parabolic mirror

shit i did in the amab nb femme place before i decided to transition (and to some degree do now)
  • plucked goatee area and as much of my cheek hair as possible, which on my own face makes my facial hair like 75% less visible and pretty much relieves my face-based self-hatred entirely. warning: this hurts a LOT. you can do this with any tweezers/mirror but it’s worth doing to invest in a LED parabolic mirror and a pair of tweezermans (or find them lying around). i feel like this is actually really instructive: most women have some hair on this area of their bodies, but it’s this hair and not really the neck/jaw area that transmisogynist obsession with facial hair tends to fixate on. why this is i’ll leave you to figure out
  • eyebrow shaping: i’m still not great at this and can’t give great advice, but removing a unibrow in and of itself is cool. tiny little body autonomy things
  • started actually taking care of my body because i could no longer use “as a man it’s good if i don’t care about this” as a way of justifying the behavior i fell into when extremely depressed (and because figuring this shit out made me less intensely and horribly depressed). exfoliating (that peach shit) and moisturizing (cocoa butter, grapeseed oil) more regularly was sort of a big deal for me for a while. also actually conditioning my damn hair (i have really fine hair and it was sort of sad i didn’t take advantage of that)
  • shaving more regularly (i wore a beard b/c i had a baby face and i had a baby face b/c i was relatively feminine and covering that up sort of became pointless)
  • lady clothes suited my body really well but it was also, besides that, just sort of cool to not specifically bother putting on a “masculine” presentation. i wore a lot of skirts for a fair while.
  • you’re going to need four measurements: hips and waist, a measurement beneath your breast area (“band size”) and over your nipples (“chest size”). chest and hips are going to be a limiting factor in what clothes you can wear, and once you know your measurements for those you can convert those into clothing sizes.  other measurements can be useful (you might need shoulders, for example, and knowing your height/wingspan can’t hurt) but in general these will determine whether or not off-the-rack clothes will fit or not
  • be careful about shopping online - i’ve been at it for more than half a year and it still fucking confuses the hell out of me. also in general lady clothes are fucking expensive, especially if you can’t try them on (there’s nothing stopping you, but if you can walk into a changing room with them you’re braver than me). goodwill is a good call. also if at all possible find a friend who can pass themselves off as a cis lady who has a similar chest or hip measurement to you - the fit won’t be anything alike, but it will at least tell you if an item of clothing will even get onto your body
  • don’t get attached to clothes or they’ll break your heart tbh
  • if you don’t wanna bother with leg hair but do wanna look ok in skirts: patterned leggings/tights are good for this (fishnets especially)
  • boob stuff: you can find a tutorial to make a breast form for like $10 worth of ingredients online. i had enough going on on my chest to just go with bra inserts (they’re like $10-20) wodged in my sports bras ($10 for 2 or 3). the sort of sports bra you want only has a band size. also, again, this isn’t gonna be everybody’s body, but coming out sort of made me accept that i was slouching to cover up substantial breast development (and to make my shoulders look broader than they were) and undoing that sort of helped a lot
  • look at yourself differently, study yourself to whatever degree you can, get to know your face and body
  • to that end, a cheap webcam was actually some of the best $15 i’ve ever spent - it’s muddy and poorly balanced enough that i can make out my eyes and facial expression and general facial demeanor but not my fucking beard. a++
  • makeup shit: apparently don’t do both eyes and lips at the same time? i’ve only figured out the bare rudiments of this. foundation and powder (baby powder works), a little orange lipstick dotted on and rubbed in to offset the bluish tint of beard shadow
  • try to have goals, try to have things to wake up for in the morning, etc
Fiber-Optic Solar Toilet Turns Sewage To Plant Friend

by Michael Keller

World Water Day is coming up this Saturday. One of the event’s goals is to bring attention to the billion people who live without access to safe drinking water.

A major obstacle standing before that objective is a lack of the sanitation that would prevent human waste from polluting water supplies. One innovation, a solar-powered, fiber-optic-equipped toilet that requires no water and sanitizes sewage with high heat, is among several that are trying to fix the problem and improve public health.

Developed by engineers at University of Colorado Boulder, the system uses eight parabolic mirrors that focus sunlight onto an area the size of a postage stamp. This energy is then piped through fiber-optic cables to a reaction chamber that heats waste to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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Front page of a Latin edition of Ibn al-Haytham’s Thesaurus opticus (Book of Optics), written around 1000. The book was a foundational text in the field of optics and this illustration depicts the siege of Syracuse (214 - 212 BC) in which Greek engineer Archimedes was purported to have constructed a series of parabolic mirrors reflecting the sun’s heat onto the besieging Roman ships, catching them on fire.

The next original dark ride at Fantasyland was Snow White’s Scary Adventure. One opening day the ride was initially called Snow White and Her adventure and Imagineers had designed the attraction so guests felt  that they were Snow White and were taking part of the film. Sadly most guests weren’t, how should I put this, smart enough to grasp the concept and Disney was flooded with complaints on why Snow White wasn’t part of the attraction. 

In the 1983 Fantasyland remodel, the attraction was remodeled so as that the outside facade looked like the Evil Queen’s castle and included Snow White at least once. Imagineers also fixed another, lesser known issue. In one scene on the ride, the Wicked Witch offers the guests (who are Snow White) the poisoned apple. Well, guests frequently tried and sometimes succeded in stealing the apple and taking it home as a souvenir! So after it reopened, Imagineers replaced the apple and instead projected the image of an apple into her hands by means of a parabolic mirror, so now when guests try to get the apple, their hands go through it!