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If you could choose like, 3 Carmilla fics to be turned into movies, which ones would you love to see?

Oh wow, what a great question! Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

The Trades We Choose (the personal assistant AU) - I feel like Pants’ writing style is very cinematic and every time I read this one I can very clearly visualize the story almost as if I am watching a movie.

On Your Ground (the doctor!Laura AU) - This is of my all-time favorite fics. The story definitely feels like something you’d see in a romantic film or something.

This Side of Paradise Series (the fake engagement hollywood AU) - This one is just so cute and refreshing and I would love to be able to see it as a movie

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How did Kakashi get into Icha-Icha-Paradise series? By chance? By morbid curiosity? By Jiraiya laying a trap? *shrugs* I dunno. Hope you have fun with it though!

How Kakashi got into Icha-Icha Paradise

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• I can see a few ways Kakashi got into Icha-Icha-Paradise. Kakashi could have stumbled upon it while looking through a box of books that was given to him. The only book in the box that caught his attentions was Icha-Icha-Paradise, with the intriguing cover he couldn’t help but want to read it.   

• Kakashi could have been pulled in by Jiraiya, having him read over his drafts much like Naruto had to do. A simple harmless “Want to read my new book?” Turning into a full on obsession for Kakashi. Though when he started reading he didn’t like it, he was pushed by Jiraiya to finish the book and then tell him what he thought. Kakashi found it embarrassing at first that he liked such books but admitted to Jiraiya that it was a good book. 

• He could have also just been curious. Looking around a book store and just coming across it. Reading a page or two in the book store before shutting the book, poor guy probably felt odd reading a book like that in public, he’d definitely get used to it though.

Fanfic Writer Wednesday, May Edition

Nine x Rose

Up in Flames by @perfectlyrose – This is the wonderful and long-awaited sequel to Watch it Burn! A gorgeous bank robbers AU! wip 

Ten x Rose

At Last by @chocolatequeennk – This is such a sweet and tender moment of then finally giving in and snogging :’)

The Promise of Paradise by @skyler10fic – This is an adorably fluffy proposal AU.

Path to Paradise by @skyler10fic – This is an adorable prequel to The Promise of Paradise and how John and Rose got together. AU

Pleasure in Paradise by @skyler10fic – This wraps up the Paradise series with some really hot sexytimes as John and Rose celebrate their engagement! AU. nsfw

In the Shadow of a Ghost by @chocolatequeennk – This is such a sad but gorgeous look at Martha realizing who Rose was to the Doctor.

Holding onto Forever by @chocolatequeennk – Such a gorgeous post-reunion morning after moment :’)

Fool Me Once by @pellaaearien – This story is so amazing! It’s a glorious reunion, and an amazing fix-it in the works! wip

Forever and Never Apart by @chocolatequeennk – OMG IT’S HERE!!! My favorite series has a new installment :’)

Redefining Forever by @chocolatequeennk – Such a gorgeous fic as the Doctor and realize they’re biologically compatible, and they think about if kids are something they might want some day. wip.

In the Middle of the Night by @txrdisblues​ – Such a beautiful scene between the Doctor and Rose, as they deal with post-reunion emotions. 

Class Trip by @stupidsatsuma – Dawww, such an adorable first meeting ficlet!

Projected Longing by @chocolatequeennk – This is a cute and sweet ficlet as the Doctor and Rose realize they can feel each others thoughts/emotions (and that they both want to kiss each other). It’s adorable!

Fem!Ten x Rose

Who We Are by @wordsintimeandspace – This is such an excellent soulmates AU! I’m completely hooked on it! wip 

Tentoo x Rose

Doting Daddy by @hanluvr – This is adorably wonderful Daddy!Doctor fluff!

For Warmth by @hellostarlight20 – This is such a tender, bittersweet moment between the Doctor and Rose.

Do You Ever Think About… by @whatwecanfic – Guhhh. This is a meta turned fic, and it is deliciously hot and sexy! nsfw

Five Days by @ofstormsandwolves – This is an adorable look at Rose being home alone with her kiddos for five days while the Doctor is out of town. So much fluffy cuteness!

Fingerpainting Ficlet by @skyler10fic – This is an adorable moment between the Doctor and Rose and their young daughter. Kid fic.

Ficlet by @fadewithfury – This is a cute sweet birth (nothing explicit) and family ficlet.

As Long as We Both Shall Live by @chocolatequeennk – This is such a beautiful and heart warming and precious fic with a marriage bond and Bad Wolf Rose!

Ficlet by @skyler10fic – An adorable ficlet as the Doctor and Rose tell their daughter she’s going to be a big sister. Kid fic.

Bedtime Stories by @dimensionhoppingrose – Such an adorably fluffy story where Rose overhears the Doctor telling their kiddo a bedtime story! So gorgeous!

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Girl I have followed you for ages and I don't think we've ever interacted but I have to tell you that your art has improved so much, like I loved it to begin with but that last piece with Laura's faces I was like "damn I'm so proud of her."

Aww, thank you, that’s really sweet coming from one of my favorite fic authors!! I especially love the This Side of Paradise series and Don’t Say A Word :D