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-Twenty One Pilots

-Melanie Martinez

-Troye Sivan



-Dodie Clark


-All Time Low

-5 Seconds of Summer

-Mayday Parade

-The Royal

-Fall Out Boy

-Bea Miller

-Panic! At the Disco

-Oh Wonder

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How Could We Choose- Chapter Five

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Background Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

Summary-You, Steve and Bucky had been friends since childhood. Right before the war it had turned into something more for the three of you. You had been shipped out first since you were a trained nurse. Once Steve gets chosen for the super soldier program he requests that you be brought state side so that there is a medical professional he trusts present during the procedure. The night before the trial you are sitting with Steve and Dr. Erskine comes in and says that he would like to give you the serum too. He gives you the injection and you become enhanced but your body doesn’t grow like Steve’s. You fight alongside Steve, Bucky and the Howling Commandos. You fall off of the train with Bucky.

Message-Not my pictures! Sorry this was kinda a filler chapter!! Sorry if this sucks!!

Word Count- 756

You, Bucky and Steve were currently shopping. Bucky had a never ending list of complaints about how tight the clothes were. You guys were pretty much done shopping. You only had one more store to go to.

“I hate this, these pants are so god damn tight.” Bucky hisses.

“Well, at least they make your ass look fantastic.” You say while giving his butt a little slap.  Bucky grins at you.

“Here’s the store. Wanda said that this is the store were ladies get their underthings.” Steve says. The three of you walk in and your eyes go wide. There all multiple rooms and they are all full of scraps of lace. Bucky walks over to one of the tables and picks up one of the lacey things. There’s barley any fabric and one of the sides is basically just string.

“I take back every bad thing I’ve said about this century. They really know what they’re doing now-a-days. Doll, you’ve got to get this.” Bucky throws it at you and then he starts roaming the room, grabbing other things that he wants to see you in. He looked like a kid in a candy store. Steve looks at you and then looks at Bucky.

“Go ahead.” You say and Steve smiles and grabs a basket. He starts to look around. Unlike Bucky who is literally grabbing every pair of underwear in your size Steve was patient, looking for something he really liked.

“Hello, do you need any help?” A lady dressed in black asks.

“Uh, yeah, I don’t know what size bra I need.” She takes you into a dressing room and measures you. You then start looking around. After about an hour you guys are walking out with multiple bags. You guys make your way back to the tower and start to wash all of the clothes.


Tony was currently trying to teach you and Bucky how to use the tech in the tower. It wasn’t going well. You could hear the rest of the team laughing behind you. Eventually Tony says that that’s enough for today.

You end up sitting with the team in the common room.

“So, you guys became a team because your brother wanted to rule this world?” Bucky asked

“And you’re from Asgard and both you and your brother are….Gods?” you ask.

“Yes.” Thor says.

“Who’s the guy with the stone in his head?” You ask.

“And why is he purple?” Bucky adds.

“Basically, Banner and Stark created a killer robot and he wanted a different body that was organic and inorganic. We got the body and then Thor shocked it and created Vision.” Steve answered.

“Cool, cool.” You said.

“How did they get their powers?” Bucky asks while motioning at Pietro and Wanda.


“Wait, Hydra is still a thing?” You ask. “I thought we won the war?” Then they explain that the United States pardoned some Hydra scientists, as long as they came and worked for the US government.

“That’s dumb, did the world get stupid when we died! Stevie crashes a plane in the artic. The government pardons actual Nazi’s! What else, huh, what else did you idiots do?” Bucky shouts.

“Steve jumped out of a plane without a parachute!” Nat yells. You burst into laughter. Bucky looks like he’s about to explode. Bucky stands up suddenly.

“We’re going to bed!” Bucky hisses. You’re still laughing hysterically.

“B-Buck, baby, it’s not even four.” You say in between giggles.

“Now, Ace.”

“Come on Stevie, let’s go see what Bucky has in store for us. I bet it will be fun!” you say while grinning.

You were right it was a lot of fun, well it was fun after Bucky finished yelling at Stevie. The three of you lay sated in your bed, sweaty and out of breath.

“So what was jumping out of the plane without a parachute? It sounds like fun maybe I’ll try it.” You say.

