paradox apple

Real Pacific Northwest gothic
  • —and its hotel was named the Slaughterhouse.
  • A doctor offers to help you lose weight. Her method is hunger, ceaseless hunger that gnaws at you as you languish under lock and key. Hunger is your new reality. You will never eat again. You are beautiful.
  • There are bodies in the salal. Nobody knows how many. Don’t worry, they probably don’t shriek.
  • Can you see the mountain? No? Has it summoned its clouds to conceal its doings again? Know that it is always there. Know that it holds fire. Know that it is made of ashes. Pretend it is only a backdrop for the performance of your life. It’s what everyone else does.
  • Every mountain has a face. 
  • The shop on the waterfront has mummies and a shelf of shrunken heads. You accept this. It is an unquestionable fact. Do not question it. Ignore their frozen screams. Buy a trinket. Tell your friends about the shop. Tell them they want to go. Forget anything that happened to you there. Nothing bad happened to you there.
  • Every year, pirates emerge from the sea and give candy to children. How did this begin? Who are the pirates? Whence their inexhaustible supply of candy? Why do they scrape cutlasses along the street to produce sparks? As a child, you are frightened; as an adult, you let it happen. Eat the candy, child. Take the gifts you are given.
  • Slowly, a corporation spreads. It has three kinds of employees, none of whom you must make eye contact with. Economic development! The economy has many eyes and many polo shirts and many plans. You are aware of them, as you are of the mountain.
  • There are so many blackberries. Every time you turn a corner, you see more. As a child, you played among them. They were friendly then. You have parted ways since. Now you see thorns everywhere, as if Sleeping Beauty has come to life, and your state is the princess who cannot awaken.
  • People lived here before you. Drink your fair-trade coffee and pretend this makes up for it all.
  • Lakes have monsters. Some of them might be real, but if you tried to plumb the cold dark depths, you would find nothing. You fear the lakes have no true end, no change, no cycle of existence. Only the eruption of a volcano could do anything about a lake. Even then, it only rearranges the lake, and new monsters are given birth.
  • There is a vast and dusty emptiness to the east. It produces fruit beneath a sun you had not thought could be so cruel. It drinks up water and gives none of it back, except in the form of apples. The paradox is unresolvable. Forgetting all of this, you eat the apples of the wasteland, and are displeased when they have bruises.
  • The town’s name was Slaughter—

Here my friends, is the paradox apple! This saturday my friends and I will give it to the first Doctor (any incarnation will do) cosplayer we see at Long Beach Comic Con. They must hand it off to the next Doctor they see and so on and so forth until the end of the con. Whoever gets it must tweet it (#paradoxapple), tumblr-it, facebook it-just do whatever they can to share it…THE WORD MUST BE SPREAD

so everyone going to LBCC this weekend, keep your eyes open for the paradox apple!