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had a deep convo with my uber driver about certain groups being inducted into whiteness through the census, the criminalization of people of color worldwide in the drug game and how from the ppl growing the drugs to dealing it are criminalized but the wealthy white class they serve receives none of those repercussions and then he told me about his father was the person to design the parachutes for the apollo and i was gagged. but yeah today is off to a really good start!

Ugly fashion day isn’t complete without some Eurovision entries. Here’s Trijntje Oosterhuis (Dutch contestant, 2015) in her designer parachute.

here are some tattoo like sketches i did while listening to keep the coffins coming, really like them and if you like them too let me know ♡

               My favourite thing about the Hunger Games series is eye opening messages about war it shows us. It’s also very hard for me to watch as people seem to totally disregard those things and focus more on love triangles and Haymitch kissing Effie at the end. It’s not only disrespectful, but it’s harrowingly ironic. All those people who do this are just displaying the exact thing that they’re disgusting by in the books. The people in the Capitol romanticise the fact that these two teens are in love and have to be put in an arena where one or both of them will certainly die because the thought of a star-crossed love is so romantic for them when in reality it’s terrible. Not to mention the fact that they don’t in fact love each other. I don’t care what you have to say, even if Peeta did have feelings for Katniss and Katniss comes to care and eventually love Peeta by the end, the fact that they were forced into pretending in the first place is sick. They’re forced into this relationship to survive and gain sponsors and then later on forced to continue to keep up appearances for the Capitols amusement.  It may not seem as horrible as Finnick being forced to prostitute himself to save Annie considering they do have feelings for one another, but it’s just as disgusting to me.  And yes, I’ll admit that the Haymitch/Effie kiss was endearing and cute because it shows just how far they’ve come from once hating each other to being friendly with one another, but it was blown WAY to out of proportion.

               Regarding the love triangle, I think that was by far the dumbest thing Suzanne ever put in the book and it just caused even more unneeded drama. Although I do consider myself more “Team Gale”,  I fully understood why she ended up with Peeta. I didn’t really see either of them as a great romantic partner, but I preferred Gale over Peeta so I always saw him as a better fit until I came to understand Peeta was Katniss’ peace, the thing she needed most. I did enjoy movie Peeta more than book Peeta, probably because I love Josh as a person, but I still can’t help but roll my eyes every time Peeta ends up being a burden more than an actual help.  Anyways, the love triangle was totally unnecessary  and I’m still wondering why she even decided to have it anyways. Maybe to make it more desirable considering it’s YA?

               That brings me to another subject that  grinds my gears when it comes to the fandom. Gale. Honestly, everyone hates his guts and shits on his character whenever they get the chance and It’s completely unfair and moronic on your part. Gale is played out to be a villain when in fact he was a victim just like everyone else in the series.  Everyone lost something in this war. The Hunger Games shows the consequences of war. Shows that it’s not all about the righteousness of standing up for what’s right and being a war hero. Like they said, there are no winners or heroes, there’s just the survivors. There’s no questioning how much Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Haymitch, Annie, Johanna and the other tributes and rebels in the war lost, but people seem to completely gloss over Gale’s losses to.

               1. Gale was forced to grow up to provide for his family. In that instance he loses that innocence that comes with being a child and is forced to be the provider.

               2. Gale watched his best friend (and the girl he loved) go off to what he believed to probably be her death not only once, but twice. Sure it doesn’t compare to what they enduring in the games, but I can’t imagine how gut wrenching it must be while at the same time knowing that you have to be strong to support  your family and also take care of hers as well.  Hell, Gale even admitted he wished he’d volunteered as tribute in Peeta’s place so he could have protected her but knew he had to stay behind and look after Prim, etc. Seems like a hard burden to bear.

               3.  The bombing on Distract 12 is one of the biggest things that I think influences Gale. Gale had to provide for almost one thousand people for three days, making sure they all had food and survived. Not only that but he had to watch as the other nine thousand (going by the movie not sure if it was the same as book) people were bombed right in front of him and he has to live with that guilt he has that he wasn’t able to save all or even more.  Katniss scolds Gale when he wants to bomb The Nut and is shocked at his cold heartedness as he doesn’t care if any innocent civilians or workers are killed. I think that because of what happened at 12, Gale realizes the fact that innocents still die in war and especially considering Distract 2 is close to the capitol, has no sympathy for them because they had no sympathy on 12 when they bombed innocents and children. I personally get where both are coming from, but many just paint Gale as a horrible person.

