paradigm art


How to catch yourself a Jacksepticeye! - by me.

I got inspired while watching @therealjacksepticeye’s play through of Paradigm. The part with the cupcakes! And now Jack finally gets his cupcake! Σ(´∀`;)

I like this a lot, and it took my waaayy longer than it should have because of the gifs in here. But I’m proud of the gifs UwU

Paradigm fan art for @therealjacksepticeye!

It shows what it might be like if Jack was in this hilarious game!

I love this game so fricken much, and I’m surprised that I barely have seen any fan art for jacksepticeye of it!

But anyway, I designed Jack in the game, and even gave him some funny dialogue. I tried to make it match the game’s comedy as much as possible. I think I did fairly decently :P

I would definitely love for Jack to find this. I worked really hard on the dialogue, and I think he’d like to see some Paradigm fan art for him :)

Small watercolor paintings based on screencaps from the Doctor Who episode School Reunion (Season 2, episode 3).

Typically the kind of episode that becomes better when you watch it a second time. It’s one of my favorite ones now.

2-Oh god, that look on Ten’s face. He’s like “Say something bad about K9 and I will END YOU.”
3-“Come on, you. Home. We’ve got work to do.” “Affirmative!”