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Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly … two of the greatest dancers of all time!

“Nobody else in the business could have taken the beating I gave Donald O’Connor in ‘Singin’ In the Rain’ … Donald comes from vaudeville. He’s disciplined. I’ve seen him rehearse a step a thousand times.”

 ~ Gene Kelly ~

“Working with him? Yeah, he was miserable. No, we had a great time together… I was never offended by Gene, I love the guy too much.”

~ Donald O’Connor ~

And I love you both too much, you sweet guys ❤!


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Warnings: None

Request: Can u do more cute imagines on stage with yn

I wasn’t sure how you wanted the imagine to go exactly but I hope this is good enough, Enjoy! 

Heavy breathing and loud screams. It’s a familiar sound now. 

I’ve been to so many of his concerts that coming just seems to be a second nature. It’s different then it was a few years ago though. Back then, I only saw him once every few years when he would put on a show, and I would usually only be seeing him from a far distance. He didn’t even know I existed. 

But now, my whole world has flipped upside down and as I stood from the wings, watching Justin and his dancers parade around on stage, I couldnt help but look at all the other screaming fans, reaching out for something so small, as simple as a graze of his shoe. 

I used to be like that, before I met him for real.

I remember it so vividly. The day it was absolutely pouring rain and I still had a good 2 miles to walk. I remember sneezing from the cold raindrops that trickled down my skin, leaving me to deal with an ongoing flu the next day. But I also remember seeing the black, tinted SUV pulling up beside me. 

At that moment my heart nearly stopped, and I was readying myself to run if needed. I really thought I was about to be kidnapped when the door to the SUV swung open, but gee was I glad stayed when I did. 

My idol stood in front of me, a concerned look on his face as he glanced at me, then up at the dark grey clouds above. Star struck, I listened to his words, so simple yet so demanding. “Need a ride? Get in! Where are you headed?” 

And from there it was a long spiral of being strangers, to acquaintances, friends, to love interests. Then finally - becoming official 3 months ago - as boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Get used to me holding you. Get used to me woeing you. Oh! get used to it…” The last line was sung. Justin’s jumping stopped as he ended in position, the crowd’s screams only just beginning to pick up.

“Thankyou all so much for coming tonight.” He announced breathlessly into the mic. “Don’t go anywhere guys, we’ll be back in 10!” 

And then he and the dancers ran off stage for a quick break. Justin immediately grabbed ahold of me, smiling like a fool under his head mic. “How am I doing?” 

After handing him his water bottle and wiping down his forehead with a towel as he gulped it down, I smiled and said, “Absolutely amazing baby. You always do great.” while rubbing his sweaty but masculine arms. It’s crazy to think that I have one of the worlds biggest popstars, as well as my dream guy, wrapped right around my finger. Just as well as I am with him.

“Let’s take a snap before you have to go back out.” I exclaimed, removing my phone from the pocket of my jeans.

“”Okay. But it’s only going to your family right?” And here we go again. Justin has been trying to keep our relationship a secret ever since we got together. At first it seemed to just be a privacy thing, so we could enjoy a little time to ourselves before going public to the world, but its been 3 months, and It honestly feels a little as if Justin is embarrassed to be seen in a relationship with me.

I mean, I’m definently not the most attractive girl, and I don’t have a model body either. I’m short, with a little belly. I can barely do my makeup for shit and not to mention, I’m not famous. In the end, I’m just a fan. 

“Oh- uh. Y-yeah. Of course.” I stutted in a failed attempt to hide my disappointment.

Justin’s face fell, eyes wondering over me in a concern. “You okay baby girl?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just forget it. Don’t worry about the snap. You gotta go out there soon and Scooter wants to talk to you.” 


“Go. Scooter’s waiting.” I pushed. I honestly just wanted to be left alone for a little bit, and pushing him away for a while was really the only way I was going to get that.

Justin hesitated and compelled but with some tugging and pushing, I got him over to Scooters side and walked away.

Justin’s POV

“Your doing great Kiddo.” Scooter began, looking down at the show plan in his hand, he hadn’t even realised that Y/N had practically dragged me over here, to busy caught up making sure everything was going according to plan.

“Yeah thanks Scoot.” I rushed. “Hey, do you know what’s up with Y/N?”

“Y/N? No. She was fine earlier.” Scooter answered, glancing up towards me. “Why?” 

