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Marauders at Disney
  • James and Sirius, upon entering the park, make a beeline to secure fast passes for their favorite rides (the ones like Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, etc.)
  • At this point, Remus is really regretting not investing in a pair of those child-leashes that a good third of the parents at the theme park are sporting.
  • Peter tries running after Sirius and James, but gives up (not being fast enough) and hangs back alongside Remus, getting distracted by the array of gift/candy shops lining Main Street USA
  • Remus has to get a picture of Sleeping Beauty’s castle upon entering. He just has to. 
  • James and Sirius are really smug when they get to cut in front of everyone with their fast passes. Remus just gives apologetic looks, and Peter has to shovel down the pretzel he bought before they get on the ride. 
  • Ok, so considering the average temperature for Scotland during the summer time is around fifty seven degrees, and for southern California (L.A.) it’s around eighty one- they’re dying.
  • James and Sirius are wearing the bare minimum, and Remus has to rent a locker to stuff his sweater into
  • Sirius is rocking a man bun
  • James buys a Wizard Mickey hat and absolutely refuses to take it off
  • Peter may or may not be on his fifth churro by the time lunch rolls around
  • Remus really enjoys the small corners and alleys of the park where the crowd thins 
  • Peter gets a coonskin hat from frontierland
  • Lots of shameless flirting with princesses coming from Sirius that result in autographs with the occasional phone number attached. 
  • James seeing the Ariel and automatically missing Lily
  • Peter getting sick on the teacups ride after James decides to spin theirs as fast as he fucking can.
  • Lots of “JAMES NO!” 
  • Sirius and James, after hearing about the two hundred feral cats that prowl the park at night, decide to go on a hunt for them
  • They legit smuggle cat nip inside the park and search the bushes for cats
  • Remus is so done with everyone’s shit
  • He just wants to have a normal visit at Disneyland is that so hard to ask?
  • Peter really wants to watch the parades, but Remus sees this as an opportune time to beat the crowds (now gathered along the street) to the rides
  • Remus is honestly ride or die. He doesn’t fuck with these slow ass tourists who have no idea where they’re going. He knows where to go and everyone is getting in his way.
  • Sirius getting picked on by characters (i.e. Chip ‘n Dale tugging on his man bun and snickering at it) 
  • James in a flexing contest with Gaston
  • Remus only taking pictures the Mickey and Friends characters
  • And he’s all embarrassed to walk up to them at first 
  • James taking the mic from the tour guide on Jungle Cruise because he thinks his jokes are lame, so he starts dishing out puns like its nothing and does a mic drop
  • Peter screaming a little too shrilly when the Yeti pops out on the Matterhorn
  • Sirius and James trying to find the entrance to the secret basketball court on the matterhorn
  • Also using alohomora to get into restricted areas of the park
  • Sirius singing Small World on repeat
  • James trying to harmonize
  • Remus really likes walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (James and Sirius are hardly impressed)
  • But his favorite ride is the Disneyland Rail Road
  • Peter’s favorite ride is Star Tours and he convinces the others to ride it at least four times throughout the day.
  • James’ favorite ride is Indiana Jones. When he sees the snake statues in the ride, he mutters “Snivellus?”
  • Sirius prefers Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Remus getting really insecure because he notices little kids looking at the scars on his face with mild confusion- some are even scared
  • But then Peter Pan comes over and he does his thing. He tells Remus (making a big show of it so that others can hear) that he must’ve put up a good fight against the “pirate” that did that, and comments on how brave he is
  • Remus is just smiling the entire time and plays along with Peter Pan, and the kids gathered around are awestruck
  • Sirius and James posing for the camera on Splash Mountain 
  • Having to restrain Sirius and James from jumping into the Rivers of America to get to the island

so we went to this amusement park last year for a parade and i remember watching my two band directors go on this large swinging ride together

and well the young band director looked like he was gonna cry from fear and was practically clinging to our older director who just straight-faced yelled at him “STOP SCREAMING. YOU ARE AN ADULT. THIS ISNT SCARY”

Lately, I’ve been seeing something slightly bothersome around studyblr, and I just want to say something about it. Basically, there seems to be this attitude cropping up (or at least that I’ve seen/heard about more frequently these days) that your grades reflect your level of effort, or that by simply working hard and putting more effort in, your grades will automatically improve. I disagree.

