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I think my favorite thing about the Stellaris community is that almost universally, the butterfly portrait is used for the most violently xenophobic civs possible, like these cute little butterflies will call you xeno scum and will bathe the stars in your blood.

idea for the next animal crossing game!!
  • *terrible idea*
  • *idea that had already been implemented and didnt work*
  • *mechanic that is physically not possible within the confines of a game*
  • *paradox that cannot exist on this plane*
  • i want isabelle to get a rest okay!! let my smol dog daughter take a break!
  • *another terrible idea*
  • *terrible idea blatantly showing that the op is a weeaboo*
  • let me date the animals!!

working on a Yogscast mod for Crusader Kings II if anyone here has that game. Heres the notes I have down so far:

Mushrooms: Simple, the whole landmass represents the Twilight Forest but Cat Island raiders have gained a foothold. Kingdom of the Mushrooms is made up of multiple mushroom cultures or subspecies; Red mushrooms, Tall Mushrooms, Seashrooms, etc.

Darklands: It’s the darklands bois. It’s led by a Queen so while it is classed as an empire it’s like a queendom rather than a kingdom. Since the barriers between worlds broke, the Darklands have been planning to invade the Brightlands and Twilight Forest.

Skylord Republic: The Skylords have their own merchant republic similar to Venice of the Hansa on the southern tip of the Brightlands/Server. They are led by a Skymaster and are a major technological/economical powerhouse.

Flux Realms: A group of flux creatures turned sentient used the power of the flux on their side to grab and make use of the then-unpopulated flux wastelands once owned by the Skylords before setting up their own nation.

Yoglabs Administration Zone: Large swathes of mostly uninhabited land under the administration of Yoglabs and it’s CEO. Practically all of the population is within Yoglabs itself.

Israphelites: The Israphelites are a subspecies of the basic boom bois, except they harness unique magic powers and large intelligence. They set up their own nation in the heart of the Server.

Eden: Kind of like that weird paradise place with swampy(?) from SOI. It’s a walled off paradise in the center of The Server.

Lumian Exclave: Centuries expulsion of the Lumian colonists from the Server, many of the few remaining Brightlands Lumians live in a small exclave.

Laanen: A prosperous northern nation that uses it’s wealth gained from trading with the Lumians, Elfians, Dwarves, and Yoglabs to fend off the many Israphelites and northern tribes.

Elfia: The Elves are a relatively new species that’s basically the result of cross-breeding between the Lumians and Humans. They live right at the end of the Darklands gun barrel.

Khasmodah: Home of the dwarves!

Desert Chiefdom: A large warrior tribe.

Plains Chiefdom: Basically the Desert Chiefdom but in the plains.

Pirates of Owl Islands: Pirates; It’s in the name.

Pirates of Cat Island: A very successful Pirate Empire, led by the infamous Dread Pirate. They conquered most of the islands and gained a pirate foothold in the Twilight Forest.

Raiders of Burnton: A mixture of Pirates and Bandits living in and around Burnton.

Note: This whole idea isn’t meant to be like an accurate portrayal of the Yogscast universe this is like an AU basically, the characters aren’t really here and it’s meant to fit in with the way CK2 is played and stuff. A lot of this stuff is headcanons but if anyone wants to dip in, give any ideas or help out of anything I’d really love it!


“I solemnly swear, to devote my life and ability

in the defense of the United Nations of Earth.

To defend the constitution of man,

and to further the universal rights of all sentient life.

From the depths of the Pacific

to the edge of the galaxy.

For as long as I shall live.”

Good news: a planet from another empire that was completely inhabited by slaves wanted to join my nation because they were impressed, so I allowed them to join.

Bad news: Most of the population living on this new addition are xenophobes and hate other alien species

Good news: I already signed Migration Treaties so the unhappy members of the populace can just leave if they don’t like the government. So once I get all the xenophobes off the new planet, new settlers will show up and integrate with the natives who weren’t xenophobic.