paradoxes of gender

Dear gender binary people..

The fact that I am wearing a dress today does not mean I’ve become a girl. I was not a boy yesterday when I wore cargo shorts and a polo shirt, either. Fabric, believe it or not, is not inherently gendered. 

Stop telling me I’m supposed to be androgynous, when the problem is not the clothes I wear or the look of my body or the style of my hair, but your refusal to stop unnecessarily declaring some of these things ‘boy’ qualities and some of them 'girl’ qualities.

I am agender. I am agender stark naked, I am agender in a three-piece suit, I am agender in a wedding dress, I am agender no matter what clothes I put on myself.

My gender is independent of how I dress, how I wear my hair, and how feminine or masculine you think my body is.

My gender is independent of your irrelevant ideas about gender being broadcast by things as impermanent as clothing.

My gender is independent of your refusal to accept the existence of people who are not girls, or boys, but merely humans.

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I'm confused about my gender. I was born as a girl but I don't really identify as a girl but neither as a guy. Is there a between? I always thought Genderfluid would be the term to call myself. Is it right? Because I feel more comfortable being both

One small correction before I answer your question: people aren’t born with genders, we’re assigned a gender at birth. So rather than saying “born as a girl” you could say assigned female at birth.


There are tons and tons of nonbinary genders that are inbetween and far beyond just male and female! I’ll list some of them here for you.

Genderfluid is when your gender changes. So if you always feel like you have the same gender, that’s probably not the right label for you.

Androgyne is a gender that’s inbetween male and female. (Or both male and female, though combined into one single gender.)

There’s also bigender, meaning having two genders (can be static or fluid or fluxing). Bigender isn’t limited to being just both male and female, it can be any two genders, but it can be male & female.

Then there’s ambonec, which is a kinda paradoxal gender where you feel both male and female but also feel genderless at the same time.

Maverique is a gender that’s neither male nor female, neither maculine nor feminine, but also not nothing. One way to explain it if you think of male and blue and female as pink, maverique would be yellow.

Agender means not having a gender. Or feeling like your gender is neutral (though I personally don’t define agender that way).

Neutrois is a neutral gender, meaning it’s not male and not female and not a mix of the two. There’s definitely some overlap between neutrois and agender, and I have seen many people who identify as both.

You could also just identify as nonbinary and choose not to specify it any further than that.

Aaand there are many, many, many more nonbinary genders of course. But those are the ones I can think of right now that might suit you. So I’d suggest reading up more on one or a few of these and see if any of these labels feels right for you.

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Nicknames - Caro

Gender - female

Star sign - virgo

Height - 1,74m… 5′9?

Sexuality - pansexual

Hogwarts house - i never watched it.. #notsorry

Favorite animal - Wolf… Dragons… Snakes… Rats…

Average hours spent slepping - in the week 5 ..on weekend and holidays 8-10

Dogs or cats - DOGS!

Number of blankets I sleep with - one, i have enough pillows

Dream trip - hiking in Ireland and Romania

Dream job - architect and artist

When I made this account - 3 or 4 years ago maybe

Why I made this account - I don’t remember… art, pets, boobs?

# of followers - 230, love you all ♥

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When Snickerdoodle was a wee draconequus cubby and just learning how to talk, she would call her father Beefcake (Cupcake’s r63 counterpart) “mama” cuz she was a sweet little babbu that didn’t know better yet

Beefcake, being a battle-hardened former royal guard, essentially said whatevs, he could be Mama if his little princess wanted him to be

Then Paradox got him the mommy apron as a gag gift but Beef was honestly touched by the present and wore it with pride

For those of you new to the party:
Snickerdoodle, Beefcake, and Paradox are the gender-flipped counterparts of Oddball, Cupcake, and Pandora. They exist in a separate dimension, but Pan and her family can visit them, with Pan being a reality-warping draconequus and all

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Name: Nicole

Nicknames: Nikki by my close family members, Paradox for short on here

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 5'3″

Sexuality: ??? but somewhere on the ace spectrum.  I experience sexual attraction rarely outside of emotional/mental attraction, so maybe demi?  But it has happened before… the number of times is in single digits.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Favourite animal: Cats

Average hours of sleep: Below par

Current time: 12:13 am

Dog or cat person: Cat person. Dogs are fine too.  But I need alone time as much as a cat does.

Blankets you sleep with: I currently have two comforters (not very good ones) and two fleece blankets.  I get unreasonably cold while falling asleep and I like the weight of blankets as well.  My record is four comforters and two blankets.  I swear my grandmother’s house is possessed with how cold it gets at night.  It’s funny because during waking hours I overheat like crazy.

Dream trip: I’m going to be typical and say Japan.  Osaka in particular.  It’s because of the food.  Oh, and the three years I spent learning the language probably counts for something.

Followers: 19, after having blocked all the porn bots. :)

Why I made a Tumblr: So I could easily follow blogs I liked and communicate with people I admired.  And I always wanted to start making posts myself.

Reason for my URL: I’ve always loved logic, and consider myself paradoxical in nature.  But it’s only a theory I have, you see. ;)

(…lol I’m as deep as the shallow end of a pool)

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Transformation M!A; ☮ - The opposite sex.

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Luffy chuckles. Luffy doesn’t really understand what happened. Not that something has changed. Well, maybe, just a little bit. He She just becomes more cute and adorable, but still so stubborn and — most importantly — hungry.

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Gin noisesbleeds at girl luffy "Oh god your hot."

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Luffy tilts her head and hums thoughtfully. She can’t say she heard what he said properly.

               “Is it hot here? Oi, are you alright? You’s got heat stroke?”


Tumblr: Clothing isn’t gendered!  Men can wear dresses and skirts and makeup and still be men!

Male character: *wears feminine clothing*

Tumblr: ZOMG that character is nonbinary!  Confirmed trans!