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[Fan Accounts] Got7 Arena Special 2017 @ at Tokyo's Yoyogi Park Day 2
  • Mark and Jackson flipped during [the] first dance break
  • Mark, Jackson and Youngjae did a shoulder dance in a  circle together
  • Mark jumped on Jackson’s shoulder
  • Mark and Jackson jumping silly to the trolleys
  • Jackson was just standing still for a really long time and Mark went to check up on him
  • source: bbomirae
  • During MORIAGATTEYO, Jackson was really hyped for Mark’s rap, and even before he started was jumping around 
  • During Mark’s rap, Jackson jumped on Mark’s back and put his arms around his shoulders
  • During LAUGHx3, the boys dispersed themselves into different areas of the stage. Jackson ran over to the right side and Mark followed.  They kept on crouching together and singing with Youngjae on the side, and during the chorus they all jumped to dance the choreography
  • Jackson was going back to the centre when Mark jumped on his back and he was all giggly and cute
  • During the second chorus, they all ran back to the back centre stage and Jackson and Mark both literally chased to get to the far right
  • After ANGEL, Jackson didn’t seem well? He went off stage and didn’t come back for a few minutes. Jackson came back, and Mark looked at him all smiley and told him to wink. He looked at Jackson and said “wink, wink. Wink.”
  • Cart came around again, and Mark and Jackson pretend[ed] to open the gate and let Jinyoung in first. They jumped on after. While on the cart, they were all giggly and Mark spotted a Wang sign I think? He pointed at it and told Jackson to look 
  • Mark, Jackson and JB had to teach / tell their charm was. Jackson said his bright personality and sexiness. Showed his arms. Mark said it was his deep voice. Jackson told him to freestyle rap to show his voice, Mark rapped for a second and then said “sorryyyy”. Jackson started laughing like crazy. Was the only one laughing between members
  • Mark then did his line in PARADISE,  Jackson was squealing and crying out loud while Mark did. Mark fell on his face with embarrassment
  • Jackson seemed really emotional towards the end again, and Mark was at his side for a bit. Mark seemed to ask if he was okay
  •  source: kaeito
  • During Laughx3 After Jackson threw hearts Mark threw hearts and Jinyoung caught them and threw to the fans
  • source: todora06  / trans: igot7_MarKp

Paradise City by Rich Ramos

Tall and tan and young and handsome
The boy from Ipanema goes walking
And when he passes
Each girl he passes goes, ah

When he walks
He’s like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gentle
That when he passes each girl
He passes goes, ah

- The Boy from Ipanema 

The guess monster

Tendou Satori is one of the more colourful characters in the line-up of mostly crazy athletic teenagers that is Haikyuu.
As with most of the antagonists, he gets introduced to us as kind of a douche.
This may be an understatement.
I absolutely despised him in the first few chapters he was in. The anime goes so far as to use Full Horror Movie tropes on many of his appearances. But that’s before Furudate unlocks his tragic back story and suddenly we’re looking at him in a new light, bla bla, let’s roll the tape.

The Jester

To get the obvious one out of the way first: dude is a full on circus performance. He’s loud, he’s twitchy, he’s exuberant and he has zero shame about any of it.
This is a character that thrives on the cheers of the crowd, and while I want to say he loves the attention, what he really seems to enjoy is reaction. Any and all reaction. Whether it’s people shouting his name, getting a rise out of Suga or Tsukki, even unearthing an overdose of confidence in Goshiki. What he wants is for people to react to him, be that good or bad.

He makes this happen by overdoing it a little. Ok, a lot. Tendou is a very expressive person, but all those big gestures can seem like ‘too much’ at times. All those guys in the screenshot up there are reacting to the exact same thing, but only one of them is about to pull his hair out in horror.
I’m personally convinced that a large part of this energy, of what makes Tendou, is an act. And we don’t really know what’s underneath the special effects. I do, however, believe that he knows what he’s doing and that he enjoys it.

Tendou is a character that plays everyone around him and he friggin loves doing so. He’s far from the only manipulator on the show. Think, for instance, of people like Kuroo or Daishou, who try to get a psychological edge on opponents. But Tendou is by far the most obvious, the most gleefully unsubtle out of all of them. He LOVES this stuff and it is one of his main strengths.

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2 Smart, New Novels Find Humor In Fantasies Of Escape

A year-long getaway to a Greek island; a week by the sea at an arts colony: Fantasies of escape are the common premise of two new comic novels, both smart and sprightly in style, and both informed by the sad wisdom, echoing Milton’s lines in Paradise Lost, that we carry “troubl’d thoughts” and “hell within [us],” wherever we go.