paracel and spratly islands

many people don’t understand the issue

Why do Kris, Lay, Luhan and Victoria deserve hate? Not because they love their homeland but:

-China lost at the Hague. The Philipines had enough proof for their territory. Everything came to a conclusion. 

-These people spent YEARS OVERSEAS being exposed to such networks as Facebook, YouTube but are still ignorant enough to acknowledge China’s ridiculous plan to own the whole South China Sea.

-Not only did they post it on Weibo but also on Instagram. Clearly, they want to get on their South East Asian fans’ nerves and dgaf about their feelings.

-I will say this one last time, South China Sea does not belong to China only because it has a “China” in its name. Stop being delusional. 

-If you want to support China only because your oppas and unnies are on their side, please do some thorough research on the international websites to realize how disgustingly irrational you are first.

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Hi friends on the world,
I’m a Vietnamese girl and i love my country very much.
I want you to know that my country is not a colony of China, the Hoang Sa (Paracel) islands and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands are belong to Viet Nam.

From past to present, China has been expanding in the South China Sea region of my country, they blatantly occupied two islands of Viet Nam’s Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, not only that they want to occupy the islands of Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei, by the"nine - dash line" map of they draw themselves. Philippines sued them international court.

After 3 years, on 12 July 2016, the PCA ruled in favor of the Philippines against China over territorial disputes in the South China Sea.
The court unanimously ruled that China has “no historical rights” based on the so-called “nine - dash line” map. The PCA also ruled that Chinese reclamation activity in the south China sea has also caused an irreparable damage to the environment and asked the Chinese government to stop further activities in the South China Sea.

I’m just a little girl and one thing I can do now for my country is to send this message to all international friends.

Please share the results of judgment of the international arbitration.for your friends.
Thanks for reading this post.
Trần Đình Thủy Tiên.