Alright this is the cover and first two pages of my newest comic “Paradicia.” I’ll be posting the whole thing once I get better scans of it. Right now the scanner I used cut off some of the edges and didn’t pick up a lot of the shading grrrrr.

Which is a massive shame seeing as how this is one of the prettiest comics I’ve made to date. Also I’ve started to really love making comics without words. I’m really proud of this so I hope you guys likes it. ^.^

The actual story is about Kin, the sole remaining caretaker of a planet made of biomachanical dolls that run off of crystals found on the planet. The planet’s name is Paradicia in case you’re wondering.

But the all the machines are dying because their crystals aren’t recharging so Kin takes them to the Mother Crystal in a cave at the center of the planet. But it too is dying and appears to be tainted. Kin, not knowing what else to do, puts her own crystal into the Mother Crystal and purifies it. But is unable to revive herself. Luckily her companion from earlier puts her crystal back in and she is able to live with the other biomachnical dolls in peace. :D