parachute diving

MBTI on a roadtrip

INTJ: shocks the others by pulling out a map where they have marked all the places they want to go, probably read a few articles about those places, thoughtfully staring at the road

INTP: brought only like 3 things with them, enjoys examining the nature, true free spirit, likes having deep conversations during the night, is hyped about all the new things around them

ENTJ: talks to INTJ about their plan and makes a few changes in order to make it more efficient, freaks out when someone says they need to pee because they literally just stopped at a gas station 10 minutes ago like seriously?? also wants everyone to listen to them, otherwise this trip could turn into a mess for sure…

ENTP: is excited because this trip is an opportunity to finally escape the boring routine activities of daily life, wants to see all the new places and likes keeping the trip spontaneous, slays social media

INFJ: joins because their friends are going but is doubtful about the trip at first, is disturbed by conflict & being cramped up in a car, keeps their mom updated, still kinda enjoys the trip and definitely has a places-to-go list, likes cute gift shops & small cafes with an aestethic

INFP: tries to make the best out of the trip but is kinda stressed about going with a group, would probably prefer going with their bestie or significant other, is crazy about buying souvenirs, likely to prefer spending more time at a certain place while the others are ready to go, still enjoys it because it will be a unique memory for them

ENFJ: makes sure everyone’s needs are taken care of, loves the idea of spending time with her friends, is kinda popular in the group, super-chatty, shouts through the window for fun, may laugh loudly even during the night

ENFP: is the most relaxed during the trip, has like 0 problems, enjoys every tiny little thing they do, enjoys talking to natives at the places they go, is the soothing one during a conflict, has to take pictures all the time, enthusiastic

ISTJ: the one who is most likely to be the driver, the whole idea may seem weird to them, makes sure about the financial situations, may not go to the trip, will be the one who understands & takes responsibility, dependable 

ISFJ: will have mixed feelings about the trip, may be supportive during the preparation of the trip but likely to cancel at last minute, probably because they feel like they have to stay at home as they have some stuff to do, still will take a lot of aestethic pics if they decide to go but may find comfort when it’s over

ESTJ: is the one who makes most of the decisions, makes sure they have enough supplies, likely to be the driver, voices their opinions directly, happy to spend time with their friends and likes exploring the new places they stop at, takes control over the radio

ESFJ: doesn’t want to disappoint the others so decides to join, takes tons of stuff with them (they need all of it for sure), naturally popular, likely to make a crazy lil dance as soon as they get out of the car, calls their mom regularly, likes shopping

ISTP: don’t know if they are going to join until last minute but likely to go, others probably hope they will come, good at practical needs, the one who is most likely to fix the car, mostly observant during the ride, likely to get seperated from the group and explore the area by their own from time to time, enjoys nostalgic small towns 

ISFP: doesn’t talk a lot during the ride but still is highly adored by the rest of the group, may fall asleep, likes experiencing new things & trying out new food, may suddenly feel blue but still enjoys the trip a lot, likes listening to some cool (probably indie) music

ESTP: over energetic, wants to do crazy stuff and encourages others to join them too (could be parachuting, diving, wakeboarding or anything else), hoping they will meet some attractive people, “are we there yet?”, doesn’t think that anything could go wrong, simply people of action

ESFP: the trip will never be boring with them, don’t really care about where they are going, will play loud music & sing along, takes a lot of fabulous selfies, doesn’t take part in any arguments, can be easily bored tho, doesn’t understand why others want to see some historical places, part time!!!
Kingsman The Golden Circle: HISHE - Chapter 2 - TheSilverQueen - Kingsman (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

I continue with my journey into denial land with Kingsman 2. Yay!

  • Fandom: Kingsman
  • Relationship: Merlin/Roxy & Harry/Eggsy
  • Summary: Roxy most definitely dove into a fortified Kingsman closet and no one can tell me otherwise okay.
  • Warnings: No major warnings apply
  • Fun Fact: The “escape” was inspired by a scene in Arrow with a dash of Tarzan. Just because.

If anyone was to ask Roxy what parts of her training she had the most vivid memories of, there would be two instances: the parachute dive where she thought, for the briefest moment, that she might have to watch her best friend die in front of her, and the multi-tasking test where a gaggle of support staff had bombarded her with distractions and requests all at the same time. She had just barely scraped through the parachute test, but she had passed the multi-tasking test with flying colors.

It is, perhaps, because of that success that she has the few seconds of warning when Eggsy’s feed goes shaky as he gasps and the warning sirens in the mansion headquarters, because she is able to keep track of Eggsy’s feed, her research into the Golden Circle, and the alarms stationed every few feet without going nuts. The second everything goes crazy, she swears, throws her laptop away, grabs the closest Kingsman weapon (a Rainmaker, because Eggsy keep picking her room’s lock and forgetting random stuff there), and hurls herself at her closet.

