Shadowrun: Anarchy Development

This isn’t the cover for this coming book. Instead, it’s a graphic that’s a starting point for what Anarchy will be. The rawness and simplicity of it makes me smile in a big way…such a great leap-off point.

So we announced Anarchy through distribution a few weeks back, but it’s time to start talking about the development of this book. 

The first question that’s likely coming to your minds, if you’ve not already heard the rumors about this book, is what is Anarchy?

Here’s the current draft of the back cover text for this book :

Shadowrun. The Sixth World. Orks in pinstripe suits with uzis; mohawked dwarves jacked into vehicles racing through megasprawls at breakneck speed; humans casting fireballs at corporate-trained paracritters; elves hacking the Matrix for a datasteal of the latest tech or working to topple an upstart corp. It’s where man meets magic and machine.

Shadowrun: Anarchy is a new way to get into the best cyberpunk/urban fantasy action around. Based upon a rules-light and easy-to-learn mindset, Shadowrun: Anarchy is a narrative-focused game experience that allows even an uninitiated gamer to grab some gear, load up on spells, and quickly get to throwing the dice. Immerse yourselves in the Sixth World!

Okay, I know what you’re likely thinking? “Okay, that sounds cool? But what exactly does that mean?” Well, here’s some more details from the sell sheet:

Shadowrun: Anarchy joins the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition game line as a way to bring in players who want storytelling-focused experience, with less focus on the detailed simulation that SR5 rules provide. Shadowrun: Anarchy allows even an uninitiated gamer to grab some gear, load up on spells, and quickly get to throwing the dice.
• Adapts and refines Shadowrun mechanics to a faster-moving, story-focused approach to role-playing.
• Includes numerous ready-to-use characters and so players can dive right into the action.
• A slew of ready-made Missions will have players on the mean streets of the Sixth World in no time.

“That still doesn’t provide a ton of answers?” I know…but it’s a great starting place to announce this book and get people talking about it. After all, there’s a lot of weeks between now and the end of summer when it release. And in the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out numerous post talking about the development of this great, new Shadowrun experience.