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One of the most captivating cases of unidentified people is arguably that of D.B. Cooper. Additionally, the case itself is unique to any other unidentified person case because it is the only unsolved air piracy case in history. So, who was D.B. Cooper and what became of him?‬ ‪

‬ ‪It was the afternoon of 24 November, 1971, when a man approached the flight counter in Portland International Airport. He was carrying a black suitcase and asked the employee behind the desk for a one-way ticket to Seattle, giving the name “Dan Cooper.” He was given seat 18C on the Boeing 727-100 which was departing at 2:50PM. Mr. Cooper was described as being 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall and approximately in his mid-40s. Once aboard, he ordered a bourbon and soda and lit a cigarette. ‬ ‪Shortly after the airplane took off, Cooper handed a note to flight attendant, Florence Schaffner. Assuming the note was just Cooper’s phone number, she placed it in her purse without reading it. Cooper then leant forward and whispered: “Miss, you better look at that note. I have a bomb.” After getting the attendant’s attention, Cooper then told her his demands: $200,000, tour parachutes, and a fuel truck awaiting in Seattle to refuel. The Seattle police and FBI were contacted and scrambled to assemble Cooper’s demands in time for landing. When the aircraft landed, the passengers disembarked. Cooper waited onboard while the money and parachutes were delivered.‬ ‪

‬ ‪While refuelling, Cooper detailed his flight plan to the crew onboard. He wanted the pilot to head towards Mexico City at the minimum speed possible. Then they were off again. The weather had worsened and they were now flying through a severe rainstorm. After being in the air for approximately 20 minutes, Cooper ordered the flight attendant to the cockpit. As she complied, she turned around to see Cooper seemingly fashioning something around his waist. Moments later, a warning light in the cockpit indicating that the airstair system had been activated. Following the warning, there was a change in air pressure, indicating the airplane door was open. Cooper was gone. He had jumped from the airplane, leaving behind just a neck tie on his seat.

‬The pilot had been flying over Lewis River in southwestern Washington when Cooper jumped from the airplane. Despite an extensive manhunt, D.B. Cooper was never found or identified. The FBI later released the ransom serial numbers to financial institutions in the hopes that somebody somewhere could have come into contact with the mysterious hijacker. In 1980, a little boy discovered three packets of the random cash while playing on a beach in Columbia River, approximately 9 miles from Vancouver.‬ ‪The cash matched the serial numbers of the ransom cash. But what did that mean? Could it have accidentally fallen out whilst he threw himself from the airplane or did it land with his body?

‬ ‪Over the forthcoming years, there have been a plethora of theories as to the real identity of D.B. Cooper and whether or not he survived the jump. To this date, the case still remains unsolved.‬

Knowledge I Acquired in Philadelphia and Baltimore

·         The thing that Kaylie (Kali? Kaleigh? Kalie? Kehleh????) plays for Dave Hause and the Mermaid is called a melodica. The more you know.

·         The words that Dave asks you to sing are “I got the autism vaccine blues.” I didn’t figure this out until 20 minutes ago cause I googled it.

·         The Patience call Matt “Matty”

·         They call Evan “Evvy”

·         No one seems to call Frank “Frankie” which honestly is not surprising.

·         Alex’s signature is currently a star inside of a G

·         Evan is TOO FUCKING NICE. I watched him play along with a wasted tech for half an hour and then hang out with fans for another hour and then a half hour more after he said, “I’ve gotta pee so bad, I’m gonna pee my pants.” Like this boy started crossing his legs and getting antsy and STILL wasn’t telling people to STFU and go home like he totally should have. Don’t take advantage of Evan, I’ll fight you.

·         Matt hasn’t been hanging around after shows so much, which is totally fine, just interesting. :)

·         The bald guy with a beard who runs onstage to fix mics and hand off guitars is named Kevin, and he’s very good at his job…and the jobs of other people

·         Kevin, who says he’s a “backline tech,” is not afraid to spill some fucking tea.

·         Frank still doesn’t like getting hugged please don’t just walk up to him and hug him, more on this later.

·         Alex Grippo is literally always ready to give up a pep talk, whether he’s drunk, high, or sober. (Only confirmed drunk or sober but he loves some green so I’m hypothesizing).

·         The big idea of that pep talk might be “Do what you want, but do what you need. It’s a hard balance.”

·         Alex loves talking about his wife

·         Alex advises that one use dental floss for sewing patches if one wishes to be a Real Punk

·         Alex split his pants by the fifth day of tour

·         All the dudes in The Patience are just…growing their hair out. They’ve never had it this long and they don’t know what they’re doing.

·         Evan especially doesn’t know what to do with his hair even though we’ve assured him it looks just fine.

·         Evan has a strip of forever-blonde hair on the front of his head that never changed from his childhood.

·         Frank agrees that Jersey at least looks shittier the further you go north, and that the culture between North and South Jersey is different in that people from South Jersey never wanna leave, and people in North Jersey try to peace the fuck out.

·         Evan’s glasses mysteriously disappear and reappear throughout the set.

·         The lead-in to one of the songs straight up sounds like Pomp and Circumstance, and I don’t think they realize it at all.

·         The wasted guy who bugged Evan all night swears up and down that The Patience is one of the best bands he’s ever worked with, but he also swears he and Evan are best friends even though later Evan was like, “Yeah we go back hours, what the fuck.” So…take that as you will.

·         Alex got called a cheeky bastard once, and he loved it. If we can all find a way to casually insert it into conversation (as a compliment) I wonder if he’ll notice…

·         Frank is a good musician. Like, we all know that already, but watching him improvise and work through new shit in the acoustic session was like eye-opening. He’s seriously good at his job.

i got to see fall out boy again tonight and i s2g that crowd made me feel ancient like….there are so many young people for which mania is their “first” album and it’s so great to see them get excited over young and menace and champion while there’s others of us still losing our shit to saturday and grand theft autumn so BOTTOM LINE the diversity in the ages of fans fuckin rocks and it’s so cool to be brought together over loving so many different incarnations of 4 dudes :)


I went to the Parachutes tour in April and I thought the crowd was energetic, but compared to this time I was wrong. The pit was so fun and people were very enthusiastic; everyone was jumping and dancing and moshing and singing. It was one of, if not the best, experiences I’ve ever had and I’m so glad I got to see Frank again.

July 14, 2017 at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA

Reasons why Parachute should tour with Taylor for her next tour

1.Parachute is an amazing band and they are extremely under-rated. Touring with Taylor would get their name out there.
2. Taylor and Will have been friends for awhile now
3. Pics of Taylor and Will hanging out
4. Maybe it’s the waylor shipper in me but maybe they’ll date