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what would kakashi, kiba, and itachi be like as best friends with a female shinobi? thanks :)

No problemo, hope these are okay! Thanks for Requesting!

HC’s on Kakashi, Kiba, and Itachi Being Friends with a Female Shinobi 


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  • Kakashi is the greatest Best Friend ever tbh.
  • He and his bestie are going to always request to be on the same team for missions. This is because they work well together and would feel better in each others company versus being with some random stick in the mud jounin. God help anyone else who’s on their mission because they will have to endure hours of non-stop conversations. Kakashi turns into a Chatty Cathy when he’s with his best friend, it doesn’t even matter if they talk on a frequent basis, he cannot shut-up.
  • I feel as though that one of the requirements to be Kakashi’s bestie (regardless of gender) is to be a book worm. He enjoys breaking any and all books down with people and really likes to hear their opinions. And his bestie is also required to have read the Make-Out Paradise series, even if it’s for the soul purpose of laughing at the cheesiness, she needs to have read it. I can kind of imagine the two getting into an argument because his gal pal is going to find it “sexist” and that “women are not always thinking of sex.” But Kakashi would come back with, “Regardless, it is still good writing.”
    • This will lead to very casual talks about their sex lives, they know porn preferences, kinks, who they’ve done it with, where they have done it, they know it all about each other. 
  • His Ninken LOVE her, they like her over Kakashi. She smells better, her skin is softer, and she carries treats with her. It almost makes Kakashi sad, but if his ninken are going to like anyone over him, he’s glad it is her. And she would be the only one he lends his ninken to. 
  • His friend will always be there for him while he competes with Guy. She has the job of timing things, calling out who won, and sometimes picking the challenge.
  • Kakashi is going to be the big brother to his girl best friend. Did some scum bag just catcall her? Not on his watch, he does not care if she can hold her own and could easily kill the person, he is going to step in. Is she going on a date? He will interrogate the person and make sure they are good enough for her and he will definitely send Pakkun to follow her. 
  • When she comes back wounded from a mission he is the first one to visit her in the hospital. He brings her flowers, her favorite candy, and some reading material. He then scolds her for how stupid she was being on the mission and tells her to be more careful next time. 
  • She is the first one to see him without his mask and borrows his mask from time to time for giggles.


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  • Kiba and his female best friend are going to be the most competitive people you will ever meet. Morning, noon, and night, they will compete doing whatever one of them suggests. They are like the teenage versions of Kakashi and Guy. Watching the two of them compete is almost unbearable but once someone points out that they are like a married couple all is well. Here is an actual conversation:
    • “I don’t care if you are a girl, I’ll still kick your ass!”
    • “i DoN’t CaRe If YoU aRe A gIrL, i’Ll StILl KiCk YoUr AsS!”
  • The two of them like going on missions together, they can tolerate each other and always have the best of times. However, they will carry over some bickering, so other members on the mission better buckle up because they are in for a bumpy ride. The two often critique each other on missions, often saying “this jutsu would have been better” or “you executed that poorly.” But they do this because they care for each other and not only want the other to be safe but to succeed as a ninja too. 
  • He does have a habit of flirting with her, and she flirts right back. You would think they were in a relationship and don’t be surprised if he ends up dating his girl best friend.
  • The two of them bond over joking, but the one joke that makes Kiba laugh but his gal pal let out a deep sigh is the “that’s what she said” joke. Every time he says that, she punches him on the head.
  • Kiba’s mother sees his gal pal as a second daughter and will frequently comment about how she prefers her over Kiba. This drives Kiba up a wall and will usually trigger more bickering. Kiba’s sister adores his best friend and typically has pleasant conversations with her. And you can bet that they are shit-talking Kiba during exchanges. I can picture Kiba’s best friend going over to his house quite often, either to hang out, have dinner, or to simply crash there. 
  • Akamaru LOVES Kiba’s bestie and will always be there to either comfort her or protect her. She is also one of the few people Akamaru will let hold him (pre-shippuden) and ride him (post-shippuden).
  • Kiba’s best friend acts like she has superior fashion knowledge over him and always drags him for wearing a hoodie. It’s one of their many, many inside jokes.
  • The two of them often go to each other for dating advice. Kiba asks what girls like, his bestie asks what guys like. And in the event that the other person gets an s/o, older sibling instincts kick in. Kiba will keep an eye on his friends new s/o, and if he even catches a whiff of something fishy he’ll beat the crap out of them - no question. Same thing with his friend, if she does not like Kiba’s new s/o, she will shut that shit down.
  • In the event that his friend gets hurt he will be the first one to arrive to the hospital, but not with flowers, he’ll leave that job to Hinata. He will greet his friend with a smartass remark like, “Nice going dumbass.” But will then press them for details because he really is concerned. 


