paracon 2013

I just got a huge influx of new followers here after what I’m calling The Jackass Mariachi Raiden Avalanche of ‘13 (200 notes in 4 hours. I don’t know what to do with you guys), so, some basics for the new people!

*I do submissions! Hit me up with a text you’re just dying to see, I’ll see what I can do. Same if you find (or take) a pic that just needs to be used. I take great pride in having the largest collection of dorky MGS caps of anyone I know.

*I’ve loosened up a lot in the six months I’ve been running this blog. No real rating, just nothing too disgusting. I put the text in the descriptions so anybody tumblr savioring certain things can filter those out on your dash.

*I have tagviewer so now I can finally see all those tag comments…it’s great. Never stop. Sometimes it’s funnier than the post itself.

Also: there are almost 600 of you…surely someone else here is going to Pensacola Para Con?? I’ll be the Rule 63 The Fear wandering around looking like this, mostly hanging out in the Red room but I could really be anywhere. Probably will just be there Saturday and not Sunday, too, unless Nin decides he really wants to stick around.

As always, keep being amazing and don’t let the world get you down!

Coming up in Early March is the LA  Paranormal conference in Santa Paula at the historic, and haunted, Glen Tavern Inn. I will be a speaker there.  March 8th and 9th.  I can attest to the haunted nature of this site! A whole slate of speakers is planned. I will be selling some of my books as well.  If you can make it out to Southern California, come and enjoy one of the best haunted events of 2013.