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Quest for a Knight of Breath in the land of song and storms?

You are the Knight of Breath, hero of the Land of Song and Storms. You should consider this post a companion to this one - since you have the same planet. Anything from that world might potentially appear on (or below) yours.

The Bright Islands
The Bright Islands are a paradise, a series of floating islands that hang in the sky above the cover of the eternal storms on LOSAS. The Islands are where your consorts live and where your house will appear. They hold a wise expanse of wonders, gleaming towers, tiered gardens, and polished well-kept cities. While there are hundreds of Islands, there are in particular that are of note. Gleam, a city of sorcerers. Vista, the largest island, a garden of nearly unmatched beauty that is inhabited by a pacifist faction. Finally, there is Delphi, which is under the rule of the prophetic Rainmakers.

The Lightning Towers
The Towers are web-like constructs of steel and magical glass. They are what keep the islands floating, powering them by gathering energy from the storms below. The fact that the towers absorb the majority of the energy from the storms is what keeps them at the level of ‘constant drizzle’ and not ‘world shattering wrath of God type shit’. The consorts who live on the Islands romanticize this as doing a service to the poor wretches who live below them, but in reality, they’re the ones who stirred up the storms in the first place.

Storm Hearts
Sometimes, despite the best efforts of the sorcerers on the Islands, the storms on LOSAS get out of control. When this happens, the storm needs to be ‘put down’, so to speak. Such storms carry wondrous items called Storm Hearts at their centers. Storm Hearts can be used for a variety of purposes, but are incredibly valuable when alchemized into weapons, armor or clothing. Most notably, they are one of the few items that can be combined with God-Tier outfits, providing them with a new ‘slot’ so that a player can wear more protective gear.

Here are some things that might happen:

  • An out-of-control storm heads right for a consort settlement.
  • Consort artisans compete to take you on as a student.
  • One of the islands crashes, but your consorts seem more concerned with making sure that the consorts living below don’t find it - rather than with a rescue mission.
  • A consort merchant is selling a Storm Heart and several groups are in competition for it.
  • After falling from one of the islands, your friends reports to your that there are consorts living below the storms in deplorable conditions.