That’s right, you saw it well, this Big Idea Design slim tool is packed with 13 functions. It includes a bottle opener, flat and wide head screwdriver, internal magnet, hex bit opening, measurement cues, mini pry bar, scraper edge, stainless steel insert, paracord lanyard, key ring opening and universal wrench. It also fits standard utility razor blades.  Gift #4 from our –>Gift Guide | Everyday Carry (EDC)

DIY Paracord Nautical Knot Bracelet Tutorial from Tried & True.

You can also make this DIY Nautical Knot Bracelet out of hemp, leather or bungee cord.

For lots more knot DIYs go here: and for a Roundup of Knots, Resources and Tutorials below go here (#2 is a gorgeous dip dyed Anthro knockoff).

Another easy DIY is this Knot Key Ring Tutorial from Adorablest.

I also like these DIY Spool Knit Knotted Coasters from My Poppet.

DIY Easy Paracord Buddy Keychain or Charm Tutorial from Craft and Creativity.

These are really cheap and easy to make - you only need to know 1 knot for the body of “buddy”. Of course only an adult should use the lighter to melt and secure the cords at the end. 

My buddy over at @superessestraps has created the absolute Macgyver of bracelets. I keep asking how in the hell they can cram that much badass into a small package!
Bug Out Bracelet (BOB). It’s a wearable kit outfitted w/ survival supplies and EDC tools.

Buy it at

The BOB includes,
* 10’-15’ Paracord:
* Kevlar Utility Thread: (not pictured)
* Fire Starter ferro rod:
* Whistle:
* Ceramic Striker Blade:
* Luminous Compass:
* Luminous Glow Light Surface:
* SOLAS Reflective Surface:
* 4/Four Ranger Bands:
* P38 Can Opener:
* Live Fire Wick: * FireCord
Strike Anywhere Match:
Small Bandage, sealed:
Safety Pin, Curved:
Duct Tape Strapping: (not pictured)
Two Water Purification Tabs:
Square of Aluminum Foil:
Small Fish Hook:
Bushman Wire:
Black Steel, Security Pin:
Shim Pin:
Micro Paracord Ink Pen: (not pictured)
Survival Torch:
Jute String:
Surgical Carving Blade:
Micro Firesteel:
Heat Shrink Tube: •••
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Go big and bright when you tie the knot with a stack of these bedazzled bracelets. A mix of vibrant paracord offers a bold, statement-sized twist to the traditional friendship bracelet; and the added sparkle of a few colorful gems will make your creation radiate fun all day long! 

To create: Cut two 70" pieces of paracord. Fold the two pieces in half. Fold the left cord over, under and through the right cord. Tighten and slide knot, leaving a loop two-fingers wide. This is a half hitch knot. Repeat in the opposite direction, folding over the right cord, then under and through the left cord. Tighten and slide the knot. Continue making knots working left to right until the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist. Gather both sides of the cord and tie a single regular knot. Snip the ends and burn the tips with a lighter to seal the cord.Always burn at the blue part of the flame for a clean melt and to prevent smoking. Use a dab of glue to adhere your gem embellishments. Let dry for a few minutes before wearing.