Volagi Liscio Demo Day

Ultegra Model shown

Hey All!

I’ll be test riding the new Liscio Carbon Endurance bike from Catati California’s Volagi Cycles next weekend. I’m pretty pumped to see if it lives up to all the hype.

From the website’s “About” section:

Volagi™ Cycles: By Endurance We Discover

“The best ideas come from an insatiable need to do it better.”

Two veteran product guys in the cycling industry who also are long distance riders wonder why there isn’t equipment specifically designed for the endurance cyclist. “What if we build a bike ideally suited to long distance riders?” What if we build them for riders who love riding – period?

Thus, Volagi™ Cycles was born. A company that has the know-how, the love of the bike and the understanding of what it’s like to be a customer, because we are one.

Endurance Needs a New Definition: At Volagi™ We Have One

Changing the perception of endurance cycling is at the core of Volagi™. Redefining performance for the endurance cyclist is the very essence of what we do. We’ve taken the latest racing advances in carbon frame technology and designed a bike with the endurance cyclist in mind. This endurance bike demands its own category - Volagi™: “The Will to Go!”

What does it mean to Discover the Spirit of E7?

Our story begins with the Spirit of the Bar-tailed Godwit tagged E7. This bird epitomizes the “Will to Go” by flying an astounding 7,200 miles in 8 days from Alaska to New Zealand without stopping to rest or eat. Discovering the Spirit of E7 means to surpass and find the limits of the human mental and physical capabilities.

Why another bike company?

The origin of Volagi Cycles is founded on the principle that most endurance cyclists have needs that are different from the professional rider. Our bikes have been conceived, designed and engineered for and by riders who aspire to go further than ever before. A high performance bike not only suited for a 140 lb. professional racer, but also for the working stiffs (like us). There’s no rule that says just because the bike was designed for long distances that it has to perform like a 30 lb city bike.

We’ve combined the best characteristics of racing bikes: aerodynamics, carbon fibre construction and light weight components and incorporated them into a bike with the needs of the endurance cyclist in mind.


So, I’m planning to put a good 40 miles on the bike, if they’ll let me have it that long, and see how it feels as an “endurance” bike. They are selling 3 complete models this year, all with Avid BB7 disc brakes, and plan to upgrade to TRP’s “Parablock” Hydraulic disc system in the future. Interbike got to see the bike with the TRP brakes this year, and Road Bike Action has some pictures here:–features/content/67/4787/Interbike-Tech-Report,-Part-4.html

The frame module comes with Volagi’s own carbon fork and carbon seat post and retails for just under $2200.

The Rival model retails at $2895, and comes with the signature Volagi E7 XL Ignite wheelset and E7 Sync saddle, and a Gossamer BB30 bottom bracket and 50/34 crankset.

The Ultegra model retails at $3595 with the E7 EL wheelset and E7 Sync Cromoly saddle and FSA SL-K Compact BB30 BB and 50/34 crankset, and the Dura Ace model, with the light grey colorway, retails for $4495 and comes with the same E7 EL wheelset, with an option to upgrade to the E7 SL wheelset for $900 more. It also comes with the E7 Sync Ti saddle, rather than cromoly.

Look for 2012’s fancy White Dura-Ace Di2 model at Sea Otter in April, complete with Parablock Hydraulic Disc brakes, new and improved carbon deeper dish wheels, and a much more baller aesthetic. Also look at the price tag to be in the neighborhood of 6 G’s! Yup, pretty baller. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to compare in weight weeniness to the Cannondale Super Six Evo SL, but endurance riders probably don’t care.

I’ll do my best to test all 3 models next weekend, but if time is limited and there are lots of riders looking to test the bikes, I’ll start with the Dura-Ace model and base my judgments on that.

If you can’t make it out to the demo, at River City Bikes, check the website or blog for future demos in other cities, and check back here after the 20th for my review.

Happy Riding!