Yes, there are certainly some cases where you’re already proficient in a class and if you just put in the extra time to study, you’d do better. But there are some classes where grades are not a measure of the level of effort you put in, and therein lies my biggest issue with the grading system and these types of studyblr posts in general. This was certainly the case with me in honors physics (so bear with me, because I have a very large point to make with the following anecdote).

Personally, I’ve always had “easy A” classes where I don’t have to work hard; my brain and academic strengths simply favor me in that particular subject, so with minimal effort I can still be top in the class. And then I see peers who go in for tutoring every day, who spend hours studying and meeting with teachers, who basically invest 100 times the effort I do… and still can’t get above a B or C.

This is not to mention people who take classes that are “reaches” and, accordingly, don’t do so well – even though they work hard – because it’s a challenge. Then there are those who take lower level classes but have capabilities beyond that – and don’t need to put effort in – thus giving them an unfairly easy A. Does their A mean that they work harder? That they’re a better student, studier, scholar, intellectual? Hell to the no.

English is one of those “easy A” classes for me. I’m just innately strong in verbal-linguistic intelligence (going off of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences), so I’ve literally never had to study for English tests or reading comp/writing. But put me in other classes, particularly science classes? Well, that’s something else entirely.

Which brings me to junior year honors physics. 

Guys, I studied my ASS off, for hours at a time. I desperately Skyped people in my class nearly every night to try to understand the homework and spent every lunch block trying to master the material. I met with my physics teacher and tutor all the time and had a dozen anxiety attacks (and I mean actual, diagnosed anxiety attacks) over that one class because I tried harder than I’ve ever tried… and I got a B for the whole year. I was the one who dreaded seeing that red number scrawled on my test, who shoved it into my backpack before others could see and blinked back tears, thinking, But I studied so hard!

Physics was a nightmare I was desperate to forget by the end of junior year. But then a couple things happened that shocked me, and I instantly thought of them when I read some of these posts about good effort = good grades.

Now, my physics teacher, who has a reputation for being on the strict side and being a tough grader, has had four teaching assistants (TAs) in five years of teaching. Most science teachers at my school have as many as five a year. At the end of 11th grade, after I’d scraped by with a B in his class, he asked me if I wanted to be a TA. Out of the entire grade – out of the multitude of students I’d watched parade past with straight A’s and “that test was so easy” and “I barely studied” and “sorry Edye I don’t know how else to explain it to you” – he chose me.

I think I (very graciously) blurted out, “What? Why?” because I was so taken aback. He said that I was hardworking and dedicated – that I’d always gone above and beyond in my studying and meeting with him – and he wanted someone like me to be a TA. I was flattered, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a TA during senior year. (Also, anyone who doesn’t think he’s super nice is incredibly wrong. He’s awesome.)

Two years later, I got to read his college recommendation for me. Bear in mind that I was not, based on my grades, a top student in his class. And this is what he wrote for his opening line:

Honors Physics is a rigorous course that draws from the strongest students in the junior class and Edye proved to be one of those students.

What? He had seen my report card, right? I got worse grades than all of my friends. I got a goddamn 66 on a test in that class, my all time low. He continued:

One of the many examples of Edye’s commitment [is when she] had been ill and missed quite a bit of school and consequently had a lot of school work to make up in all of her classes.  Many students in this situation would take one or more classes pass / fail for the quarter; Edye would not take the pass/fail option and insisted she complete all the work and complete it with the grade she would earn.  She did in fact complete all of the work and with a B-.  A remarkable accomplishment considering she kept current with her studies while making up all of the missed work.

He called a B-minus “a remarkable accomplishment.” Did he say “too bad she didn’t put enough effort in, which was reflected in a B-minus” or “she only got a B-minus, so I guess she didn’t try hard enough”? No, he praised the amount of effort I put in, even though I didn’t even get a “good” grade.

