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What's are some good edc handguns?

S&W 500 or 460 with barrel no shorter than 6in
Desert Eagle in .50 AE
.50 Beowulf AR pistol using Pmag40s
9 NAA mini revolvers all tied together with paracord and worn like a bandoleer
BFR in .45-70

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Would you have any enrichment tips for cresties? Ive thought about buying some wooden bird toys like bridges and ladders

YES! Bird toys are GREAT so long as they’re made out of safe wood. 

Another thing I love love love (and my sticky gecks do, too) is suspended cork.

These platforms and perches swing, which means that jumping from them is a bit of a challenge and sticking the landing requires a bit more strength than your average perch. These were all made by Sunshine Exotics, but they’re easy enough to do yourself- all you need is some cork and some paracord and something to punch holes in the cork!

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Can you post a pic of your crested gecko setup because I'm getting one and I don't know how to set it up like I need some inspiration & do you have any tips on taking care of Crested gecko??


My gecko shelves. The cresties are all in the 30-gallon tubs. I prefer tubs because they are so much lighter than aquariums and so much cheaper than PVC vivariums. My leopard gecko is in the aquarium; that’s a 20 gallon long for size reference. He’s currently moving into a front opening AP vivarium, though.

This is Nu’s enclosure. They all have screen doors with duct tape frames, attached with hook and loop closures so that I can access them from the front.

Here’s how they work. (Sakura has a much different setup now, though! This was her setup when I first got her, so I could monitor her health better.)

Here’s the inside of Nu’s enclosure. He always sleeps in his coconut. Other decor includes a cork tube, many fake plants, two Pangea mushroom ledges (one decorative and the other a “feeding ledge” though I don’t use it for that), a bendable “mossy” vine, a Lizard Ladder, a mesh hammock, and a paracord “vine”.

Here is a top-down view of Niji’s tub. It’s still almost the same as this, except that I put a front opening screen door on it. His decor includes multiple fake plants, a Pangea mushroom ledge, a large Magnaturals stone ledge, multiple lizard ladders, and a shower caddy filled with moss.

As for tips, I’d say read as much as you can, spend lots of time on research! 

Lots and lots of decor, they are healthiest and safest with lots of hiding places and cover and lots of horizontal perches. 

If you get a female, don’t forget to provide a laying box once she’s mature.

Ask questions if you need to! 

Don’t be afraid to change your care if you learn something new.

If a suction cup won’t stick, put it in hot water for ten minutes. It really helps.

Zip ties are a great alternative to those suction cups that REALLY won’t stick.

It’s hard for me to provide tips not knowing what you already know. But I hope this is a start.

things the losers club give each other as gifts

- vintage postcards
- pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses
- fancy pens
- reese’s peanut butter cups
- moleskin journals
- scrap booking materials

- color-coded school supplies
- cool lighters and matches
- just yards of paracord
- pics of birds they find in magazines
- stamps
- cook rocks they find on the ground

- slinkies
- those curly shoelaces that make it so u don’t have to tie yr shoes
- silly putty
- anything rainbow
- skittles
- star-shaped sunglasses

- scraps of velvet for her to rub when she’s having a panic attack
- jacket patches
- travel-size sewing kits
- paints and paintbrushes
- knives
- red makeup

- friendship bracelets
- lollipops
- nail polish
- matchbox cars
- beanies
- fuzzy socks

- pocket protractors
- pictures of cool buildings
- tools for his toolkit
- comfy sweaters
- notes that say things like “you rock!” and “i’m your number one fan” to help him get through the day
- pictures of bunnies that they think look like him

- baseball caps
- playing cards for silver
- composition notebooks
- shirts and coffee cups and stuff that all say “Big Bill” on them
- stress balls
- comic books