Our Vancouver: A Night for All Souls honours the dead
This event on Nov. 1 at Vancouver's Mountain View Ceremony invites people to remember their lost ones through a meaningful ceremony.

Paula Jardine, involved in the Parade of the Lost Souls since its beginnings with Public Dreams in 1995, also created a Night for All Souls (now in its 11th year) which takes place in Mountain View Cemetery. This year, the main events of Night for All Souls take place November 1, but there are other events leading up to these evenings as well, including October 31.

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In this article from 2005, Paula talks about creating Night for All Souls: “In the ‘60s, '70s, and '80s we rejected the institutionalization of spirituality… but without the institutions, no one stepped in to encode the human-needed rituals. In this atmosphere, who does it?”

Meanwhile, Parade of the Lost Souls, now organized by the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret (since Public Dreams folded) falls on actual Halloween this year. (Source for the photos below.)

(That elbow there makes it look like “Paraue of Lost Souls”. Just sayin’.)

(Hint: It’ll be in East Van, probably around Britannia Community Centre.)

Parade of Lost Souls with Boss Yuen

The Parade of Lost Souls - Secret Souls Walk (presented by Public Dreams and The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret) took place in the neighborhood of Garden Park this year! Going in with no idea of what to expect, Boss Yuen and I were really surprised to find this gigantic community event with participants ranging from young families to the elderly with their dogs. Unlike today’s embarrassing Halloween ordeal on campus, 9/10 of the crowd were in costumes and the atmosphere was fantastic! I really regretted not wearing my costume out, and tried to justify that we were dressed as Muggles.

With a minimum donation of $5, the walk-through included 5 segments categorized as The Time Tunnel, Boom and Bust, Victorian Vancouver, Wild Spirits: Elemental and Animal Realms, and Into the Beyond: Timeless Alley. There were bands, square dancing, a garage disco, robotics, shadow puppets, and a lot of installation art.

Awesome shadow puppets with random Chinese radio in the background hahah

Grandmother Spider confronted by a light saber 


  1. Kids really do say the darnest things. Some gems we overheard were “Oh, it’s just some ugly rhinoceros” and a long drawn out debate over the sex of the acrobat (“IT’S AN UGLY MAN!”) 
  2. I wish I had skunk costume 

Haven’t taken my camera out a very long time, so this felt really good. A big thank you to David for taking me to see this!