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I think while the Pens are struggling, Sid realises more than ever how much he needs Geno. Prompt idea: Sid struggling to sleep in hotel rooms and on planes unless he's next to Geno. The team being goodboys and not chirping their sad needy captain.

“Can I sit here?”

Geno swings his attention from his phone to Sidney who is standing in the aisle with his carry on over his shoulder.

He looks as unsure as Geno has ever seen him with his eyes darting around the plane and shuffling from foot to foot as their teammates bump into him to get around.

Geno stares dumbly at him and Sid huffs out an impatient breath.

“Geno.” He rolls his eyes. “C’mon.”


“Can I sit here. If you don’t want me to it’s fine, I don’t really care I guess, just thought I’d ask but-.”

“Sid.” He pushes his stuff off the seat and onto the plane floor to make room for him. “Sit. It’s fine. Sit.”

Sid gently kicks at Geno’s bag until it’s under the seat then sits down and drives Geno up a wall when he doesn’t say anything else.

He settles in and pulls out a book and looks like he actually pays attention when the flight attendants tell them about the emergency exits, like he hasn’t heard it hundreds of times before.

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Future Mister Nikiforov

“Victor Nikiforov spotted with ring on finger.”

“Victor: Engaged or Married?”

“Skating Legend V. Nikiforov kissing new golden ring before skating.”

“Victor Nikiforov parading new ring.”

He let out a sigh as he turned to look at the three other people in the room with him.

“What?” he sighed, earning two arched eyebrows in response.

’What?’ Really? You are really questioning us when you suddenly appear out of nowhere with a ring on your finger,” Christophe Giacometti, one of his biggest competitors on the ice and probably his best friend in the world, stated while sending him a stink eye, “And I haven’t meant them.”

“Hey! What about me!” Phichit Chulanont, one of the newest competitors in the senior division and also a dear friend of his, whine while pouting at him, “I haven’t meant him either.”

“Who said it was male?” he replied, arching an eyebrow towards the Thai skater.

“If you aren’t gay, I’ll eat my skates,” Phichit replied simply, arching an eyebrow towards him in response. He stared at the twenty-year-old for a long moment, wondering if he could actually convince Phichit that he was dating a woman just to watch him eat his skates.

“I do believe Victor is pansexual – that is the right word in English, right? – and yes, he is engaged to a pretty little danseur,” Georgi Popovich, one of his first friends and fellow Russian skater, told his friends simply.

“A danseur?” Christophe hummed curiously.

“How pretty? I need pictures,” Phichit demanded while almost bouncing towards Georgi in excitement.

“Let me see, I think I have a picture somewhere,” Georgi mumbled, starting to scroll through his phone.

“Hey! You can’t show off my fiancé,” he whined in protest.

“Well, you sure aren’t showing him off,” Christophe pointed out, smirking towards him.

“You are all bullies,” he mumbled, pouting towards the only people he would actually call friends in this world.

“We are your friends,” Phichit corrected while throwing an arm over his shoulders, “Friends that need to meet the future Mister Nikiforov before the wedding.”

“An engagement party?” Yuuri mumbled while staring at his fiancé in confusion.

“Yes,” Victor said while handing him a glass of wine before they moved towards the dining table, “We invite some friends over to celebrate our engagement.”

“Friends” he repeated slowly as they took a seat on either side of Yuri to enjoy dinner.

“Work colleagues,” Victor corrected with a sigh. “Invite some of the girls you have lunch with. Minako and Nikolai are invited too. We make up a nice meal and just, well, celebrate.” Victor explained with a shrug.

“Will there be cake?” Yuri pipped up from across the table.

“Cake?” Victor questioned, humming to himself, “I suppose we can have cake.”

He eyed his fiancé for a moment before letting out a thoughtful hum as he sipped at his wine.

“Where did this come from?” he asked after setting his glass down.

Victor went quiet for a moment, busying himself with the meal of fried salmon and vegetables in front of him.

