Mir ist wichtiger, dass meine Kinder keine Arschlöcher werden, als dass sie wissen, wie groß die Fläche unter der Parabel ist.

It is more important to me that my children don’t grow up as assholes, than that they know the size of the area underneath a parabula.

Diether Krebs (1947 – 2000), German actor


so uh ive been working on eothl a bit more? primarily just talk sprites but heyyy its something and im having fun making them, so :y

one of my main goals for this game is to have no copy+pasted npcs (except for like One exception). which is probably going to be the worst decision ive ever made lmao but thats ok im rly taking my time with this game since its definitely second priority behind skeptical

(click the pics for all of their names+pronouns!)


Prinz Porno feat. Errdeka - Die Löffel Parabel