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Trans firefighter serving as grand marshal for NYC Pride March shares moving story on FDNY Instagram

  • On the Sunday of Pride March, the annual parade in New York celebrating the triumphs of LGBTQ people, the Fire Department of New York took to Instagram to post a powerful message from Brooke Guinan, a 29-year old trans firefighter and LGBTQ outreach coordinator for the FDNY who is one of four grand marshals for the parade.
  • In her message, Guinan opens up about her struggles as a trans woman and why being chosen as a grand marshal for the parade is such an honor.
  • “As a trans woman, it was a supremely difficult experience trying to find safe spaces, acceptance and love in society, but by being honest about my experiences I hope that others can learn from the paths that I have navigated,” Guinan said. “Being a grand marshal is beyond anything that I have ever thought of and I feel very much that I owe the honor to those LGBTQ heroes who have inspired me and helped me to find my own voice.” Read more. (6/25/17 2:04 PM) 

Then Senator John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy ride in a ticker tape parade in New York City during the 1960 presidential campaign. October 19, 1960.  

Things I Noticed My First Time Listening To The Last 5 Years

So, I recently listened to The Last 5 Years for the first time and I would just like to point out a few things I noticed that really hit home for me. (There are some spoilers)

1. In ‘Nobody Needs To Know’ Jamie says “Come back to bed kid, take me inside you. I promise I won’t lie to you. Hold on, don’t cry yet, I won’t let you go.” but in ‘See I’m Smiling’ Cathy starts crying and says “I swear to god I’ll never understand how you can stand there, straight and tall, and see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” meaning he was more willing to not only be more honest with these random one night stands, but to comfort them when the cry than with his wife of five years. 

2. In ‘If I Didn’t Believe In You’ Jamie says to Cathy “I will not fail so you can be comfortable, Cathy, I will not loose because you cannot win” but I took the line in ‘The Schmuel Song’ Jamie says “Cathy you get to be happy… I give you unlimited time…” and then a few lines later says “Take your time.” (and I’m sure this line can be interpreted in different ways but) I took this to mean that Jamie is happy to support Cathy for as long as she is unable to provide for herself, since he advises her to quit her job in the line “Say goodbye to wiping ashtrays at the bar” and is telling her that he will help her until she has her big break. So, obviously in-between these few years his point of view changed. Also, it must have by the end of their relationship since he left her while she was still struggling with no job besides her summer job in Ohio as we know. 

3. Okay Cathy is kinda catty in ‘I Can Do Better Than That’ in my opinion… like she’s talking about this girl from high school who maybe doesn’t have the dream life but like… neither does she so I mean? Just my opinion though. 

4. In ‘Climbing Uphill’ I don’t think that Cathy is at all jealous of Jamie’s success, I think it’s more that she feels almost inadequate to him and like she’s maybe doesn’t deserve him???? Because she says “Jamie needs space to write since I’m obviously such a horrible annoying distraction to him.” She thinks he hates her almost and like she’s not good enough for him.

5. As much as I HATE Jamie by the end of the musical, In my honest opinion Jamie and Cathy should have broken up far before that (not like the story wise… I just believe that their relationship became unhealthy) because of… well the list number before this, Jamie constantly wanted to sleep with multiple other women right from the get-go after they got married, Cathy isn’t really that supporting of Jamie’s accomplishments and doesn’t want to go to a celebration of another book getting published. Also, in See I’m Smiling Cathy is almost trying to convince herself that she can hold on to this relationship AND she says “And I know in your soul it must drive you crazy, that you won’t get to play with your little girlfriends” which means she at least knows he’s been flirting with other women, right? There are so many other examples I could use, but these are the first couple that came to mind.