parade of trains

1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party
High☆Speed! Free! Starting Days Special Event Premium CD
1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party

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Asahi: There! Alright, gonna swim to our heart’s content again today!

Makoto: Asahi, you really are spirited. Aren’t you tired from the time trial yesterday?

Asahi: What are you talking about!? I was so excited since yesterday I couldn’t contain myself the whole night at home, it was awful! Like Sis was totally yelling at me for being loud and stuff.

Ikuya: You’re such a muscle-brain.

Asahi: What the hell!? Didn’t you also say “I’ll definitely swim faster!” yesterday!?

Ikua: …! I did say that, but…

Asahi: And anyway, you’re good at long distance swimming, right? Isn’t it a little too soon for you to be exhausted?

Ikuya: They are different things.

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One Step Back

Have you ever measured every
Morsel which touched your lips
Every grazing kiss you gave
As it tumbled into the abyss
Lined them up like a parade
Of self-control
The train getting smaller
Every day but
Pride increasing with
Each time the word no
Fed your hunger
How strange that such emptiness
Can put a listless spring
At the corners of a well-worn smile
That knowing down-the-nose look
Which falls on those who speak up
Is not a stable sustenance
But it will do for now


I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you.

i. Real Friends- Mixtape. ii. Weezer- Jamie. iii. Mayday Parade- Amber Lynn. iv. Jamestown Story- Show me Tomorrow. v. Hudson Taylor- World without You. vi. Landon Pigg- Falling in love at a Coffee Shop. vii. Mayday Parade- Hold Onto Me. viii. Chase Coy- If the Moon Fell down Tonight. ix. Matt Wertz- 5:19. x. Ben Rector- I like You. xi. Parachute- Kiss me Slowly. xii. Justin Timberlake- Not a Bad Thing. xiii. Train- Marry Me. xiv. A Rocket to the Moon- I Do. xv. The Cab- Endlessly. xiv. 5 Seconds of Summer- Beside You. xvii. The Icarus Account- Favorite Girl. xviii. Pierce The Veil- Kissing in Cars. xix. One Direction- Irresistible. xx. A Rocket to the Moon- If I’m gonna Fall in Love.

Alan Ladd Filmography


Tom Brown of Culver

Once in a Lifetime (uncredited)

Island of Lost Souls (uncredited)


Saturday’s Millions (uncredited)


Pigskin Parade (uncredited)


The Last Train from Madrid (uncredited)

All Over Town (uncredited)

Hold ‘Em Navy (uncredited)

Born to the West (credit only)


The Goldwyn Follies (uncredited)

Come On, Leathernecks! (uncredited)

Freshman Year (uncredited)


The Mysterious Miss X (uncredited)

Hitler - Beast of Berlin

Rulers of the Sea


American Portrait

Meat and Romance

Unfinished Rainbows

Blame It on Love

The Green Hornet  (uncredited)

Brother Rat and a Baby  (uncredited)

In Old Missouri  

The Light of Western Stars  

Gangs of Chicago  (uncredited)

Cross-Country Romance  (uncredited)

Those Were the Days!  

Captain Caution  

The Howards of Virginia  (uncredited)

Ellery Queen, Master Detective  (uncredited)

Meet the Missus  

Victory  (uncredited)

Her First Romance  


I Look at You

Petticoat Politics  

Citizen Kane  (uncredited)

The Black Cat

Paper Bullets  

The Reluctant Dragon  

They Met in Bombay  (uncredited)

Great Guns  (uncredited)

Cadet Girl  (uncredited)

Military Training   (uncredited)


Joan of Paris

This Gun for Hire

The Glass Key

Lucky Jordan


Letter from a Friend



Skirmish on the Home Front

And Now Tomorrow


Salty O'Rourke


Two Years Before the Mast

The Blue Dahlia



My Favorite Brunette


Wild Harvest



Beyond Glory

Whispering Smith


Eyes of Hollywood

The Great Gatsby

Chicago Deadline


Captain Carey, U.S.A.



Appointment with Danger

Red Mountain


The Iron Mistress

Thunder in the East  


Botany Bay

Desert Legion


The Red Beret


Hell Below Zero


The Black Knight

Drum Beat


The McConnell Story

Hell on Frisco Bay



A Cry in the Night  (voice) (uncredited)


The Big Land

Boy on a Dolphin


The Deep Six

The Proud Rebel

The Badlanders


The Man in the Net


Guns of the Timberland

All the Young Men

One Foot in Hell


Orazi e Curiazi


13 West Street


The Carpetbaggers

i’m going to be going on lots of road trips soon and i deemed it necessary to make this playlist. i’m really proud of this one and i hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as i do. 

listen here!!
Exclusive Clip: A Look at the Inventions in How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon was not only one of the best animated films of 2010, but it was also one of the best films of any genre in that particular year. Stunning visuals, a heartfelt, moving story, and great voice work from folks like Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, and America Ferrera made the film an […]

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Most Magical

Ah, Disney World. A truly magical place to me.

It was always stifling hot in the Magic Kingdom. Especially from March thru November…in a true born Floridian’s point of view. Really, the whole state was on fire and concrete amusement parks only served as a skillet for the unfortunate souls out to entertain and out to enjoy entertainment.

It was fine and dandy there were vendors selling Buzz Lightyear fans with cool spray options, shops with fresh ice cream kept at sub zero temperatures, and fountains buried under the concrete that spewed jets of water for children eager for some refreshing play.

The sun was merciless during midday, many wise locals seeking shelter in the many conjoined shops along Main Street USA. Others, however, braved the torturous ultra violet rays to meet favorite characters at designated checkpoints in the park. The lines grew as the time drew near, sweaty bodies of adults and children anxiously awaiting the appearance of someone truly magical.

Before the grand Cinderella’s castle, in the courtyard that housed the statue of Walt Disney hand in hand with his brain child, Micky Mouse, many waited as a photographer began to set up his camera stand.

This particular photo would be triple Disney with a cast character, Walt Disney, and the castle in it. A highly sought after photo that would long reside in scrapbooks around the world.

Now, they waited for the grand entrance of the one character that made dreams and wishes come true.

Disney soundtrack proudly played over the speakers, the smell of popcorn and fountain water filling the sweltering air as the town-square clock began to chime.

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