“Vicchan friends want to meet papa,” Yuri piped up, causing Victor to jump and glance towards the six-year-old.

“Yura,” Victor whined, “You weren’t meant to tell papa.”

“But that is what Goga said,” Yuri mumbled while looking up at Victor with an adorable confused look. He glanced towards the boy’s plate, noticing that a rather large chunk of salmon was missing, something that was strange for his little nibbler. He leant over the edge of the table closest to Yuri and spotting the culprit of his son’s missing salmon. Potya sat at the base of Yuri’s chair, looking as innocent as can be.

“You better not be feeding Potya,” he warned the boy while attempted to wave the cat off. Potya let out a huff as she walked around the boys chair, parking herself on the other side, further away from him.

“No papa,” Yuri ensured him with a way too innocent look on his face.

“Okay, Goga? He said that Vicchan’s friends wanted to meet me?” he asked, sitting up straight to look at Victor again.

“Goga! Georgi!” Yuri explained, causing him to nod his head. Georgi, Victor’s fellow Russian skater.

“Fine, fine! Yes, my skating friends want to meet you,” Victor said loudly, cheeks tinted red in what he could only conclude was embarrassment.

He let out a small hum as he eyed Victor for a moment before slowly nodding his head.

“Okay,” he stated simply.

“Okay? Okay, we can have an engagement party? Okay, I’ll meet your friends? Okay…?” Victor prompted, clearly not understanding his simple answer.

“Okay, we can throw an engagement party,” he confirmed, “But nothing fancy.”

“But cake,” Yuri stated, glancing between the two adults for confirmation that there would be cake.

“Cake and pirozhki,” he ensured the boy, earning a bright smile in response.

“Hey! Your papa said not to feed Potya,” Victor said, grabbing the boys hand as he tried to subtlety drop Potya some more salmon.

“But Potya is starving,” Yuri defended himself, pouting at being caught out. He let out a sigh while shaking his head in amusement.

“Eat your dinner, both of you. Or no movie time before bed,” he warned, pointing his fork at the pair. Yuri and Victor went quiet for a moment before nodding their heads and turning back to their meal.

“And no more sneaking food to Potya, or Potya will have to start spending dinner time in the laundry,” he warned Yuri, while reaching over to ruffle the boy’s hair.

“Yes, papa,” Yuri mumbled with a dramatic sigh.

“And you, young man,” he said, turning to Victor, “Stop feeding Makkachin.”

“What are you talking about?” Victor asked, clearly not expecting to be caught out on slipping Makkachin a few pieces of carrot.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice. We do not feed the pets from out plates,” he stated clearly.

“Yes, papa.”

“Yes, Yurasha.”

His boys mumbled at the same time as they went back to properly eating their meals.

Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door / Skater In Training

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Gladio having no idea whether to be mad or proud when Prompto is better at some combat-related thing than him


Thanks for the prompt! I went a little over four hundred words, though. Shhh, no one tell on me. >.>




The whole courtyard’s been converted into an obstacle course, and it’s one hell of a sight.

There are tires strewn out on the ground to run through, and a climbing net, and a crawl tunnel. Targets parade in twos, with rings of red and white and red again. Gladio hates those targets. They take a good two minutes off his run time.

Cor’s standing in front of the row of new recruits, stern and no-nonsense. 

And Prompto? Prompto looks like he’s about to pass out.

Gladio’s seen that look before – wide-eyed and jittery, about half a minute from hyperventilating. But when Cor says, “On your marks,” he bows his head and gets ready to go.

“Get set,” says Cor.

He’s gonna give the kid a heart attack if he doesn’t let them hurry up and start.

“Go,” says Cor.

The new recruits are off like the crack of a whip. And Prompto – Prompto stumbles at the starting line, tripping over his own two feet. 

Gladio groans – covers his eyes. This is going to be a disaster.

But when he takes his hand away, it’s to see that Prompto’s recovered. He’s made it past the initial sprint, and then through the tires evenly paced across the ground. He launches himself up the net in a frantic scramble of limbs, and Gladio’s waiting for the moment when he falls through, or his arm strength gives out and he can’t quite haul himself up and over. 