I’m hardly one to knock putting in effort, but what bothers me is that this attitude, that effort = good grades, has the potential to make people feel bad. To feel like if they aren’t acing a class even though they’re studying harder than anybody else, well, they just aren’t trying hard enough. Yes, grades are important. So is effort. But they are not always directly correlated. As is evidenced by my story, sometimes people who get lower grades have worked even harder then those who got high grades. And, if they’re lucky, this will be acknowledged. (I can certainly attest that while I’ve been praised by English teachers for my writing skills and intellect, they’ve never singled me out for putting in an exceptional amount of effort. They know that while I’m proactive and responsible, I don’t try super hard because, well, I don’t really need to in order to get a good grade.)

Encourage other students to put in a reasonable amount of effort; recommend different study methods. But don’t tell them that good effort = good grades. Teach them to measure their success by looking at how productive they’re being, how proactive they are in reaching out for help, how dedicated they are to their education, how resilient they are in the face of obstacles, how committed they are to school. Admire those who refuse to take the easy way out, even if they only get a C. These qualities, which are far more important than a 4.0, just don’t always translate directly into good grades.

I dislike seeing this message all over Tumblr, that to get better grades you just have to try harder – which carries with it the implication that if you don’t get good grades, it’s because you aren’t putting enough effort in – when I know from firsthand experience that this is not always true. I strongly believe in trying to be the best student you can be, rather than trying to be in the top 5%. But in the end, do what works for you. Just take it with a grain of salt.

And to my followers, and anyone reading this… please know that, if you work hard regardless of your grades, you are already a model student, and you are absolutely someone I look up to.

Source: @mobpsy100_uu on twitter. Omg I just finished Mob Psycho 100 and I’m so happy I watched it!!! I knew nothing about it going into the first episode so everything was new and exciting. I don’t know but from the title I thought it was going to be a horror anime kinda like tokyo ghoul but it totally wasn’t. It was funny and energetic with great action scenes. The build ups during the action scenes were my fav. They weren’t like the build ups in other animes like Naruto or Fairy Tale where it get repetitive sometimes. Also it had good morals and meaning in the main plot that I found refreshing to other animes that were kinda just surface meanings. Ten out of ten would recommend!!!!

Also as a side note before watching this anime I was concerned because I hadn’t watch a really really great anime in a while probs since I watched Death Parade. Thank you Mob Psycho 100 for helping me get my love for anime.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is tomorrow morning. Here is a nice little throw back to when the Cast of In The Heights Preformed during the parade. 

Celestial Navigation:  Prison Break

Okay, so here you go!  This is for the Anon who was having a rough time of it like a month or so ago, and I said I’d write this, then got started and couldn’t get it to go anywhere.  It just…sucked.  I don’t know.  I’ve tried to clean it up some, so hopefully, it is fun and will lift Anon’s spirits if they are still out there.  I didn’t forget.  I just had a hard time with this one, so I hope it is remotely close to what you were hoping for.  Anyway, enjoy!  Thanks everyone.  

Summary:  Tony and Rhodey end up in jail because they were protesting Trump.  Steve is very displeased by this. Or, the “No One Puts Baby in Cell” Edition. 

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anonymous asked:

What would the rangers at pride be like?

I’m terrible at these things so please bear with but feel free to add to it!

The Rangers decide on a road-trip to San Francisco Pride due to Angel Grove not having its own yet (though Kimberly has started a petition to change that).

(and she’s really hoping the petition will succeed; she can’t deal with another road-trip filled with so much bickering).

Zack spends the whole journey messing with Kimberly and Trini by pulling faces and making noises when they do something couple-y. Trini spends most of the journey glaring at him and punching him in the shoulder while Jason and Billy just continually shake their heads from their positions in the front seats. 

When they arrive they all just stop and stare in awe because wow. There are so many streamers and colours and music fills the streets and everyone looks so content.

Trini will deny it but, she definitely got a bit teary eyed knowing that everyone there would accept her for who she was without question. She ends up not letting go of Kim’s hand the entire time and it feels amazing.

Jason spends most of the first half hour there trying to get everyone to put on sunscreen. It doesn’t work.

They lose Zack within an hour.

Kimberly drags Trini around all of the different stands and they end up getting their respective flags painted onto their cheeks. Trini grumbles the whole time but can’t help but grin when she catches a reflection of herself and she feels proud.

