paradigm art

A new character introduced!
Tolazol Navajo.
Navajo is a summoner who has dreams of being a famous movie actor, and also acts like one. He’s pretty egotistical and tries to act like a cool guy, he also has sunglasses and autographed pictures of himself that he gives to people. While he’s no actor Navajo does have a talent of lying and BS-ing himself out of sticky situations. Accompanying Navajo is his guardian pet, Keitzal the Pterrordactyl assigned to him by the village elder. Keitzal usually helps Navajo sets up his cameras to take pictures of himself.

And now the heroic Siegfried Excellion.

The ally to good and nightmare to evil. A good heroic guy who’s nice and a powerful swordsman who uses the Legendary Blade Uberschwert a sword cuts using purple Mana. He’s from the town of Beginner Town in Arcadia and wants to become the “ultimate protagonist” whatever that means. For multiple reasons, he really hates Ridley usually calling him “Vermin” and for multiple reasons, Ridley hates him back, to the point where they can’t really be in the same room without wanting to kill each other. Maybe Ridley hates the fact that Siegfried has a little bit of a superiority complex. And maybe Siegfried hates Ridley because Ridley’s some arrogant upstart who thinks they’re on the same level. Either way they hate each other. And Sieg won’t lose to some Dragon Born.

200 Followers Stream is now Over!

Thank you all to everyone who came! Since there’s quite a lot of ponies I drew in the stream, I’ll compile them in their own post, together with dA links .w.!

Those who came (And I remember ;w;” There were a lot of you ^-^” )

Looking back at it, that’s a lot of people owo” There were more who came, but I weren’t able to get their names >~<; Sorry .w.”“

Thank you all so much for coming though ;w; Hold on for the “busts post” o3o