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  • Congratulations to the person who was able to become his best friend after Shisui
  • Itachi sees his best friend as the little sister he never had, the two have THAT kind of relationship. He will spend his days teaching her all of his techniques (or what he can without the use of a sharingan) and hope that that is enough for them. He does not care if she’s a fellow akatsuki member, he’s going to teach her all that he has. He is definitely the most protective out of the three men listed.
  • Itachi is very talkative to his best friend, but only when they are in private. He spills all his darkest secrets to her because he knows that she will understand him and honestly that is so refreshing to him. So yes, she does know about why he slaughtered his clan and knows about Sasuke. Which by the way, is another thing he likes to talk to her about. 
  • He likes Kisame for missions but would not necessarily mind if she tagged along. It’s nothing against her, it’s just work and when there is work friendships are pushed aside. Although he does enjoy hearing Kisame and his best friend argue, it makes for high quality entertainment. 
  • Whenever Itachi comes back from a long meeting, his friend will take him out for tea and discuss what happened on the mission over that.
  • I could definitely see Itachi being the type of guy who fakes being his best friends boyfriend in awkward situations. If they’re at a bar and some asshole tries flirting with her he will throw and arm around her shoulder and glare the man down. 
  • These two are the king and queen of two a.m. talks. They will stay up for hours talking about life’s greatest questions, political opinions, etc. They also know each others ideal types for BOTH genders, what job they would want, how many kids, what kind of house, they know EVERYTHING about each other. 
  • The two of them automatically become the rivaling parents against Pein and Konan. 
  • If his best friend gets wounded on a mission he will personally help treat their wounds while scolding them about “being responsible.” But on the other side of the spectrum she scolds him about over using his eyes.
    • I can also see her teasing him by holding up a number on her hand and asking him what it is. 
      • “Well?”
      • “Four. It’s fucking four. I am not THAT blind.”

Doctor Who + Out Of Context DnD Quotes

Bonus Best Enemies:

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If you could choose like, 3 Carmilla fics to be turned into movies, which ones would you love to see?

Oh wow, what a great question! Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

The Trades We Choose (the personal assistant AU) - I feel like Pants’ writing style is very cinematic and every time I read this one I can very clearly visualize the story almost as if I am watching a movie.

On Your Ground (the doctor!Laura AU) - This is of my all-time favorite fics. The story definitely feels like something you’d see in a romantic film or something.

This Side of Paradise Series (the fake engagement hollywood AU) - This one is just so cute and refreshing and I would love to be able to see it as a movie

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How did Kakashi get into Icha-Icha-Paradise series? By chance? By morbid curiosity? By Jiraiya laying a trap? *shrugs* I dunno. Hope you have fun with it though!

How Kakashi got into Icha-Icha Paradise

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• I can see a few ways Kakashi got into Icha-Icha-Paradise. Kakashi could have stumbled upon it while looking through a box of books that was given to him. The only book in the box that caught his attentions was Icha-Icha-Paradise, with the intriguing cover he couldn’t help but want to read it.   

• Kakashi could have been pulled in by Jiraiya, having him read over his drafts much like Naruto had to do. A simple harmless “Want to read my new book?” Turning into a full on obsession for Kakashi. Though when he started reading he didn’t like it, he was pushed by Jiraiya to finish the book and then tell him what he thought. Kakashi found it embarrassing at first that he liked such books but admitted to Jiraiya that it was a good book. 

• He could have also just been curious. Looking around a book store and just coming across it. Reading a page or two in the book store before shutting the book, poor guy probably felt odd reading a book like that in public, he’d definitely get used to it though.

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What kind of s/o Itachi and Kakashi would like please (personality, hobbies and looks, but not 'attractiveness' more long hair or short hair, tall or short, and stuff like that. Thx

Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy! I put the “keep reading” thing up because this ended up being really long in my opinion and felt that it would be better with it there. But this is completely SFW

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Summer Solstice

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Title : Summer Solstice

Pairing : Yugyeom x Reader

Genre : ANGST

Words : 1494

Summary : You are watching the fireworks with him. 

Part of the series Paradise Lost

“It looks like a palm tree”

“Do you think so? I’d say it looks like a rose.” You laugh when you hear the silly comment.

This summer festival is beautiful. It’s the first day of summer. The weather is hotter than what you both thought when you sat on this beach, cuddled against each other. The darkness of the night is working like a shield over you two, and the comfort of his chest is lulling you more than anything else.

He has a broad body which can circle you easily from any angle, no matter the moment of the day. It feels good to be in his arms, and the moment is perfect, with the sparkles in the sky and the soft wind against your bodies.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

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