It takes a little while but slowly Trini starts to come out of her shell. Kimberly can’t help but watch adoringly as Trini drags her around in excitement and they dance along with strangers to the music without abandon.

Billy stays glued to Jason’s side the entire time. The whole experience is a bit overwhelming but he loves it. Jason couldn’t be happier to escort Billy around (and maybe show him off a little bit).

Billy claps when he comes across all five of their flags in a small stand hidden away and Jason can’t deny him when he decorates his backpack with them.

When the parade starts and the floats pass by they get pushed to the back of the crowd so Trini and Billy end up on Kim and Jason’s shoulders respectively. (Trini argued that she could hold Kim but Kim just raised her eyebrow and Trini knew she had no chance of winning).

Billy spends a lot of the time rambling on about the mechanics of the float and how, if Angel Grove gets a Pride Parade in the future, they should make a float for the Power Rangers.

Trini is quietly enjoying the parade when she catches something out of the corner of her eye.

It’s Zack, who has finally reappeared, perched on a streetlamp watching the parade and screaming at the top of his lungs. When he spots Trini he yells louder.

At the end of the day they’re all loosely clinging to each other tiredly.

When asked about where he’d been all day, Zack just winks and races them all back to the car.

Kim wins.

On the car ride back Billy pulls out five bracelets that are half their Ranger colour and half their Pride colours. They all put them on instantly, promising to never take them off.

Zack ends up falling asleep on Trini who has fallen asleep on Kim, their face paint smudged.

Watching the second Little Witch Academia OVA with my best friend

Me: *presses play*
Her: This is an hour long?? I thought it was 20 minutes, I don’t think I can stand her (Akko’s) screaming for an hour.

*Sucy being Sucy*
Her: Being so into mushrooms can’t be healthy. She should go to a meeting or something. 

Her: Dammit, we’re not even two minutes in and they’re already screaming. 

Her: Oh my god, that teacher (Finneran) looks just like our literature teacher from high school. 
Me: *stunned silent cause holy shit, that’s who she reminded me of this entire time!* 

Her: Now everyone’s high. If the teacher didn’t have a stick up her ass, that would make for an amazing lesson. 

Her: I’m still not sure how I feel about everyone praising her (Diana) like that all the time and her acting like it wasn’t a big deal. She still has that obnoxious, bitchy vibe about her. She needs to lighten up. 

Her: Why is she (Finneran) acting like she didn’t know they caused trouble? Wasn’t she the one who put them in detention anyways? It all happened in her class.

Her: Where’s Chariot?
Me: In hiding.
Her: -_- Well, where’s Ursula then?

Her: She (Ursula) is acting more like a student than a teacher. How old is she supposed to be? 

*Constanze is introduced*
Her: What the fuck is her name again? *rewinds* Holy shit. 

*Jasminka is introduced*
Me: Lol, you.
Her: *swallowing food* Shut up. 

*Akko talking about the Happy Time Project*
Her: God, she’s annoying… 

*during broom dancing practice*
Her: As if she (Akko) had any chance of being remotely coordinated.

Her: Isn’t she (Sucy) supposed to be one of her best friends or something? Why is she so mean?

Her: Diana is kinda hot. And I like her voice a lot, too.
Me: I know right? *internally dying cause yess she likes Diana, thank god*

*Diana talking about the parade/calling Akko a fangirl witch who is nothing like her*
Her: Well, she’s not wrong. She’s still kinda mean though, I don’t know if I should like her or not. 

Her: She (Akko) seriously needs to tone it down. Like, a lot. 

*Akko rips Lotte’s scroll*
Her: Punch her. I’d have punched her. 

*Diana shows up in the tower and scolds Akko*
Her: Like… What she says is not wrong, it’s the way she says it that I have a problem with. She kinda seems like she wants to help her (Akko) in her own, bitchy way. 

*Akko using the Shiny Rod to absorb power from the Sorcerer’s Stone*
Her: Take a note of the time. She’s finally had a good idea that might actually work. 

*Akko jump-starting the parade by accident*
Her: Oh for fuck’s sake. 

