they seem to like for completely arbitrary reasons. Some animals, like pandas, appear to be a favorite simply for appearance and not for their ability to have a functional purpose. Others, with similar aspects - like raccoons, who share the traits of masked faces and big eyes - are hated on sight! Maybe it has to do with how often they interact with them, since few humans ever see real pandas but have often unpleasant exposures and biased media towards trash pandas. 

The human attachment to keeping the animal called ‘cat’ as a pet is a strange one that most scientists can still not fathom. They’re intentionally keeping dangerous predators in their home, facilitating the deaths of birdkind! And yet, they seem to be able to overlook all their faults and are, as you stated, obsessed with videos of them. It might be something about their faces, or their known ability to manipulate humans through purposefully targeted vocal communication. 

You’re correct that the upward turn of a human’s mouth often means it seems to be happy, as seen in the presence of cats. Humans get loud and stomp when animals like raccoons come to share in the cat’s food as a way of equalizing their predator damage. Our best guess is that they are mad that raccoons want to take food as ‘stealing’ from cats - maybe cat brainwashing to prevent stolen resources? We’re still learning more as we observe the human-cat domesticity arrangements. 

Conditum Paradoxum - Marvellous Spiced Wine


Put honey, 75mL of wine, and the date in a saucepan, and bring to the boil.

If you’re feeling authentic, when it boils, add a dash of cold wine and remove it from the heat. Wait until it cools. Boil and cool two more times, and then leave overnight. If you want your wine as soon as possible, skip this step.

If you managed to find an unpitted date, scoop it out of the wine, remove the pit, crush it somehow (probably with a mortar and pestle, but I didn’t have an unpitted date, so I can’t be sure this works) and put the resulting crushed date pit back into the wine. Eat the date, I guess?

Add around 10 grinds of pepper, and all the other ingredients except the remaining wine. Leave to simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Strain the mixture into a jug through the finest strainer you can find. Add the rest of the wine, stir it a bit, and drink cold or at room temperature. The Roman’s drank their wine diluted about half-and-half with water, so add as much water as you like to balance the sweetness of the honey.

(I spent a long time researching the Roman word for ‘Cheers!’ so I could put it at the end of this post. Salutaria seems to be the best bet, but I can’t find anything super definitive. I recommend toasting your favourite ancient Roman with this beverage.)

EDIT: This tastes most delicious after about a week of chilling in your fridge.

Look under the cut for the original recipe and more pictures.

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paradoxy-intent  asked:

I have a question, my Lady of the Manners! I noticed your post talking about color (regarding an ask that you reblogged), and I was wondering if pink (pastel preferably for me) is an acceptable thing for a goth wardrobe? I really love my pastel pink, but I still really adore goth fashions...

Goodness, is pink an acceptable thing for a goth wardrobe?

Darling, you can wear ANY COLORS YOU WANT and be a goth. I am very partial to black and cupcake pink, myself.

The “pastel goth” movement sometimes makes me tilt my head in fond confusion, but only because I wasn’t sure about it being anything other than an elaborate tumblr-joke. But I have no problems with the pastel goth folks, and quite like some of the creepy-cute iconography they use.