Of course, because this is Kingsman, the closet is fortified to withstand a nuclear blast, has ten different hidden compartments in the floor alone, and is equipped with an emergency parachute.

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I Was Supposed To Keep You Safe! - Steve Rogers x Reader

Dialogue prompt by anon

Originally posted by imagine-avengerss

“(Y/n!)” Steve yelled, trying to reach you in the helicarrier. The ground had fallen out from underneath you and you hung panicked from a single support beam. The metal dug into your hands, blood and your loose hair flying in your face.

You screamed as a gust of wind loosened your grip, Steve cursing under his breath as he reached a hand out to you, his other hand holding on. He couldn’t help you if he was dead.

You stretched your hand out, trying to reach him but then your fingers slipped, your look of absolute horror mirrored in Steve’s and then you fell, tumbling and screaming, having no means of slowing your descent.

“Shit.” Steve muttered, glancing over his shoulder and grabbing a parachute before diving off the helicarrier after you, streamlining his body to catch up.

The wind whistled in your ears. You’d flattened out your body in an attempt to slow your descent but the water still seemed to be eating it’s way towards you faster than it should be.

A strong arm suddenly grabbed you. Steve. He pulled you into his chest, holding you tight to his body. 

“Hold on.” He said, activating the parachute.

A scream escaped your lips as you seemed to stop falling for a moment, hovering above the ocean, seemingly just in time.

You buried your face in Steve’s chest, his embrace the only thing keeping you held to him and the parachute. The two of you stayed that way - hugging each other with your face buried in his chest, calming your jittery heart - until the water enveloped the two of you, the parachute covering you like a suffocating blanket. Steve unclipped himself and led you out, swimming under the parachute until you were clear. 

You were panting, breathless, shaking. 

“You’re okay.” Steve said, offering a friendly smile. You shook your head, your heart only beating faster. 

“I’m terrified.”


“We’re in the middle of the ocean. I can’t see my feet. I don’t know how deep it is. What’s below us-” You were hyperventilating, panicking.

Steve held your waist, treading water to keep you both up while you were incapable.

“I’m here. I’m supposed to keep you safe. And that’x exactly what I’m going to do.” He said, his eyes locked on yours.

You shook your head, looking down, trying to see.

“(Y/n). (Y/n), listen to me.” Steve directed your chin up, “Don’t look down, focus on me. You’re okay.”

He directed you back, so you were lying on your back, his hands supporting you be the small of your back and the back of your head. 

“See? Just look at me. Me and the sky.” He said softly.

“I don’t really have another option.” You laughed.

“There’s that usual (Y/n)!” Steve chuckled.

“We’re going to be alright.” He whispered, “You’re going to be alright.”

He gently touched his salty lips to yours, holding you in his arms.


Use Your Head — How to defeat the Spartans,

The Spartans are generally regarded as the one of the greatest warrior societies in history.  The soldiers who made up the Spartan ranks were perhaps the toughest ever, with grueling military training that started at childhood.  However while toughness is an advantage, it is often unreliable unless tempered with smarts and intelligence.  Take Navy Seals, for example, generally regarded as among the most badass soldiers today.  Many don’t know that they are also among the most intelligent soldiers.  They have to learn an incredible number of things, like math, science, navigation, medicine, electronics, technology, parachuting, diving, combat tactics, etc. etc. etc., and often learn it in a short amount of time.  The same is true with most other elite special forces in other military branches and other countries.  Back during peashooter’s teaching days, he once had a student who was a strapping young lad, very athletic and very tough, who wanted to be a Navy Seal.  Physically he had a chance of achieving his goals, but he never applied himself academically.  Mr. Peashooter had to break it to him that if he didn’t have high grades, score high in standardize testing, and most importantly score high in the ASVAB (military testing), it would be highly unlikely he would even be considered for training.

After the Peloponnesian War Sparta came to dominate Greece. Many in Greek city states hailed the Spartans as liberators, seeing the former Athenian rulers as corrupt tyrants.  However, Greece soon learned that the new boss was no better than the old boss, as the Spartans soon brought Greece in line with an iron fist.  One Greek city state called Thebes was so resentful of Spartan rule that it revolted against Sparta in 387 BC, thus declaring itself independent and instituting a new democratic government.  A six year long war ensued, and amazingly the Thebans were able to hold the line against the Spartans by conducting brilliant raids, surprise attacks, and through the construction of large fortifications (Spartans were not good at siege warfare).  

