A Ray of Happiness (Sam imagine)

@paradisedragonslayer: Hi I was wondering if you could write me an imagine where you and Sam were friends when you where younger and your dad a hunter takes you away, like to a different country to train and you come back to america and start on a hunt and meet sam again, and it’s really fluffy because they fancy each other - thank you!!

No problem! Writing this was easy and I can’t wait to get more requests!

Word count: 1,169

Character: Sam

Warnings: none.


You looked at your surroundings, trying to find anything that looked odd or out of place. You and your dad had recently returned to America, where you used to live when you were younger. He had taken you away to Europe to train for the inevitable life of a hunter, and now, after many years, you were finally back.

This was your first hunt alone, as your dad had taken one a state over, telling you to be careful and to call him if you needed help. After assuring him you would be fine, he packed his bags and told you he would be back in a few weeks. This seemed to be a small case, all clues pointed to a ghost, and you were feeling calm.

“Do you take your tea with milk?” a voice brought you back to the present. You were in Mrs. Ballard’s home. She was an old lady whose husband had recently been murdered. Dressed as an FBI agent, she had let you into her house, and was now preparing some drinks in the kitchen.

“It’s fine whichever way,” you answered, and a minute later she came into the living room carrying two cups of tea. Handing one to you, she sat on the couch facing you. “Thank you.”

“No problem, dear,” she replied smiling. “Now, what was it that you were saying.”

“Well, I just wanted to know if you had seen, or felt, you know, strange things,” you said, taking a sip of your tea. “You know, cold spots, maybe heard footsteps or some other noise…?”

“Oh no, nothing of the like,” Mrs. Ballard replied. You were about say something else when the doorbell rang. “Excuse me, dear.”

You nodded and watched Mrs. Ballard walk out of the room. After a minute or two, she walked in again, followed by two guys in suits. One was tall with long, brown hair, and then other was shorter and had dirty blonde hair.

“Agent Carter, this is Agents Walsh and Brown,” she said as you shook hands with them. The tall one, Agent Brown, was looking at you curiously. Agent Walsh gave you a smile and put his hands on his hips.

“Thank you, Agent, but me and my partner have got this,” he said, smiling again.

You frowned. You knew that this case wouldn’t actually require real FBI agents, not at this stage at least.

“I’m sorry, Agent, but I’m afraid I wasn’t told they would send you two here,” you lied easily.

“Well, you know how they are back at headquarters,” he replied, and you frowned even more deeply.

“Excuse me, could we have a moment alone?” You asked Mrs. Ballard, who nodded and left the room with a worried expression. You turned to the “agents” standing firmly. “Okay, I don’t know who you two are, but you are clearly not FBI agents.”

“I believe you are mistaken, ma’am, but we are with the FBI,” the taller one affirmed.

You rolled your eyes and decided to drop the act.

“Okay, I’m just gonna throw it out there. Are you guys hunters?” You asked. A look of surprise quickly passed their faces, and they nodded after a second.

“I’m Sam Winchester, and this my brother, Dean,” the taller one said. Your mouth dropped.

“Sam? Sam, it’s me, (Y/F/N).” You said with disbelief. Sam stopped smiling and raised his eyebrows.

“No way,” he finally said, engulfing you in a hug that you returned with the same strength. Separating, Dean gave you and Sam a confused look

“Okay, what am I missing here?” He asked, looking between you two.

“Dean, this is Y/N, we met when we were children,” Sam said with a smile. “Remember that case with the witch you liked? Y/N used to live there.”

“Oh, well, pleasure meeting you,” Dean said with wink.

“You too,” you said, shaking hands again and giving him a wink back. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Sam’s smile drop a bit.

“So, is your dad here?” He said, making you look away from Dean, who looked ready to flirt with you.

“Nah, he’s working another case a state over,” you replied with a smile. “This is actually my first case alone.”

“Really? So you two have been hunting all this time?” Sam asked with genuine interest.

“Yeah, though we did end up going to Europe,” you said, “we actually just got back a few months ago.”

“Oh,” he said, a light pink streak appearing on his cheeks. A second after figuring out why, you blushed.

On the last day you saw Sam all those years ago, you had told him about going to Europe and he had kissed you on the cheek. Sure it had been a long time ago and you were only children, but still, you had a crush on him and him on you apparently. Him dropping his smile after you winked at Dean made sense now. Being completely honest with yourself, you knew deep inside you that both of your feelings for each other were still the same.

“Yeah, it was fun,” you smiled, your voice shanking a little as your pulse sped up. You avoided looking at him and instead concentrated on your shoes. He seemed to be doing the same, and Dean appeared to be confused once again.

“Well, I’m going to interrogate Mrs. Ballard,” he said a moment later, realising why it had gotten suddenly awkward. He winked at Sam behind your back and walked out of the room.

“So, um,” Sam said, trying to break the silence. You looked at him and blushed again. He laughed nervously and cleared his throat. “So, your first case huh?”

You giggled, which was very strange of you, and cursed yourself internally.

“Yeah, pretty much,” you said while trying to gain control of yourself. “My dad, um, said to call him if I needed anything, but if you guys are staying I don’t think I’ll have any trouble.”

“Yeah, yeah, definitely,” Sam said, running a hand through his hair. Neither of you said anything else, and awkwardness settled in the room again.

“Well, I guess we should get back to Dean,” you said after a minute later. Sam nodded and you began to walk to the kitchen when he suddenly grabbed your wrist.

“No, wait,” he said, and you felt your face get heated for what felt like the hundredth time today. He took a step closer to you and let go of your wrist. “I was wondering if maybe after we’re finished, well, if maybe you’d like to go on a date? With me?”

You smiled and bit your lip.

“Yeah, I think I’d like that,” you said, and with a sudden burst of confidence stood on your toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “I think I’d really like that.”

Sam smiled and bent down, giving you a small, but sweet, kiss. Right now, you were his little ray of happiness.

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  1. I like my small face but I wish I had a smaller body to match it. :(
  2. I turn pink and red very easily and people can easily tell whether I’m anxious or embarrassed because of that HAHAHAHA.
  3. I like how I’m able to put myself in many kinds of peoples’ shoes so I manage to understand their perspectives of a situation to avoid conflict.
  4. I am proud of my wit although it’s been so long since I got to exercise it. ;w;
  5. I’m happy with how tall I am now, although it’s a little below the average asian girl height but IT’S OKAY. :’))))))

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