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  • Aries: Fight Club
  • Taurus: True Grit
  • Gemini: The Matrix
  • Cancer: Mermaids
  • Leo: 16 Candles
  • Virgo: Casablanca
  • Libra: The Breakfast Club
  • Scorpio: The Godfather
  • Sagittarius: Modern Times
  • Capricorn: Cinema Paradiso
  • Aquarius: Alien
  • Pisces: The Seven Year Itch

Had to restart my Isla Paradiso world because of some bad CC :/

5 Months of dedication (I’ve been out of work, or I wouldn’t have time to do this TBH) & all I have left is pictures & memories.

[Cue dramatic music.]


That’s what you get for not listening to the forums I guess.

Anywho…these are scenery shots I took while in game as Maya Ocean from The Sims 3 Island Paradise. I won’t apologize for ‘potato graphics’ or whatever because I’m content(for now hehe) with my Toshiba Satellite L775 i3 core processor with a standard Intel HD 3000 graphics okay?!

Next batch will be of all my Isla Paradiso residents I was playing! & yes I was playing every single household/family with NO MODS yes it gets crazy.

As my Gangster Ass Grandpa says to me everyday- “Peace out Cub Scout!”


Beneath The Waves; Part 22}

 ♫ Here on my island the sea says hello,
Dolphins are waving wherever I go,
There’s a song on the breeze,
And a home in the trees,
Friends I can talk with whenever I please !! 

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From time to time I like to sit at one of the empty docks and read. It’s extremely relaxing to do so by the water. Before I knew it, I couldn’t see the pages anymore. 


I looked up to see a familiar…fin?


The mermaid poked her head out of the water giggling like a school girl. I have a sneaking suspicion she did that on purpose. 

“What’s your name? Can I see you again?”

“My name is Alana, what’s yours?”

By now she was at the end of the dock resting her chin on a lax hand. 

“Teodor Medina.”


Beneath The Waves; Part 27}

Later that ‘eve, *.*.*
Night falls on the tropical Islands of Isla Paradiso. The bright colours fade into the night and a blue mist surrounds the Islands. A mystical evening has arrived.
 The waves crash up against the seaweed and oyster adorned rocks near Hobarts Hideaway. The beach of Hobart’s Hideaway was scavanged upon by pirates during the 18th century. Some say treasures from Barnacle Bay are hidden deep underneath the sands, buried for unlucky soulds to find. Nowadays the seemingly mythical land has been tampered with by mortals and is used as a resort.
The erie evening had conjured a blue moon and It’s moonlight appears turquoise as It reflects upon the glistening surface of the ocean. A tail flaps up above the waves, peirceing through the water with speed and agility. The same pale blue tail that had appeared earlier that day. Nadine is headed towards the shore! The mermaid swims invisble to the humans through the sea. Nadine could swear she could still hear *.*.* the cursed sea shanties *.*.* from the pirates spirits who passed at Hobart’s Hideaway all those years ago

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Beneath The Waves; Part 12}

One of Narcissa’s favourite songs began playing in the bar ‘You Don’t Own Me.’ She started moving to the rhythm. One side of her hair was ocean blue at the tips and the other side was seaweed green. She’d separated her hair into pigtails and they bounced  as she strut a long to the mellow tune. She’s still leraning about make-up, hairstyle and fashion but is already pretty experienced in beauty techniques, that was all she could do as a mermaid after all; sit on rocks and comb her long blonde hair. She’d heard this song quite a few times since she’s been on land and It’s really grown on her.
         Land music is a lot more impressive than any music that was attempted underwater. Music in the ocean was wither wales screaming or gathering above the waves to the rocks to sing sea shanties or serenade sailors. Narcissa just prefers the music up here. 

You don’t own me
I’m not just one of your many toys
You don’t own me
Don’t say I can’t go with other boys 

She’s heard this song quite a bit now. It took her a while to piece together the lyrics over time as English isn’t her first language but eventually Narcissa worked out the lyrics. She finds It strange how much she can relate to this song. It’s like she’s saying her father and the sea doesn’t own her, she’s her own mermaid and can do whatever she wants. She certainly can play with all the boys she wants up here.
        Narcissa gathered her stride together as she collected the left over cocktail but just as she was about to head back to the bar she saw a plate of unfnished nachos. She sighs like a half-hearted teenager and heads towards It until she’s stopped in her tracks.
Patricia: “ NARCISSA! WOULD YOU GET OVER HERE!!? ” Narcissa’s boss Patrica was in a bad mood. Her voice boomed across the bar as she shouted her employee like a slave. Narcissa nearly spilt the cocktail on her legs but managed to grasp the glass extra tight just in time! That could’ve been a fishy disaster