By 371 BC the Theban Army was manned by a group of tough and experienced soldiers.  More importantly, they were led by the brilliant Theban general named Epaminondas, a man who was an expert at solving problems by thinking outside of the box.  On that same year, the Spartans organized a grand army of Spartan soldiers and other Greek Allies with the intent of ending the rebellion once and for all.  The army number around 10,000 with another 1,000 cavalry.  In contrast, the Theban Army only numbered around 6,000 - 8,000.  It was obvious to Epaminodas that victory could not be achieved through brute force alone.  Thus, he came up with a grand idea that would bring the mighty Spartan Empire to its knees.

In ancient Greek warfare, phalanxes met opposite of each other in straight lines, with roughly equal columns and ranks (if possible).  It was a traditional honor that the best soldiers were placed on the right wing, thus the veterans had the privilege of slaughtering the less experienced.  Epaminodas’ goal wasn’t to satisfy honor, he was in it to win.  Instead of placing his best to the right, he placed them on the left flank so that his best would face their best.  He then placed more units on his left, so that in all the left flank was fifty ranks deep, and also placed all his cavalry on the left.  Traditionally, Greek armies engaged all at once, smashing into each other until once side was victorious and the other broke and ran. Instead of straight lines, Epaminodas attacked with his army staggered in echelon formation, thus making his left the spearhead of the attack in a flanking maneuver.  While such tactics were new and revolutionary at the time, they would become a staple of future warfare, with generals such as Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon Bonaparte using similar formations to win epic battles.

When the battle commenced, the Theban left flank, comprising of 50 rank deep column, smashed against the opposing Spartan right flank, which was only 8-12 ranks deep.  Overpowered by the massive assault, the Spartans immediately lost 1,000 of their best soldiers, as well as their king, Cleombrotus I.  The other Greek allies, most of whom were slaves or unwilling participants, turned tail and ran at the sight of the mighty Spartans being butchered, and their right flank being turned.  Those Spartans and Greeks who stood their ground were surrounded and massacred.

The Battle of Leuctra was the first time the Spartans were defeated in an open battlefield.  Once news spread across Greece that the Spartans had been defeated the city states rose up in revolt. More importantly, the helots, Spartan slaves who were the backbone of the Spartan economy, likewise rose up and rebelled against Sparta.  In the end, Sparta was forced to sue for peace, and would lose its status as a major power in Greece as the city state entered a brutal and sad decline.  As decades proceeded Greek and Macedonian leaders such as Philip II, Alexander the Great, and King Pyhrrus would develop even smarter and better tactics.  In the meantime, Spartan warfare would never change, and thus Spartan ways become quaint and dated.  By the time of the Punic Wars, Spartan technology and tactics were laughable at best.  Spartan independence ended in 192 BC when it was annexed by the Aechaen League, and in 146 BC when it was conquered by Rome.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

  In the Cross Hairs of the Grim Reaper

By Stephen Jay Morris

©Scientific Morality

           Some men and some women are so out of touch with their sense of perception that they have to take extreme risks to appreciate their lives.  In other words:  They require a near-death experience to appreciate life itself!  That is why I have never, nor will ever, do risky things like mountain climbing, parachuting, deep sea diving, or popping wheelies on a motorcycle.  This is without judgment on my part.  Such are the physical ones who become soldiers and fight on foreign soil in defense of their fellow citizens, and the athletes who entertain us in sports.  If men must prove their masculinity by performing daredevil stunts, fine!  Just leave me out of it!

           My problem is when my risky behavior comes from the stubborn pursuit of sense pleasures like fatty foods, sexual orgasm, and Nicotine.  My lack of self-discipline definitely precluded any practice of ascetic living. The common axiom of my youth was “If it feels good, do it!”  Ultimately, I learned that there would be a heavy price to pay for that sentiment: my near-death heart attack of October 7, 2017.

With regard to my prostate cancer, diagnosed in 2009, that was more a result of heredity and genetics than from any self-imposed, unhealthy habits. Both of those occurrences, however, were what you might define as near-death experiences.

           Another near-death experience of mine, however, was in 1984.  One could, more commonly, call it an “accident.”   The incident occurred on a Saturday, a typical, sunny afternoon in Los Angeles, just before it became a crowded and overly commercialized metropolis; it still had that “city by the beach” ambiance.  Still, it was the city and we, Pamela and I, wanted to take an excursion into “the country. “ I scoured a regional map and initially ruled out Angeles National Forest.  I had been there many times and, really, all it is made up of are Pine trees over small mountains.  I identified a place I’d never visited before, located in the Santa Monica Mountains, called Malibu Creek. There was a big lake and a river that stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  Pamela and I got into our 1973 Gremlin and headed out.  The best part of living in L.A. is taking that drive along Pacific Coast Highway with its endless, panorama of beaches that border the blue Pacific.  It’s during those moments of serenity and gratitude that you feel lucky to be here. When you drive up Topanga Canyon, it seems like you are somewhere in Montana when you are actually only 25 miles from downtown L.A.  