It never comes.

He throws himself down off the top of the net in a frankly ungraceful maneuver that should, by rights, have broken his ankle.

But the kid’s fast, and he’s not slowing down. He slides straight into the tunnel on his hands and knees, and – shit, is he in the lead? When the hell did that happen?

Without realizing he means to, Gladio circles around to get a better look at the targets.

He’s got a front-row seat when Prom hauls himself out the far end and gets started – not with a sword, or a lance, or even throwing knives, like he was considering briefly. He summons an Astrals-be-merciful gun, and Gladio just has time to wonder when that became standard Crownsguard issue. Then Prompto’s shooting with it, and Gladio watches the holes show up in the center of those circles: six of them, all dead bullseyes.

The gun fades out in a glittering spray of blue light. Before it’s even gone, Prompto’s hauling ass across the finish line, breathing like he’s half-drowned. His hair’s a bedraggled, sweaty mess.

“Three minutes, thirteen seconds,” says Cor.

And Gladio – Gladio doesn’t know whether he’s proud, or pissed that the kid beat his best record on the first damn try.

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can you do a reader and kenny when they both debut in wwe together. They are a couple and go backstage after and quickie smut happens.

Originally posted by balorsomega

“Oh my god my heart is beating so fast. The crowd loved it!”

Kenny tugged at your hand as you both ran down the hallway together. Running past everyone backstage the till you reached a quieter, almost abandoned area within the maze of narrow halls. It was eerily quiet considering it was a Wrestlemania and they’d just been part of an angle that was by most people’s predictions going to be the biggest one of the year.

The Bullet Club had finally debuted in WWE, invading the ring during the closing moments of Wrestlemania 33. The crowd roared when they reached the ring that the sound was deafening. Kenny held her up on his shoulders and paraded her around the ring and she’d never been more emotional and proud of how far they’d both come in their careers. She almost cried despite the fact she was supposed to be a heel.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled you into a doorway, finding a quiet spot for you both to have a moment alone.

“We did it! We finally made it here!” The look on his face was something you hadn’t seen in years. He looked so happy and so satisfied. So many people said he’d never come to WWE but it was the right time and the right place and they mutually agreed that it was time to make big money and then settle down.

“We’re in WWE!” You nervously laughed, You could barely believe it. “We’re actually in WWE!”

It had been a long journey to get to this point for both of you. You’d been through so much and it tested your relationship, but somehow 6 years later you had both made it. And most importantly made it together. 

You launched yourself at Kenny, locking lips with him. Fingers tangling in his curly locks while his big hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you in closer, craving his flesh against yours.

Your tongues fought for dominance as he backed you into the wall of the alcove and his fingers dug into the soft flesh of your hips. His kisses were intense and fiery, giving you barely enough time to come up for air.

Time flew past, as seconds felt like hours, Lost to your combined lust and desire for one another. You could feel Kenny starting to stiffen against you, so you shifted your hips to allow him to put his leg between yours.

“I- I don’t want to stop…” Your breathing was wild and intense, words dripping with frustration. “We can’t. Not here, What if someone catches us!”

“Stop thinking so much.” He mumbled as he ran a line of kisses down your collarbone, causing you to wriggle and press yourself onto his thigh. Rolling your hips back and forward just for a little bit of stimulation.

He tugged at your ring shorts, pulling them down far enough so you were able to kick them off. Your hands reached out to the tent that had formed in his tights, clawing at the strings to loosen them and pull them down so his hard, throbbing cock could pop out.

Kenny began to lift you up off the floor as you wrapped your legs around his waist, his big strong arms holding you up off the ground. You loved it when he picked you up like this, He was so big and strong and him being able to hold you up when he was fucking you was your favourite thing. 

He looked you right in the eyes and whispered. “You gotta be quiet baby, you can bite me if you need to.”