               4. Probably the saddest part and the most commonly talked about thing when it comes to Gale is the involvement with Prims death. I remember when people were starting to read the books  at school and everyone would talk about how Gale was responsible for Prims death or that he killed her and I was disgusted by it. How Prim died was horrific and the fact that Gales designs were used to kill children and Prim is one of the biggest tragedies of the story. Gale designed the parachutes that killed Prim, but he had nothing to do with them actually using it. Blaming him is like blaming whoever invented a gun for every gun based death. Coin was a horrific person who used those weapons of her own accord with no remorse over killing kids just because they are Capitol kids.  I hated how Katniss seemed to blame Gale and how it ruined their friendship. I always felt like it was a ploy Suzanne used to completely destroy any semblance of a love triangle and I sort of still do to be honest, but watching the movie and talking with my sister gave me a new outlook.  Gale loved Prim like she was his own sister and was just as distraught as Katniss that she’d died. Probably even more so because of the guilt that the thing he’d created had been used against him.  He’d promised to take care of Prim and yet she’d still died. Katniss probably does blame Gale, but my sister saw it as they both loved Prim and they both can’t handle the burden of her death. Whenever they see one another they’re just reminded of her and it’s too much for them. Whether that’s what Suzanne intended , I’m not sure but I feel like that’s the truth of the matter.

               5. Gale lost a lot of things. He lost his home, his best friend and love and the girl he viewed as his little sister.  The loss of Katniss for me is incredibly sad on all fields because he loses that comfort. Katniss was there to comfort him after the loss of distract 12 and vice versa. but now there’s no one to share his sadness about Prim. I’d like to think that even if they couldn’t be together romantically, they still could have been close friends and they could have healed each other if Gale’s weapon wasn’t used to kill Prim. Now she associates destruction and death when she sees him and just can’t forget her sisters face or the dozens of other faces of innocent children killed as well.

               I’m not saying Gale’s a saint, because he isn’t. He has his flaws just like Peeta and Katniss, but I just want people to stop playing him as the villain in everything and see that he’s  just as much a victim of war that anyone else is.

               One last thing I have to say is about Katniss. Katniss loses so many people she cares for in this war and a lot of them she bears the burden of guilt because she feels like their deaths were her fault or caused because of her actions. The first one is Rue. She failed to save her when Rue had probably saved her life by healing her after the jabberjays attacked. The next is that old man who whistled in distract 11. Katniss feels like it’s because she went off and said her own words that caused the action of rebellion which led to his death. Then there was Cinna. He died because he made her into the Mocking jay for everyone to see.  Then Wiress and Mags who died in helping Katniss and company survive. There’s the guilt of the rest of the group (Peeta, Annie, Johanna, etc) who were kidnapped and tortured along with the thousands who died because Katniss destroyed the arena. All of the wounded, etc in the hospital die because she’d visited. Finnick, Castor and all the others of the star squad are all deaths that she feels the burden of guilt. Even though it wasn’t her fault, she probably feels  even more guilt towards Prims death because she wasn’t able to save the person who mattered most, the person she’d tired to save that had resulted in rebellion. So much death to feel responsible for even though she’d never asked for this. I think that’s probably the most fucked up part is that Katniss was turned into this symbol of rebellion when all she wanted was to save Prim and Peeta. She is now struck with all of this guilt for things she didn’t even want to take part in. It’s just so mind blowing to me when I really think about it. How Katniss manages to survive it all is beyond me.

               So please, I understand it can be fun to think about the characters you love and just be happy for their romance and all that, but PLEASE remember that there’s so much more important things that the Hunger Games has to offer and that so many people were victims of war. Remember who the real enemies were…

The oldest parachute design appears in an anonymous manuscript from 1470s Renaissance Italy (British Museum Add. MSS 34,113, fol. 200v), showing a free-hanging man clutching a cross bar frame attached to a conical canopy. As a safety measure, four straps run from the ends of the rods to a waist belt. Although the surface area of the parachute design appears to be too small to offer effective resistance to the friction of the air and the wooden base-frame is superfluous and potentially harmful, the revolutionary character of the new concept is obvious.