           I don’t remember the entire route we took but we finally arrived.  There was a small gravel parking lot and a sign posted at the mouth of a winding trail. The sign posted a map of the trail and the usual warnings about firearms, fireworks, alcohol, prohibited smoking and keeping dogs on leashes.  There was hardly anybody there.  I liked the place a whole lot!

           Before I can proceed with this woeful tale, however, I must provide a little background regarding my swimming ability…uh…I have none! I know Caucasian people are supposed to good swimmers, but, it aint me babe!   I would be a great anchor for a boat because I would sink straight to the bottom!  Oh, my grandparents tried to teach me to swim whenever we visited the Jewish Community pool.  I even attempted to take a swimming class at the Gardner Public Park pool, but I quit after a couple of lessons.  Then, in 1965 at a Boy Scouts’ summer camp on Catalina Island—to my horror—one requirement for earning a merit badge was to swim a mile out into the ocean then back again to the pier.  Well, Fuck that shit!!   I hid somewhere that day.  Afterward, I would never set foot in water again.  To me, a body of water is nice to look at, clean your body with, and take a drink from, but to swim in?  Forget about it!   Then there that little fear of drowning I have or getting seasick on a boat.  Yes!  I am a proud member of the land lovers club!   Though I do have a soft spot for sailors and the sea; I find a certain romantic value to that.  Well, my main point is… I can’t swim!

           As I was saying, it was one of those SoCal days where the sky was bright blue with a smattering of clouds.  We walked along the trail listening to the songs of birds as we inhaled the aroma of wildflowers.  After a short distance, I heard the sound of rushing waters. There was a river.  Not a very big one, but a river nonetheless.  You ever hear the expression: Still waters run deep?  I have been hearing that expression all my life and I would find out what it meant literally.  We wanted to cross the river to get to another trail. All we had to do was to step on the rocks in the river, like stepping stones.  Easy.  Right?  Well, not clumsy me; I slipped as I stepped onto a rock and fell backwards into the water.  Down!   Down!   Down I went.  I hit the muddy bottom and stood up.  Little fish were swimming around me.  I looked up and estimated the surface was about 14 feet above.  “What the fuck am I going to do?” I thought,  “I can’t swim!   I’m going to drown at the age of 29!”   Then something happened to me, which has confounded me for decades. When an event like this happens to some people, it is a spiritual epiphany and they devote themselves to Jesus or Allah or whatever.  Being Agnostic, I have the luxury to experience anything or everything without framing it in a certain fashion.  So here it goes…I didn’t know if I was having a hallucination or if my sub-conscious was playing tricks on me.  Maybe God does exist and I was getting a message.  I heard a voice in my head that kept repeating the same line over and over again:  “Now isn’t your time!”  “Now isn’t your time!”   Next thing I knew I felt this tug on my shirt collar and it pulled me upwards. It was as if I was ascending into the Heavens when, actually, I was returning to So-Cal.  Upwards slowly, going upwards.   Up!   Up!   Up!   Up!   I finally reached the surface and Pamela extended her hand to help me out and onto the shore.  Pamie then told me that if I hadn’t emerged when I did, she was preparing to jump in to help me.  Well, I survived and I have stayed clear of water for years.  

           I’m sure glad that this was not an antithesis of a near-death experience; many people are dead and have a near life experience.  If you live in the mid-west, you know what I mean.


spectre or N7?

N7 is the vocational code in the Systems Alliance military. The “N” designates special forces and the “7” refers to the highest level of proficiency. It applies to marines who have graduated from the Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program. Initially, candidates train for more than 20 hours per day, leading small combat teams through hostile terrain with little sleep or food. Trainees who do well are rewarded an internal designation of N1 and are invited to return. Subsequent courses - N2 through N6 - are often held off-planet and include instruction in zero-G combat, military free-fall (parachuting), jetpack flight, combat diving, combat instruction, linguistics, and frontline trauma care for human and alien biology. The highest grade of training, N6, provides actual combat experience in combat zones throughout the galaxy. If the trainee survives these scenarios in “admirable and effective fashion”, he or she finally receives the coveted N7 designation. N7 is the only ICT designation that may be worn on field or dress uniforms.


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