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Beneath The Waves; Part 14}

Narcissa: “ Ah, well you see Mrs. Freeman, I can explain all that. Ahaha [nervous]… I’m not like most girls. I learnt to walk and talk a little later than most. I’m telling you though, Twikki Islands has different traditions to Isla Paradiso when It comes to raising chidren. ”
Patricia: “ Well tuts, If your from Twikki Islands then where the hell is ya accent and why do ya have a complexion that resembles a marshmellow? I’m even providing you with a bed to sleep on, you deserve to sleep by the cinders and be called Cinderella! SILLY GIRL! Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire you right ‘ere and now. ”
Narcissa: “ I’m really good at putting out fires! Fire isn’t something you have to worry about when your around me… I’ve had training in aquatic enviroments so It’s like I’m a walking water bottle. ”
Patricia stares at Narcissa wide eyed.
Patrica: “ Hunny, you gotta screw missing! Not fire as It fire, fire as in why shouldn’t I kick you out right now! Why shouldn’t I get rid of you? Your a walking catasrophy. Get to a salon right away while your at it now off with you!”
Narcissa: “ Wait please! Let me proove myself to you! I can do this job like no other. I’m just having a tough time…. And…. And…. And…. Your a great woman to look up to! Your hair, nails, fashion! You inspire me Patrica. ” Narcissa thought If she complimented a vain bitchy woman like Patricia then maybe she’d keep her job?
Patrica: “ Oh me?” Patrica placed her hands on her chest and pouted. “ Oh, really? Well I do think I’m good for girls to look up to. Oh darling you really impressed me there. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about me. First we need to get you to a tanning bed, pronto as the suns not working and If that doesn’t work then fake tan will have to do.”
Narcissa forced out a smile.
Narcissa: “ Hahahahaha! Oh that wasn’t a joke was It. Um, yes please! ”
Patrica’s smile dropped.

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Beneath The Waves; Part 31}

As the mermaid walked on land for the first time in her life, she studied what was in front of her. Her large fish like eyes analysed her surroudings, her eyes tinged ocean blue as she saw these things up close; Tall palm tree’s blowing in the salty winds, a building with light emitting from it’s windows and… A shadowed figure in the distance… A Mortal. A human being was perched on something. A male. He wasn’t sitting on a rock but It seemed to be a man made object. Nadine felt heat the closer she walked towards the dangerous being. A crackling fire was in front of him, he seemed to be catering to It. Nadine gazed into the orange flames as she walked with caution towards the human man… She felt like she was approaching hazard. She grew an immediate dislike towards the mortal, after all he’s the same species that killed her father. Nadine also heard s noise coming from him  ♫   ♫   ♫  , he was playing a tune somehow without even moving his mouth?
Nadine kept her eyes peeled on him. The mortal was wearing bright colourful fabrics with flowers on, It seemed to mirror the Island’s setting. Nadine had seen this type of thing before… Clothing. The bright colours are simply a mockery of the ocean’s beauty, the humans want what the mer-folk and sea creatures have yet they posion the ocean and kill the life down there. Nadine felt sick just looking at the hairy beast in his… Clothes.
Nadine was getting slightly better at walking now but she realised she still won’t fit in with the humans. Her long blonde hair hung below her waist but she can use that as clothes. She’s just emerged from the ocean naked, that won’t do n this enviroment. She needs to find clothes… She looked at the human with curiosity and eyed his movements. She kept walking closer…

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Beneath The Waves; Part 11}

The chitter-chatter of humans, clunking glasses and steel-drum music fill Isla Pardiso’s top Tiki bar. A waitresses pair of unusually pale legs perform a wonky strut in orange heels which causes many to stare. This isn’t any mortal waitress, this is an ex-mermaid.              
         Narcissa’s walking may be a little salty but the secret siren has improved at moving around on land so much that she can almost run now. Having known a tail for your entire life and suddenly changing environments so drastically surely changes things up a bit with a pair of legs… And 80s heels to make It all harder. The dryness of land and breathing in the air is second nature to her now. 
        Narcissa work uniform makes her feel important to the humans; a tropical dress patterned with palm tree’s and pink flowers and a dark yellow apron to suite the Tiki bar’s tropical theme. Her boss, Patrica made her wear It but she loves It like her shell comb. She’s been working in this tiki bar for three months now although she’s been on land for nearly a year and a half and hasn’t returned to the sea much to see Nadine or her father, Neptune. At least her other sister, Neradith had sense to move to land too. she see’s Neradith at times and they go out to explore the land world. She often wanders how her father and Nadine are doing still in the ocean especially with the Amazonian war that’s happened so recently… But Narcissa remembers why she left the sea in the first place;  life as a mermaid was boring… It was lonely and extremely depressing to endlessly swim into the dark and gloomy depths.
        Working on land in this lively Tiki bar has been an incredible experience for Narcissa. Never has she seen so many happy faces!! So much fast movement, life and energy! The humans fascinate her with their objects they call ‘phones’ and the way they interact with each other. She loves serving meals and drinks and bringing joy and drunkenness to mortals, even If she has to be careful of getting herself wet.
        She understands so much about the human world now; like speaking, the magic of fire and It’s heat, clever machines, television and movies, money, make-up, socialising, dancing, social-media, landscapes, cars, electricity, fashion and all these wonderful things she could never do underwater. Her favourite discovery was a hot drink! Narcissa nearly lost her mind when she tried a cup of hot coco, a big change to cold salty kelp, oysters and highly un-tasty sailors! She still has much to learn but never wants to return to the ocean that’s for sure. If any liquid of any kind even touches her skin she’ll turn straight back into a mermaid and fall right to the floor. That’s why she thinks being a mermaid is more of a curse than a blessing. 
        She still has much to learn but never wants to return to the ocean that’s for sure.
            Narcissa’s currently on her way to collect an abandoned cocktail.

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