Franz Reichelt (1879 – February 4, 1912) was an Austrian-born French tailor, inventor and parachuting pioneer now sometimes referred to as the Flying Tailor, who is remembered for jumping to his death from the Eiffel Tower while testing a wearable parachute of his own design. Reichelt had become fixated on developing a suit for aviators that would convert into a parachute and allow them to survive a fall should they be forced to leave their aircraft. Although it was clear that the fall had killed him, he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. The next day, newspapers were full of the story of the reckless inventor and his fatal jump – many included pictures of the fall taken by press photographers who had gathered to witness Reichelt’s experiment – and a film documenting the jump appeared in newsreels. Video

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 158)

1. In 1912, Franz Reichelt, an Austrian-born French tailor, jumped to his death from the top of the Eiffel Tower while testing a wearable parachute he had designed. The impact of his fall was so great that a 5.9 inch crater was created on the ground where he fell.

2. “The Future Library Project”, established in 2014, aims to collect one story by a renowned writer every year until 2114, after which they will be published. Until then, these stories will be stored in a specially designed room in a library in Oslo. One thousand trees have already been planted in Norway, which will be used to print the stories in 2114.

3. Scientists have found that living near trees can benefit your health to the extent that if you have 10 more trees on a city block, it can impact your health in a similar way that a $10,000 increase in personal income or being 7 years younger would.

4. Women tend to have lighter skin than men to allow for an increased synthesis of Vitamin D from sunlight, and a higher absorption of calcium - both of which are crucial during pregnancy and lactation.

5. Freddie Mercury once snuck Princess Diana into a gay bar in south London. The princess, who was disguised as…

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Gravity (2013)

Happy new year! Over Christmas I took a break from animal sounds to design this poster.

Gravity was my favourite film of last year by a long way and I really wanted to make something in honour of it, so after drawing 10,000+ stars, here we are

It’s for sale in my shop as an A1 poster, limited edition. 100 copies, signed and numbered.


Eco-Fuel Africa (EFA) is a business model devised by Moses Sanga to create Eco friendly biofuels which can be used for cooking in Africa, saving some of the vast amounts of forests which are cut down for wood each year. “Every year Africa loses forest cover equal to the size of Switzerland. At this rate Africa will have no forests left by 2050.” It also saves young women from having to walk miles every day for firewood, often missing school as a result of this. Here’s how it works:

Kilns are given to farmers which allow them to burn agricultural waste into charcoal. The farmers then put the charcoal through a large sieve; the rougher charcoal can be used as a natural fertiliser for their farms and the finer stuff is sold back to EFA (the cost of the kiln deducted from this). EFA then employ local people to use their simple hand-powered briquetting machine (a machine which presses the charcoal dust into efficient blocks for burning) and others who distribute the charcoal briquettes around the extended community via bicycles. So as well as saving the forests it creates jobs in the community.

Unlike so many of the other sustainable design ideas I have been looking at, this one doesn’t seem to have any critiscm. It has won many awards and it seems to deserve them all. Maybe this is simply because it is not ‘parachute designed’ - Sanga is a Ugandan who has lived most of his life with these problems that he has set out to fix, so he has a much deeper understanding of them. Or maybe it is because this is not just a product which is left with the community, but a well thought out cycle to ensure that it is sustainable. I wonder if Western designs for the developing world would be more successful if they developed business models around them.

p.s. good video on Eco Fuel Africa (link skips forward to ‘solution’)

Ms. Alignment

When I leave a room I instinctively turn left.
I’m never right.
I look up when I’m feeling down.
The irony.
ØV is Whitney.
Bry is Bobby Brown.
It’s a beautiful thing,
     The scar from the sting.
The time it took,
     The lives it shook.
The grave dug out.
Views changed for a positive outlook.
3am is sacred.
The only time approved to be vacant.
You only lie when accused of 6$ bottomless truths.
A wandering vagrant.
A pondering faithful.
A yearning to learn from stern words.

A yearning to learn from Sterns words.

Parachute pillow case.
Mock up designs of an unfulfilled journey,
     Unquenched adventure.
A children’s show on at 11pm with copious amounts of fucks.
Yule tide disingenuous compliments.
Half hearted congratulations filled with whole hearted contempt.
A Cowards Move,
Weakness from a cheap halloween store costume.
Your will is about as strong as the rubber band on the back of a plastic zorro mask.
You hold your principles about as high as a sailors grave.
Your constitutions dont contribute to your character, they cater to you’re careless contradictions.
Pleading for advice, acceptance, love, change, respect & conversation, yet disregarding each thought out word as it’s handed to you in place of a helium tank of trust. One with which you will confide in and hold dearly. Yet you’ll be met with nothing but balloon animals.