Her: Ahh, I missed her (Ursula sensei). She’s cool. 

*Amanda asks Akko what they should do*
Her: Oh yeah, that’s who you should be asking about what to do. Totally. 

Her: Okay. Diana is cool. 

*Akko drops the Shiny Rod*
Her: Ugh. How can she be so stupid? 

*Lotte shows up singing*
Her: I don’t get it…?

*giant gets stronger*
Her: Oh. It’s not over. 

Her: Why are they the ones who have to defeat the giant? It’s already established that Diana is the best witch there, she could easily stop him herself.
Me: Cause the main character has to do something to show she’s not useless.
Her: Well, she should start by stop being so stupid. 

*nullification/mummification word play*
Her: They already used that joke like half an hour ago. 

Her: What the hell is a Shiny Ballista? What is a ballista?
Me: *googles it*
Her: Oh.  

*trio successfully defeats the giant*
Her: Yeah, no one saw that coming. 

*Diana smiles while watching the trio/says Akko completed a spell of a higher level than her own but her spellcasting is still sloppy*
Her: Aaw, Diana is cute when she smiles. She still has to work on actually paying a compliment though. She has a weird way of doing it. 

*end credits*
Her: Already??

Second OVA has, officially, been a success. She asked me when we can watch the actual series. I can tell this is gonna turn into a thing of us watching LWA together, and me just taking notes of everything she says so I can post it later.

Sia watches LWA

Magic Kingdom Tips

Hey guys! I decided to make a sort of master post of everything I learned about the parks as a CP. This is more from a guest’s perspective, so you don’t need to be a CP to use it.

- if you’re in a rush and the line for the express monorail from parking is packed take the resort monorail, it still stops at parking and at the magic kingdom, but most people don’t know this so they wait for the express. Same advice applies for leaving after fireworks.
- if you have the option, busses are almost always faster to take to MK because you skip the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) altogether and just get dropped off at the main entrance.
- the best parade viewing spot for the 3 o'clock parade is in Frontierland, that’s where the parade starts, so it’ll be over for you faster and you can ride rides while the Main Street people are still watching the parade. Frontierland also has store fronts that are covered you can sit or stand under to be out of the sun.
- Columbia Harbour House is the best place to go if you need an air conditioned place to sit for a while, it has 2 levels of seating and it’s almost never crowded.
these are the rides you want fastpasses for:
- Space Mountain
- Mine Train
- Peter Pans flight
- Big Thunder Mountain
- Jungle Cruise
- Best place to watch fireworks? From the elevated train station platform, get your spot about an hour early though
- You can get band-aids and OTC pain relief pills for free from First Aid
- You can have your shopping purchases sent to the front of the park or your hotel room if you stay on property that way you don’t have to carry it around
- cups of ice water are free
- get the MyDisneyExperience app to make fast pass choices and dining reservations on the go, it also has real time wait times for rides.
- There’s free wifi in the park
- You can walk to MK from the Contemporary resort, so if you have a Chef Mickey’s breakfast reservation, park at contemporary and walk to MK after
- Ask the merchandise people for stickers! They’re free and collectible.
- The Emporium is insanely crowded at park open and park close, anytime in between is MUCH more tolerable
- Dole Whip and Citrus Swirl can both only be found in Adventureland in MK
Rides that almost never have a long wait
- Mad Tea Party
- Monster’s inc laugh floor
- Stitch’s Great Escape
- Carrousel
- It’s a Small World
- Swiss Family Tree House
- Tom Sawyer Island
- People Mover
- Carrousel of Progress
- Little Mermaid (unless it’s broken down)
- The Plaza and Tony’s are my go to restaurants for last minute full service reservations
- You can bring your own food and (non-alcoholic) drinks into any Disney park
- Cast Members: if you’re coming to play in the parks you MUST go through guest entrances, people get termed for using backstage areas when they’re in the parks as a guest and not preparing for or leaving a work shift.
- Cast Members: you CANNOT call off a shift at work and then go play in the parks or go to a housing event, you WILL get termed for this
- Cast Members: ALWAYS have your blue ID card with you, you have to show it to get merch discounts and food discounts