“She just seemed like she was in a bit of a shit mood. Or something was making her uncomfortable.”

“Well did something happen?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“No…I mean…I don’t think so?” I questioned. “I don’t know.” I sighed. “We were talking about the show, and then all of a sudden she asked if we could take a snap before I went back out. Then after that she just suddenly said she didn’t want to do it anymore and that I should talk to you before I go back out.” I explained.

“Okay…” Scooter trailed off “Did you say anything before that?”

“No, just that we could take a pic, just as long as she only sends it to her friends and family. No one else.”

That’s when Scooters face lit up in recognition, a sigh leaving his lips. 

“Justin, I honestly don’t know how so many girls love you. You are so oblivious.” Scooter joked.

“What?” I questioned. 

“Justin, did it ever occur to you that maybe Y/N’s feeling a little insecure?”

 “Insecure? About what. She’s perfect, there’s nothing to be insecure about.”

“Maybe not to you but to her…” Scooter explained. “Justin, she’s a wemon - a girl. Shes gonna need constant confident boosters and reminders that she is beautiful because otherwise after a while, the confidence she has will just wither away. And you holding back on telling everyone about your relationship is probably starting to affect her. She probably thinks you don’t want to be seen with her.”

“But that’s not true at all.” 

“But she dosen’t know that.” Scooter stated. 

“Well then…what do I do?” I ask hysterically. Scooter only shrugs and pats me on the shoulder. “That’s for you to figure out Kiddo. Your on in a minute.”

And with that, he walked over to pep up the dancers.

1 minute seconds, that gives me 60 seconds to think of something. C’mon Jay THINK!

Then, a brilliant idea pops in my head. And not only for Y/N’s sake, but i think for the crowds entertainment as well. Guess there’s gonna be one less lonely girl tonight.



I sighed, looking out at the stage. “JUS-TIN…JUS-TIN…JUS-TIN!” the crowd chanted in anticipation. He was soon to go on, and the only thing I was feeling was self-conscious. I didn’t mean to push Justin away like that but I just can’t be around him when I get like that. I don’t like him seeing me sad, it makes him sad, and he needs to be in a good mood for the remaining part of this night.


The name was smooth but rushed as he voiced it from a small distance. Quickly, I straightened up and planted a fake smile on my face, awaiting Justin’s arrival.

“Hey baby, aren’t you supposed to be getting ready?”

“I need to show you something.” He ignored my question.

“Now?” I ask in confusion. Justin only nods and grabs a hold of my hand, mumbling “C’mon.” 

Scooters voice suddenly began echoing throughout the backstage arena, the dancers all running forward towards the wings of the stage. “Alright, where on in 3! 2! 1!”

And then the music began. Light strumming of a guitar. Wait? This isn’t right. the next song should of been trust. This is one less lonely girl…

“Justin, what’s going on?”

But to no avail. All he did was send a wink my way, then began to sing through his head mic, slowly making his was on stage with a firm grip on my hand.

“There’s gonna be one less lonely girl, One less lonely girl, There’s gonna be one less lonely girl,One less lonely girl! How many I told you’s and start overs…”

While He progressed on stage, his grip around my hand tightened as I struggled to pull away. “What are you doing?” I whispered.

I watched as the dancers ran around on stage, planting a stool in the middle.

Justin lead me further and further until I was in sight of every screaming fan. The cheers made my head dizzy and the attention made my body weak but with Justin here, everything seemed to refocus and seem alright. 

Justin smiled and placed me on the stool in the center of the stage, continuing to sing the current verse of one less lonely girl, what in the world was the boy doing?

“Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you. Now all I see is you! No, no, Don’t need these other pretty faces like I need you, And when you’re mine in the world - There’s gonna be one less lonely girl!”

He moved his body from singing towards the crowd, to directing the song towards me. Running his hand down my body and face in a sentimental way, love shining through his eyes.

He continued the lyrics to his old but popular song, half way through helping me off the stool to where he cradled me in his arms and began slow dancing with me, his arms locked around me, pushing my head into his chest.

Then the song began to come to an end, and he stopped moving. Looking me directly in the eyes with his arms stretched slightly, cupping my cheeks. Honey eyes radiating with nothing but love. 

“If you let me inside your world! There’s gonna be one less lonely girl….” Then in a raspy and low voice, he mumbled, “You shawty” Before connecting his lips to mine. 

