Ash4President campaign schwag by David Hopper (Stormdrane)
Via Flickr:
Received a box of Ash4President campaign schwag in the mail today. I think the coffee mug was the best piece of it all. #Ash4President. And for those that do not know who Ash is, google the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise of movies and TV series. “Let’s make America groovy again!” In the box were a nice coffee mug, sunglasses/visor, vehicle window attachment flag, large button, magnetic bottle opener/ink pen, condom, and a cardboard/stick fan to wave around when it’s hot

Photo from @myreversewave Guess you could call it my hiking/camping/EDC/bug-out/exploring bag. I keep so much stuff in here like a Multitasker multi tool, packable Columbia raincoat, tinder in a sealed tube, matches, lighter, Streamlight flashlight, rated carabiner, paracord, couple loaded mags, mechanix gloves, etc simply because of how remote and vast the wilderness up here can be. Better to be prepared. #edc #hiking #camping #everydaycarry #michigan #puremichigan #pocketdump #glock #glock19 #9mm #edcgear #woods #trails #explore #offroad #forest #nature #overland #pistol #knife #knifeporn #naturelovers #america #liberty #freshair #igmilitia #freedom #usa #naturelover

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DIY Paracord Nautical Knot Bracelet Tutorial from Tried & True.

You can also make this DIY Nautical Knot Bracelet out of hemp, leather or bungee cord.

For lots more knot DIYs go here: and for a Roundup of Knots, Resources and Tutorials below go here (#2 is a gorgeous dip dyed Anthro knockoff).

Another easy DIY is this Knot Key Ring Tutorial from Adorablest.

I also like these DIY Spool Knit Knotted Coasters from My Poppet.

Our recipe for doing things right is simple: go big, and go bright. A wrist that sports stacks of vivid color mixed with a bit of bling is a reminder of what summer is all about - letting loose and having fun with your friends, and your style.  To create: Use scissors to cut a piece of paracord to the approximate size of your wrist and seal the cord by burning the tips. Squeeze a small dab of glue onto one end of the paracord and place the cord coil cap over. Repeat on the other end. Use pliers to attach a jump ring to one end and a lobster clasp to the other. Knot a piece of embroidery thread at the end of the cap and wrap the thread around the paracord until approx. 1" is covered. Intertwine a piece of colored Swarovski cup chain (1" smaller than your wrist length) and wrap the embroidery thread twice between each rhinestone link. Double knot the thread once you’ve finished wrapping the entire bracelet.

DIY Easy Paracord Buddy Keychain or Charm Tutorial from Craft and Creativity.

These are really cheap and easy to make - you only need to know 1 knot for the body of “buddy”. Of course only an adult should use the lighter to melt and secure the cords at the end.