“You should, it’s a total rush!” Stevie says. Bucky rolls onto you looks you in your eyes and says:

“No, way in hell. Neither of you are jumping out of a plane without a parachute ever again or so help me…” you cut him off with a kiss.

“Okay, my love.” Steve says as you and Bucky kiss. When the two of you break away Bucky pulls Steve to him and they start to kiss. Then Steve turns to you and kisses you.

“Gotta love super stamina!” you giggle as Bucky uses his mouth to attack your throat.

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Band and Album Cover Wallpapers

So I made some crap (and it took fooooreeeeeveeer). If you listen to any of these groups, shoot me a message and I might follow you. Feel free to use these for whatever but please give me credit. Don’t reblog this and delete the description or something dumb like that. Kay? Thanks.

fun countryside living things include forgetting your tiny village surrounded by fields is often used for low flying military practice, and waking up to military grade helicopters swooping past your house and it sounding like you’re Dorothy and ur minutes away from flying off to Oz

Love (Or Whatever You Wanna Call Itby thehandbehindthepen

Here’s a full mix of songs spreading over a couple different genres because at the end of the day, whatever you wanna call it, they’re all about love.

01. Walk Through Hell - Say Anything // 02. Crazy About You - Artist Vs. Poet // 03. Always - blink-182 // 04. Be Who You Are - You Me At Six // 05. A Part Of Me (ft. Laura Whiteside) - Neck Deep// 06. Peach - The Front Bottoms // 07. VCR - The xx // 08. The End Of All Things - Panic! At The Disco // 09. You Had Me At Hello - A Day To Remember //10. She Got The Honey - Mat Kearney // 11. Everybody Wants Somebody - Patrick Stump // 12. She Lit A Fire - Lord Huron //13. Hate To See Your Heart Break - Paramore //14. Loveless - Said The Whale // 15. 1000 Times A Day - The Early November // 16. She (For Liz) - Parachute// 17. A Daydream Away - All Time Low // 18. Why I’m Home - Go Radio // 19. The Gambler - fun. // 20. Pothole - Modern Baseball // 21. I Don’t Mind - Defeater // (8-tracks bonus track!) 22. Faith - Ocean Glass


Songs that make you feel invincible 

1. Young Volcanoes // Fall Out Boy 2. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked // Cage The Elephant 3. All Alright // Fun. 4. Bite My Tongue (ft. Oli Sykes) // You Me At Six 5. A Call to Arms // Bayside 6. C’mon (ft Fun.) // Panic! At The Disco 7. For Baltimore // All Time Low 8. Growing Up // The Maine 9. Thunder // Boys Like Girls 10. Bulletproof Heart // My Chemical Romance 11. Underdog // You Me At Six 12. Five Minutes To Midnight // Boys Like Girls 13. Miss Missing You // Fall Out Boy 14. Carry On My Wayward Son // Kansas 15. Fucked Up Kids // The Maine 16. Love Your Friends, Die Laughing // Man Overboard 17. Let it Roll // All Time Low 18. The Show Goes On // Lupe Fiasco 19. Living Room Song // The Wonder Years 20. Last Hope // Paramore 21. Something To Believe In // Parachute 22. Teenagers // Hayley Williams 23. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knew // Brand New 24. Mr. Brightside // The Killers



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Wrong Business  Steve & Natasha [ listen ] © capsicleandlittlered
Romanogers Appreciation Month: Closing day

Tracklist: 1.) Crush: David Archuleta 2.) Not a Bad Thing: Justin Timberlake 3.) Lego House: Ed Sheeran 4.) Sight of the Sun: Fun. 5.) Parachute: Cheryl Cole 6.) Bleeding Love: Leona Lewis 7.) If I Lose Myself: OneRepublic 8.) I’ll Know You: Son of Sylvia 9.) This Love: The Veronicas 10.) It Will Rain: Bruno Mars 11.) Demons: Imagine Dragons 12.) A Thousand Years: Christina Perri 13.) Dark Horse: Katy Perry 14.) Red: Taylor Swift 15.) Take Me to Church: Hozier 16.) Crazy in love (Cover Version): Sofia Karlburg 17.) Love Me Like You Do: Ellie Goulding 18.) We Remain: Christina Aguilera 19.) Secrets: OneRepublic 20.) Begin Again: Taylor Swift


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