He ran his cock between your folds, lubing himself up ready for you. With a quick jerk of his hips, he’d  buried his cock inside you, the familiar feeling of being full radiated throughout your body.

Kenny began thrusting in and out of you, slow and shallow at first so you could get used to his length, even though you’d had sex a thousand times before you always felt so tight. Picking up the pace he pumped himself inside you as you eagerly tried to move with him, holding onto his shoulders for support.

Kenny held onto you like it was a matter of life or death, his movements quick, needy and persistent with only one goal in mind. Making you both cum as quickly as possible.

Your hands splayed across his back, grabbing onto any inch of flesh you could, clinging on to his thick body as he slammed himself in and out of you. Losing yourself to him as each pump hit your spot and caused your legs to shake.

“Oh, Kenny, This is so fucking good” You drawled sexily into his ear, you hot breath tickling his neck.

You didn’t want to get caught having sex on your first day of work, but you didn’t care anymore. Your head flung back, and you let out a loud moan that echoed down the hallway.

“You just wait till I get you back to the hotel later, I’m gonna make you cum so many times!” 

His strokes quickly became sloppy and uneven, you could feel his body tightening as he grew closer his own climax.

“You ready? I’m so close.” He grunted out between deep animalistic thrusts. He was initially conservative with his moans, but as things heated up, he’d gotten louder. 

You nodded as his thumb pressed down on your clit, that was all you needed for your pussy to clamp down on him and waves of pleasure to run through your body. Your lashes fluttered as the coil in your stomach came undone and shot bolts of pleasure all over your body. 

Your noses brushed as with one final thrust he pulled out, Chanting out your name as he jerked himself into your body, covering you with shots of his burning hot cum. His body slumping against yours as it relaxed, his heart rate slowly returning to normal as he buried his head in your hair.

“I needed that so badly” He hummed, cradling you gently in his arms. “Imagine if someone caught us!” He chuckled, brushing your hair out of your face.

You heard a cough and a quick shuffle down the hallway, You both looked at each other with a confused face. “Was that… Marty?”

  • Skytree Village: With a completely new story, players will be challenged to restore the seven legendary Skytrees that make the town so iconic and bring power and prosperity to the land around them.
  • Tree of Tranquility: replace "seven legendary Skytrees" with "5 sprite rainbows"
  • Animal Parade: ring the 5 bells
  • Skytree Village: With a completely new story...

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Dan Fenton was thirty seven. He was happily divorced, had two kids he loved beyond comprehension, and had somehow managed to keep his secret intact all these years. …or at least he’d thought he had. The letter that had come yesterday seemed to indicate otherwise.

It was a plain envelope with no return address and a postmark for a south Florida. Inside the letter held nothing but a typed set of numbers and a date: 19.8653+g.x, 84.6201-g.y, 26.6341+g.z, January 19th.

They were coordinates, but not for anywhere in the human world. It bothered Dan quite a bit that some random person in Florida knew him well enough to send him coordinates for somewhere in the Ghost Zone. But as he’d gotten the letter on the 18th, he had very little time to make any sort of decision; everything in the Ghost Zone moved and drifted at random. Whatever was at those coordinates would only be there on that particular day.

Perhaps he should have thought it through a bit more, but he was more curious than cautious. Drifting through the Ghost Zone on the 19th with nothing but a handheld locator, he soon stumbled across the floating island currently inhabiting that spot.

After hovering for a few moments, studying the place, Dan landed on an edge and started exploring. The strange ghost-trees gave way to a clearing. In the midst of the silent clearing - devoid of any movement or past-life, stood a huge black tent with a white painted skull across the front. Bones decorated the wires holding the tent upright.

“This doesn’t seem creepy at all,” Dan muttered sarcastically as he walked slowly up to it. “But there’s something familiar about it…” It wasn’t until he was running his fingers across the tent wall that he remembered. “Circus Gothica?” Dan had lots of nightmares, but none really stacked up to his short and unwelcome career in the circus. “What… the… hell…?”

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