paradise hill


What’s up everybody? I decided to give y'all a some more Weeknd/Polaroid-style album covers. These have been very successful for my blog and I gotta thank everyone who has been liking, reblogging, commenting, everything. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

the generic sixth grade playlist (jams from junior high and childhood)

(I love how many of these are white boy bands)(that used to be all the sixth graders at my school listened to. so narrow-minded. how the times have changed and how I don’t even really like many of these anymore!!! praise QUEEN and BILLY JOEL)(but just for the nostalgics n all…)

  1. Tonight, Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
  2. Fireflies - Owl City
  3. Hey, Soul Sister -Train
  4. I’m Yours - Jason Mraz
  5. Paradise - Coldplay
  6. Beverly Hills - Weezer
  7. Gives You Hell  - All  American Rejects
  8. 1985 - Bowling for Soup
  9. The Middle - Jimmy Eat the World
  10. Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
  11. Airplanes - B.O.B.
  12. Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo
Pisces Playlist

Fantasy- MS MR
This Love- The Veronicas
The Creationist- Kerli
What If- Emilie Autumn
The State of Dreaming- Marina and the Diamonds
Bel Air- Lana Del Rey
Brick By Boring Brick- Paramore
The Castle Builders- La Dispute
Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine
Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey
Hippy Hill- Grouplove
Never Wanna Know-  MØ
Nine in the Afternoon- Panic! At the Disco
Strawberry Swing- Coldplay
Eet- Regina Spektor
A Neverending Dream- Casada 

A New Day's Mercy

Cradled in Paradise Hills
In the chilled light of dawn
Gospel, blares with a new day’s mercy

“Every soul that surrounds me
Is surely, lighter than mine”

“Not I”
Eases out of my mind  
Still tussling with nightmares
Still afire with grief  

The news, it constantly skewers
With the mantra of madmen and traitors
And the ramblings of tyrants

“All the words they spill
Are surely, more potent than mine will ever be”  

In a shower so hellfire hot
I find peace at last
Soon I’m wholly engulfed by the ghostly steam  

Breakfast is short and sweet
Then I take to the world
On a few crumbling roads and rails

To the crimson cars, cable bound
Hauling along
The screaming, the anguish, the laughter of being  

“Every soul, that encroaches upon mine
Is so full of fortune and wonder”

We’re atop one another
Patiently, lurching along
From station to dreary station

“Every soul, that enrages me
Is surely, spoiled and free”

Across, the blue and green lines  
Then I’m crammed among well-fed faces
All purposeful travelers

“Every soul, that sneers my way
Rightfully burns, with pride and prejudice ”

But down the rows of the desperate
Through impoverished villages
Home, to the fast-forgotten

America’s sons and daughters
Still forage for our scraps

“Not every soul, that cranes my way
Is what they seem at first sight”