parade helmet

Roman Iron and Tinned Bronze Calvary Parade Helmet, Second Half of 2nd Century - Early 3rd Century AD

Formed of iron with tinned bronze overlay decoration including a stylized band of laurel around and over the crown, eagle wings on either side, a large eagle with outspread wings standing on a groundline in relief at the back above the neck-guard, flanked by architectural elements consisting of lozenge filled rectangles surmounted by triangles, the neck-guard flaring out horizontally, ear-guards riveted at either side, the ornate cusped cheekpieces with naturalistically-modeled ears, each with a central boss surrounded by scallop shells.


Roman Tinned Copper Cavalry Parade Helmet, c. Late 2nd-Early 3rd century AD

Formed of hammered sheet, with arching crest terminating in a beaked griffin’s head, its talons holding a Medusa mask in front, the griffin’s body tapering to a dolphin-like tail, each side decorated in high relief with a capricorn with griffin-like head and coiled tail, the three creatures with rivets for ears (now missing), with continuous flanged rim to protect the wearer’s brow and ears, the rim decorated with friezes of punched circles and dots, two rivets at the front of the brow-guard with remains of a hinge inside for a face-mask attachment.