And although we were accompanied by thousands of people screaming in shock, it was as if no one else was in the room but us. 

The kiss lasted a few seconds at least, before he finally pulled away, pulling me into his side and waving off towards the crowd with a smile.



Northern Irish Dance Championships 2016
Parade of Champions
(Video from Anya Deering’s YouTube channel)

Undead Ballroom Dancers

The Haunted Mansion sequences are without a doubt my favorite
segments of the Boo To You Parade during Mickey's Not So Scary
Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. The Undead Ballroom
Dancers always get so into the part and give it their all in every

Don Sullivan


Happy birthday to our Kansai fisherman and resident parade dancer, Kenjiro. Hope your day will be filled with many laughs and smile for you deserve it for all the happiness and joy you bring to everyone around you. That’s why you are so loved and today is your day for you to be reminded by how much you are appreciated and loved. I look forward to watching you grow more as a performer and an actor, hoping for future endeavors heading your way so that you will be able to showcase yourself for more people to recognise your talents. Have fun today and let’s hope there will be no repeats of you falling asleep on top of a Roomba again. 

Title: Glow In the Dark
Words: 2439
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Noctis Lucis Caelum/Nyx Ulric
Commentary: purely self-indulgent fluff, inspired by my own rained-on experience at a fireworks show this past saturday. wet, but fun
Summary: Nyx invites him out to a celebration in the immigrant district, where no one knows his name or no one really cares. Because the music is loud, the fireworks are bright, and the night belongs to them.
also on AO3

“Just so I don’t lose you,” Nyx said, cracking a few loops of neon yellow and green and blue around Noct’s wrist.

Noctis slid a pointed glance at the surrounding revelers adorned with matching glow stick bracelets, but Nyx was adamant that the glow-in-the-dark adornments were pivotal to his safety. Noctis couldn’t argue with an expert in security, nor with the child-like sparkle in his eyes. Heart of a ten-year-old, his boyfriend.

For all the parties that Noctis had been invited to or was forced to host to keep up appearances, none of them compared to the cheerful chaos of the immigrant district. Galahdians knew how to celebrate a damn holiday.

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LDH Fan Week -三代目J Soul Brothers

Hi kids! Me-chan here! Are you ready for our next adventure? Here I give you, our most favourite ex-USJ parade dancer onii-chan!! Yeaayyyyy~~~

And parents, don’t worry, we have the woman body builder show for you while your kids enjoying the parade XD

lol ok, ok~ I know people started to say “stop with the cheesy opening Me-chan!” This is the second day of LDH Fan Week activity hosted by @lovedreamgraphics <33333 After dimple madness with TAKAHIRO-san yesterday. So today, is the turn for my Oo-baka Kenjiro-san or I-love-how-ELLY-calls-him Ken-san <3333 It sounded so sweet and nice. Well tbh, to me, whatever ELLY said sounded like a sweet melody to me XDDDDD

He has his Ikemen mode and whenever the switch is on. he didn’t talk much and ELLY always the victim XDD (source: from ELLY himself <33) and he commonly a mood maker and genuinely loves everyone around him!! <33333

Omi in particular truly loves him very much lol <333333 XDDDDDD

But the best thing of all about Yamashita Kenjiro that I can never take my eyes of him is definitely when he dance! <3333333 There’s something when he dance, he looks like he really enjoys and he’s glowing. His energy recharge ma’soul!

When he dance and when he rocks the stage with the members, he shines the most to me <3333 I just love his presence. And recently he got extra attention in the H&L the Concert with Chiharu and Tetsu!!!!! OMG you can’t imagine how many time I watch that!!!! XDDDDD I LOVE DAN-SAN SO MUCH BECAUSE I GET TO HEAR KEN-SAN SPEAKS IN KANSAI-BEN!!!!!!

I think I write too much in this post cause I really truly love this guy(AND NAOKI-SAN!!!) This is again if I-have-to-choose case cause Naoki-san is my love too I love both of them ❤️lol.

He can play so well by himself!!! XDDDD I wish I can play together with him! <3333333

This is it for my special fav Sandaime member. I mean, who else is Omi lovingly sniffed (or KISS!!! XDDDD) besides this guy?????? I rest my case!! (Again lol)

See you tomorrow minna!!! I need to shower and go out for dinner. Love and lots of hugs!! <333333 -A