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Paradise - Chapter Four

SMUT WARNING!!! There are blowjobs ahead. You have been warned!

September 24th, 2016 - Westminster, London

Eva P.O.V.


After teasing Bill with the underwear I got dressed and brought the lot. We ordered an Uber home as I wasn’t cramming into the tube with all the bags. We were taking off our shoes with Ragnar going between Bill and me when Katie came down the stairs with a wash basket.

“Ah, perfect timing. The laundry’s all done and I was about to head off.”

“Thank you, Katie. Was Ragnar good?”

“He was an angel as always.” Katie handed the basket off to me and slipped her shoes and jacket on. “Don’t forget dinner’s in the oven, you just need to turn it on. Also, I’ll be in late tomorrow, because of my appointment.”

“Yes. Thank you for reminding me.”

She put her handbag on her shoulder,“Well Enjoy your evening, I’ll see you both tomorrow before you go.”

Bill and I both said goodbye to her.

“I’m going to put the shopping in my room and change into something comfy. Do you want to pick a film?”

“Yeah, sure.”

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