Basically, they’re in the same boat as Altmer. We don’t know their conventions, just some names, and have to guess from there. Fortunately, they seem to follow the same sorta sounds typically expected of elves in high fantasy, like the-wen suffix on some female names and -oth on male names. They also really enjoy using certain vowel combinations like ae, io, ie (especially before l), andui. Sounds they tend to use are n, ng, e, l, th, e, a (especially before n, ng), c, g, and w.


  • Hingor
  • Minglos
  • Brallion
  • Elberoth
  • Glarthir
  • Fargoth
  • Aengvir
  • Denegor
  • Enilroth
  • Faldan


  • Aerin
  • Nilawen
  • Mandil
  • Samia
  • Galbedir
  • Cirwedh
  • Talaendril
  • Irwaen
  • Aranwen

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