paradigm art


How to catch yourself a Jacksepticeye! - by me.

I got inspired while watching @therealjacksepticeye’s play through of Paradigm. The part with the cupcakes! And now Jack finally gets his cupcake! Σ(´∀`;)

I like this a lot, and it took my waaayy longer than it should have because of the gifs in here. But I’m proud of the gifs UwU


More concepts for Gekko and Pari!!

Top image= process for deciding how to draw the child; The first is super old tho. I really dislike it now

Bottom image= I gave Gekko a gas mask. Wanna give a more mysterious/dark twist to his personality. 

ALSO ME AND @piranhebula WERE TALKING ABOUT ALIEN JUICE BOXES and I ended up designing some on Graphics Gale for fun :P Pari really likes them!!


Inktober 2017, Day 4: Invertaur (Paradigm Chimera)

This gross amalgamation is an Invertaur, part of a vanguard of biomechanical brutes meant to seek and detain escaped test subjects. It hails from Paradigm Chimera, my fledgling sci-fi story. I haven’t written much at all for it, but any excuse to design monsters is a good one!

Its lower “head” is actually a telescoping canon. Gun. Thing. Something I need more practice drawing, haha! :U