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Tonight at 7 PM PT, a new weapon type comes to Ammo Knights. Introducing the Splat Brella! It features a completely different combat style than any other weapon type. Inklings can use it to scatter ink before them by firing. However, by holding the ZR button, the umbrella will open up and shield them from enemy attacks. But if that wasn’t enough, holding ZR even longer will launch the umbrella shield, blocking attacks as it zooms ahead. Completing this set is the Sprinkler sub weapon and the Ink Storm special…to rain on opponents’ parade.

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rosie at a pride event?

Of course, nonny! Sherlock, John, and Rosie had a fabulous time at the 2017 London Pride Parade on Saturday. 

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okay but listen, a teenage bratty Groot who has an emo haircut and listens to nothing but fall out boy and Peter can't tell shit to him cause Groot keeps just making fun of him and flipping him the bird and low key hates the world CAUSE NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THAT ISNT A PHASE

Fingers crossed Welcome to the Black Parade made it onto Peter’s Zune

I had to pick a friend up at the mall because it was too crowded for her to meet me so I ended up walking with the float Natasha was in for a bit 😂  Enjoy this small video of Natasha dancing, waving to people, and waving a rainbow flag 🏳️‍🌈


Whomp wish I was around when Portal monsters was actually a thing haha….

Drew these guys a lil while ago and decided to finish them up for Halloween! 

I love me some monsters, and after seeing some old monster Wheatleys that @bonkalore drew a long time ago I was immediately inspired to monsterfy my Wheatley and he ended up as an insect droid of sorts, and then I did the same to my GLaDOS cause I couldn’t help myself. They were super fun to design and I wanna draw them more if it weren’t for the 50 billion other things I need to do….

Hope you enjoy! 


Little Witch Academia 2 : The Enchanted Parade

Introducing the new characters of Yoh Yoshinari’s LWA 2, again : 

Amanda O’Neil : Guilty of breaking into a treasure vault of Luna Nova’s historical treasures, as well as attempted thievery. 
Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger : Guilty of breaking campus regulations of owning, manufacturing and selling high-tech electronic devices on school premises.
Jasmineka Antonenko : Habitual food thief.