Her Paradise

gif is not mine

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,529

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I hope you guys will still enjoy it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Life had become a heavy burden on your shoulders.  You hardly made it through the day, barely making it through the door without crying.  No one knew how hard you were trying.  No one knew about the battle that was going on inside of you.  None of that mattered in the real world.  In the real world you had to suck it up and do what you had to, just to survive another day..

On this particular evening you came home as the rain was pouring outside.  Your umbrella broke when you were trying to get to your car after work.  No matter how fast you could run to your front door, you would inevitably be soaked by the time you got inside.  There was no way around it.

You slid your phone into your pocket, hoping it wouldn’t get too wet.  You grabbed your bag, making sure you had the right key in your hand.  The second you opened the car door, you made your dash for the front door.  You unlocked the door, hurrying inside.

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