paradoxes of gender


When Snickerdoodle was a wee draconequus cubby and just learning how to talk, she would call her father Beefcake (Cupcake’s r63 counterpart) “mama” cuz she was a sweet little babbu that didn’t know better yet

Beefcake, being a battle-hardened former royal guard, essentially said whatevs, he could be Mama if his little princess wanted him to be

Then Paradox got him the mommy apron as a gag gift but Beef was honestly touched by the present and wore it with pride

For those of you new to the party:
Snickerdoodle, Beefcake, and Paradox are the gender-flipped counterparts of Oddball, Cupcake, and Pandora. They exist in a separate dimension, but Pan and her family can visit them, with Pan being a reality-warping draconequus and all


Tumblr: Clothing isn’t gendered!  Men can wear dresses and skirts and makeup and still be men!

Male character: *wears feminine clothing*

Tumblr: ZOMG that character is nonbinary!  Confirmed trans!